Dec. 7, 2013 – A Walk To Remember

Although today was my day off and I finally got to enjoy our wintry weather, I have worked very hard.

I have worked hard to make sure this day is exactly right. Perfect, if you will.

See, today is one of those days that you never forget. The moment the clock strikes midnight, it settles over your mind. This presence doesn’t just linger around, but it gets comfortable. It fluffs up the pillows, shakes out the covers, and leans back to witness every part of the next twenty-four hours. And although, I want to fast forward the day, because there are other days, I would rather remember…

I just can’t.

I find myself not running away or speeding through it, but settling down too. Fluffing my pillows, kicking my feet up, and just enjoying my time with it.

So, I can remember.

And remember well, as I celebrate my wonderful treasures, and uplift them with great honor.

I thought of a million ways to get this right, but in the end. I made a video.

I hope you enjoy my day, and my walk. I hope you see the beauty in how it is lived and presented.

Click here to watch the video online.

My Dad died while I was blogging and it means the world to me that this blog holds what was in my heart that day (and continues to). I don’t ever want to forget them and I am so grateful to WordPress for this means to journal and share – the good stuff and the tough stuff.

God Bless you all for watching.

We are having a bit of winter here in Texas…..more on that later.

YouTube Cover Photo

© Angelia's Photography

Freddy Goes For a Ride

Have you met Fred?

He started out as my mom’s dog – my favorite of mom’s twenty dogs. My Oklahoma visits to see them made my trips. Then, mom went into assisted living and could only bring one dog. She picked her favorite little chihuahua and the rest of the dogs went to new homes. Luckily, Fred came to mine. Probably, because I BEGGED my husband with every fiber of my being. It being a super hard sell as we already had a THREE dog rule and only added a third because I convinced him dog number three is a Cat (and since dog three doesn’t bark, it wasn’t a complete fib). But Fred, oh dear little Freddy, he makes four. Four throws off our favorite number – three. And three is such a special number to us for many, many reasons – three tens (our wedding day), three girls (our kids), and our three dogs.

Now, it is four. Funny how different a number sounds. Three sounds like weeeee! But four is so much sterner and harder on the tongue.

But guess what? Averey makes FOUR in girls. So there number three, take that.

The next four is our anniversary date in 2014 – it’s NUMBER FOUR. Four in FOURteen. I like that.

And what I am saying is four is not a bad number. Not a bad number at all. Because number four brought a very unexpected bundle of precious fur to us. Fred changed our number. He changed our lives. Him, with his joie de vivre doggy ways.

I love him more than I should. I favor him, a little, and I adore him – a lot. He gets me. He gets life. He just rolls with it. He is the coolest, happiest little fella I have ever met.

And Fred? He made a big change coming to our house too. His world was the kitchen/dining room. That is where my mom kept him when he lived with her. One room is where he slept and played. She didn’t take him outside, or on walks, or in the car (not the last few years anyway).

And Fred, well, Fred likes to go. He likes to walk, but he LOVES to ride. He is all about paws out the window, head stretched out, and hair whipping in the wind.

So my dear number four – also called buddy, pumpkin pie, stinky boy, fuzzy wuzzy, mister, pumkin lunkin, furry monster, and cute lil’ fella. Here you are in all your doggy glory for all the blog world to see.

This is your ride.

Freddy’s ride.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Start the engine,
give it some care.
As long as it goes,
not a second to spare.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Wind in the willows,
wind in my hair.
A sniff of the world,
and see if I dare.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Heart thumping wild,
mind on the brink.
I am the beast,
who cares what they think.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Raring to go,
raring to live.
Locked up no more,
I got front dibs.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

A pocket of sunshine,
a wing, and a prayer.
Riding so sweet,
like I’m already there.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

I am Freddy the Mighty!
Can you hear my roar?
Fearless and flying outside your front door.

**This post inspired by Freddy’s love of car rides and his photo being picked as a feature for Ellenburg Photography’s Project 52.

You go Freddy, you go.

That’s my boy!

What does love look like?

Is it red like a rose?
© Angelia's Photography

Crafted like home-made coaster?
Project 52 - Week 7 - Love

Does it fly through the air on heart wings?
© Angelia's Photography

Or is it wrapped in disguise as a piece of fine chocolate?
© Angelia's Photography


But I don’t think that is what love looks like at all.

Love can’t be seen……it can only be felt.

Did you feel the love today?

We sure did. The Valentine’s fairy visited our house. The sweet little thing left behind…poems, thoughts, heart bokeh, and this enormous cache of goodies for the girls.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

***I hope to get back to more regular blogging soon. Life is so crazy….I’ll fill you in on all the major happenings soon. Yes. MAJOR happenings.

There was never any doubt

When I looked into your eyes for the first time……I saw a twinkle of merriment, a spark of surprise, and a life-time of safe keeping……There was never any doubt.

When I took your hand through the unmoving crowd during our first date……I knew we wouldn’t be separated…..I knew I could trust you wouldn’t let me get crushed……I held tightly to your hand……still do……There was never any doubt.

When I stepped into your arms for our first hug……I felt a blanket of protection……my heart surged with relief… life raft, tattered by so many storms, found its safe harbor……I let go of my fears……There was never any doubt.

When I kissed you for the first time……the world stopped……except for the hammering of my heart……I was surprised……I guess playing the Tuba in high school really does come in handy……There was never any doubt.

When you told me you loved me……the room didn’t spin……I didn’t head for the hills in a dead run……I sighed and nestled deeper into your arms……knowing this was a miracle……There was never any doubt.

When you held me up……and let my tears fall on your shoulder……as you helplessly watched me grieve over the casket of my father……There was never any doubt.

When the sadness of this loss struck my heart, deeper than I ever imagined……you did not turn away……you became my shield……you softened the blow……There was never any doubt.

When you saw my heart in pieces at his graveside……you carefully placed them in your pocket……silently mending them with your patience, your understanding, and your deep compassion……There was never any doubt.

When you were there for me in my time of greatest need……it meant everything to me……how could you have known I would lose my father in the first three months of dating……how could you have known you would have to hold me up so soon……you were the only thing that kept me from falling……You are, and will always be, my life-line……There was never any doubt.

When I watched two dark-haired little girls curl up into your lap……you held them gently……you hugged them tenderly……softly you kissed their silky hair……I knew your children were a treasure more precious than all the gifts of the world……There was never any doubt.

When you cracked open a Blue Nile box with the most beautiful engagement ring inside……you said the words……over the squeals of happy children……over the barks of two big dogs……over the cost of a future teen step-daughter……I said yes with no hesitation……There was never any doubt.

When I held your hand…….as your mom lay in ICU……not knowing what her future was……so close to the day of our future……I witnessed the most devastating days of your life……I prayed beside you and with you……There was never any doubt.

When I looked into your crystal blue eyes on our wedding day……and saw all the joy I could ever know…….all the love I could ever receive…..all the days I could ever wish for……There was never any doubt.

When hardships strike with their cruelty……when life shakes our foundation……when the world seems a dark and scary place……I always find the warm light of your precious heart of peace……and……There is never any doubt.

Happy Anniversary to the one who “gets” me.

I love you more than these words can say.