Confession Wednesday- Driving, dogs, and doo doo

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Thanks to Karen at A Peek at Karen’s World. I am taking part in this week’s confession Wednesday. Thanks Karen!

I must confess. I love my puppy Anna. She is sweet. She is snuggly. She is almost two years old now, and finally, FINALLY getting past ALL the puppy stages. She has been EXTREMELY difficult to train, to calm down, and to adapt to, since she is a Greyhound and not a Lab.

Don’t look at me like that Anna. You are a GREYHOUND, not a Lab. Raising your eyebrows at me won’t change that fact. Also, Salem is not your “real” mommy but she loves you like her own. She does. You are very lucky.

Anna this morning I was NOT happy with you. It was NOT okay.

Don’t look at me all shocked. What did you do Anna? It’s disturbing. Waking up at 6am, to the permeated stench of poo, which in my sleepy haze thought was just a horrible case of dog farts.

It wasn’t until 645am when the smell brought me straight outta bed. Stronger. OH MY LORD, what’s that SMELL?? Uuuuughh….then I realize…..someone had an accident. Since it wasn’t a human household member, it must be a pup. Sydney..shame on you for thinking it was ME when you went down the hall to the laundry room and past my shut door catching the scent. I NEVER thought it was YOU.

I was fearful to look into your crate, as I should have been, it was a mess. Oh P-yew! I let you out. Assessed the damage. Poor girl had covered up most of it with your only blankie. You were in the middle of the crate most of the night, sitting straight up, in the only clean spot. I let you out THREE times before bed, dangit!

It wasn’t hard to clean, but gross as heck. THANK YOU PETMATE for making an extremely durable home that was easy to clean. I totally became a fan on Facebook. A lot of bleach and a roll of paper towels with each smeared wad carefully placed, one by one, into a plastic grocery sack. Tied up tight and put in the trash in the garage. Blankie went into the wash, with bleach and hot water and lots, and lots of soap. I washed my hands a 100 times.

I hope you didn’t mind the babywipe bath. Best I could do, and you really did well not to get it all over you. Just one little spot. You smell really nice with the doggie perfume I had handy.

I confess, I was not happy with you Anna. But it was me that bought the meat filled treat bone night before last. Sorry it didn’t sit so well. My bad.

I must confess….I have the most beautiful daughter in the world (at least I think so). Just look at her. But sweetie? I still HATE driving with you. I don’t offer the wheel, like EVER, unless I feel extremely guilty for not helping you learn to drive.

I just get so stressed out, hitting the imaginary brake, and heaving myself against the side door when you back up punching the gas, not turning the wheel, shooting straight out of a parking space with CARS parked behind us. Ahhhhh!

Deep breaths. Listen, I know. I can relate. I am a terrible driver. Remember yesterday morning at school, I stopped on the crosswalk, without realizing it, blocking the handicap ramp. I watched in horror as the boy in the wheel chair rolled up and couldn’t get past me to go to school. To my extreme shame, I couldn’t MOVE. Cars in front, and cars in back. See, I really shouldn’t be your teacher.

I don’t know how parents survive this, but I am told we do. It would greatly help me if your dad were around. Please understand. I don’t hate you. I hate the system and the learning process. Plus you can’t help that you are blond, it’s genetics.

But I promise to do better. I swear. You will be a good driver (and me too). I will fulfill my parental duty. Love you mean it!

Part two is coming

In the meantime, can I just spill for a second?

I have the hardest time exercising. I used to exercise between six pm and seven pm. EVERY day. Then, I moved, started reading, and other things more improtant at the time. THEN, I changed jobs which changed my hours. I was working 9-6. My commute home? Between six and seven. By the time I get home? I’m starving. And I just can’t move after stuffing my face.

Quickly, my habit changed to zero exercise. I tried here and there to get it back, but it never worked. Nothing stuck. The timing did not stick.

Oh, I know, you could say, hey just suck it up, exercise THEN eat.

But here has been my schedule.

Monday, work 9-6, after work visit Jason with the kids til he takes them home at 7. Dance class with Jason 8-9pm, then Fuzzy’s Tacos for dinner, home at midnight.

Tuesday, work 9-6, after work eat a light dinner, then go to Italian conversation class, 7-9pm, after, see Jason 10p-11p, home at midnight.

Wednesday, work 9-6, after work visit Jason and the kids, or go home and see Sydney (optional SFI classes at the Church).

Thursday, work 9-6, after work eat a light dinner, then go to Italian class, 7-9pm, see Jason at 10pm , watch Survivor, home at midnight.

Friday, work 9-6, after work eat Sushi with Jason, or take the kids to an event together. Last outing, we went to the Ranger’s game, home at midnight.

Saturday, errands, laundry, cleaning, grocery store, gas, etc.

Sunday, Church 9a-1230p, lunch, then….ummm rest?

Repeat week.

I’m a natural night owl. Once, I almost learned to go to sleep at nine. Yeah. That didn’t last. I get my second wind about 10pm.

Mornings are tough, although, I have done an exercise or two in the early morning, (5am) it’s haaard. Lunch time might work, but they tore up all the sidewalks, and road by my work, building a new highway. Why? Because we are about a mile from the new Cowboys Stadium. Believe me, they need bigger roads. Wouldn’t matter,  I don’t want to get all sweaty (which I would). Our office is very nice. I have a feeling that would be frowned upon.

Thing is, I love to exercise. Walking, swimming, bike riding, hiking, running, elliptical, gym classes. I love it! I really want do another half marathon. So, why is this so hard?

This morning, I got up half an hour earlier (it didn’t kill me). I went outside, into the cool, brisk air of October in Texas. I breathed in the dark and blew out. I walked to the end of the street. Reset my Garmin, stretched, crossed the street, started my Garmin and ran. Not fast, just a steady pace, for a mile. I reached it in about 12mins (fastest mile ever was 8mins).

Hey, I am not knocking it. I would have turned around and ran some of the way back (without stopping), but a little dog decided to run with me. He decided to run with me and head towards the school bus stopping to pick up a group of high school kids. Ahhh! After, I stopped and advised him to go home. NOW. He went off to find “other friends”. He did NOT head home. He went the other direction. Bad dog.

I wogged back home the mile. First mile in a long while. It felt good.  This might be doable. Thirty minutes in the morning to get back on track. Finally. I would love that.

Do you have a good habit gone bad? How do you get back on track?

Good Morning…Gee that was tough!

Yeah, well, I got up early and went wogging (walk/jog).  It wasn’t easy by any means. I wanted to smash the phone at 545am but it’s my beloved iPhone, so  I settled upon jabbing the screen with my finger til it snoozed 9 mins (take that). I did finally get up at 5 til 6. I was out the door a little after. *without coffee mind you*

Salem and Anna were so excited thinking it was breakfast time! Uhh, no, you must wait, darn I hate disappointing my fur babies.  Hang tight, the non-morning person has to go jog. UGH.

I was hoping this morning would be a pleasant run. It’s certainly cooler. I had my new iPhone run tracker to try out. Plus, I wore my Garmin to compare how accurate it was. Lucky I did since the run tracker would not pick up a satellite signal. *guess it has problems with mornings too*

I take off for a little over half a mile jogging. My achilles tendon screaming in pain. I have no idea what I did to it. I can’t even figure out how to stretch it. Weird!  *note to self google achilles tendon stretches later*

It was dark out. I worry a little about tripping (and re-breaking my wrist)  but not too much. I like running in the dark better than the day. It feels cooler to me or maybe it’s just my mind thinking it is. I am comfortable running in about 30 degrees out, anything else is too hot. *I know right??*

Ends up over the course of 3 miles this morning I ran 1.70 of it. I only timed my run portions of the wog. I almost fell once when my foot went into a crevice in the street.  *almost *phew*

But HEY how about that?  It’s about  half running.  I am going to stay positive about that. I am NOT going to let it get me down that I used to breeze out 3 miles like a cake walk and now have to eek out 1.70. If I dwelled on that, it would SUCK. And I don’t do suck, not even in the mornings.  

Plus 1.70 is a lot more than other people can do. My new Saucony Progrid Ride 2 were heaven on my feet. After my 6 mile bike ride last night. My legs are feeling pumped. I didn’t reach a runner’s high but I am GLAD I did it.

Today, I began the day positive and healthy. Tonight, another bike ride to end it the same way. *but even better since I will be with Jason*

Life is soooo good.

Happy Hump Day!!

You spin me right round, baby , right round

Ahhhhh it’s 658am the sun is rising the birds are singing. Errrrr. STOP.

It’s 658am & I managed to get up at the unbelievable hour of 515AM out the door at 531AM & hit the gym for the spin class at 545AM. Yeah I typed that right. 545AM.

I debated last night about 11pm when I was going to sleep. Should I? Or shouldn’t I? I would turn my alarm on then promptly change it. (it was only slightly OCD)

Finally I told myself, OK, just leave it on & I can decide when it goes off in the morning. So here it was 515am & Big Country is blaring out of my phone speakers. For a second I was confused??? Didn’t I decide last night NOT to set my alarm for spin class? HA!

Five minutes of debating with myself about how tired I will be later vs how good I will feel to keep this “streak” going. How I didn’t want to go bymyself vs. WHO CARES IF YOU’RE BY YOURSELF.
Are we in JR High? Seriously!!!

So I put on my clothes, drank a BIG glass of water, took my Enlyten electrolytes & out the door I went.
Good news is that the 545AM spin class is only 45mins long not an hour. Wooo!

Alot of the same people that were there when I used to go before were there. I realized I haven’t been to that class in over a YEAR. Wow! But my cycle shoes still fit & I got my bike just right. My favorite instructor Maureen was teaching it still.

Honestly? It wasn’t near as bad as I thought. (let’s see how later goes) I am REALLY happy I went.
My legs feel great. My wrist got a little wonky the way I had to lean on the bike for balance but I rolled up a towel under it & it was fine.

So there ya have it!

I really didn’t mean for this blog to be about exercise but that is where I am at right now & any motivation & success I can write about the better to keep my MENTAL focus.

My eye is on the prize. Half marathon? Marathon? Triathalon?

Whatever it turns out to be I know Jason will be there at the finish line.
No medal or number or placement can compare to that.

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!! May your Wednesday be as bright as mine.