I’m a Creeeeep…I’m a Weeeeirdo…

What the heck am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.


I typed out these lyrics to Creep in a Facebook message. Little did I know, they would dramatically change my life. It was, in all honesty, the only Radiohead song I knew.

I saw an update status asking if anyone would be interested in Radiohead concert tickets on Sunday. Well I really wasn’t, unless I could get my brother to come down from Oklahoma, but being it was a Sunday night that wasn’t likely to happen. The bigger question to me and the one that I asked to my casually acquainted Facebook friend……why aren’t you going?

He admitted to not having a date, going through a hurtful divorce, and the regular woes of life that we all get so caught up in that we forget to – well – have fun.

Then I wowed him with my lyrical knowledge. “I’m a creeeep! I’m a weeeeirdooooo!” Never mind I wasn’t singing but typing. I’m that good.

He was so impressed that he found a fellow Radiohead fan in all of Facebook-land that he offered to take me to the concert, so we could crone as one.

I did what any single girl would do trying to become a crazy fan in 48 hours or less to impress a guy. I YouTube searched a few more songs. Surely I knew more than one Radiohead song. Right???

I found Karma Police. Yeah. I think I heard one of the contestants sing that on Rockstar INXS. Cool! I watched the video. See I was a Radiohead fan after all. No problem. I got this.

We made plans to meet at his house at 6pm to head from Arlington to Dallas. I talked to him for the first time on the phone the day before to set it up. I, incredibly, got there at 6pm sharp. For those that know me that was a miracle in itself.

As I pulled up, the garage door opened and there stood my date – that wasn’t a date – but just a kind gesture of servitude to another concert going Radiohead fan (heh).

Our eyes met in smiles right away, he was MUCH better looking in person than in his picture and what surprised me most of all…he was TALL. 6ft 1in. If only Facebook gave profile stats, I could have known. I wore my high heel sandals thinking he was short. I know. Don’t try to compute the logic, I had guy issues. Ahem. I’m a creeeeppp.

Off we head to Dallas, listening to Radiohead in the car, except I didn’t know it was Radiohead since I only knew ONE song. Maybe two if my YouTube memory held out. I actually figured it out AFTER the concert when I truly was a new turned fan.

Didn’t matter anyhow, we talked the whole way – about – everything. If there is one thing my momma taught me it was how to have a conversation, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thanks mom! I’ll chat with you later when I have a few hours *wink*.

It was a good thing too. It took hours just to get INTO the concert. Never have I seen so many people going to a concert at Superpages.com, or better known as the Smirnoff, or more simply Fairpark, in all my life.

The park was packed. Our seats were just under the awning – which was GREAT – considering the entire lawn behind us had seating that was really far back and ALL of it was standing room only. The concert started right after we sat down and it took my breath away. Literally, or Lyrically. I guess both.

And really I can’t describe it, but those things hanging down..they changed colors. They glowed. They flashed. They did everything but walk off the stage, or maybe they did that too. It was all in tune to the beat, and the motion of the music, which was poetry in itself. Incredibly awesome, like nothing I have ever seen.

These images are from a google search. Our view was more like this.

But honestly? It didn’t matter where we sat. It was the greatest, most energetic, dramatic, artfully choreographed media concert show I have ever seen and, trust me, I’m no concert virgin. There was a time I thought I was watching a video being played on a big screen, when in fact it was in live time with the stage. It was that good.

I felt SAD when it ended. When our night ended. I felt like we went through something special together and a friendship bond formed. Was it love at first sight? Not at all. I was pleasantly surprised by him. Blown away by the concert, and really enjoyed our long car conversations. *It took three hours to get OUT of the concert*

Jason, my friend, my boyfriend, my husband – Happy THREE year anniversary of our meet date. I can humbly say, May 18, 2008, a Radiohead concert, truly changed my world by bringing you into it.

You know the funniest twist to it all? They didn’t even play Creep.

I’m a creep.
I’m a weirdo.
What the heck am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

*I rarely re-post, but this is in honor of another year.*

Happy last first date to my sweetie! Now, when is Radiohead coming back in concert?

Super Secret Project Revealed

Well, it happened.

We pulled it off. A surprise birthday party for Jason’s mom (Happy Birthday Mom!).

She thought we had all forgot. No party, no grandkids, no handsome sons.

No presents, no cake.

Boy was she ever wrong – because this family? – knows how to party.


The best gift of all? HER. Being with us. Second best? We had already gotten together on the sly for her birthday present.

A gift of photographs. A gift of love (and photographs) for a woman who doesn’t just teach about love, but lives it, and passed it on to her family.

She showed us all the power of family when we met in those hospital waiting rooms praying with all our heart for her healing. She showed us the power of strength when she emerged from intensive care and knew her families faces and names after a brain aneurysm leak and a stroke on top of it. Then she showed us the power of miracles because she is still with us today. Walking, talking, and loving us all.

She tells the story of Jesus sitting with her during her dark days of a coma and encouraging her to go back and tell her family she loves them.

Never mind that we already knew that. Her story touches many, many hearts. Even the printers were moved by it.

I am intensely proud to be part of this family, it’s not just strength of it, but the compassion and care that drives it. And Sue? Is the best driver I know.

Happy Birthday to my sweet mother-in-law. We are SO glad you are here to celebrate.

Photo book with verses from 1 John Chapter Four.

She tells us to tell our kids we love them every day. The grandkids wanted her to know…………tell your grandma too.

Lots of love shared on this day.

Most of the grandkids are seeing their photographs for the first time.

Lots of birthday hugs for Grandma.

I love her joy (and her hair is sooo cute!).

She passed her love down through the generations. To a stunning group of children. I have no doubt these kids will continue to honor love with their future families just as she has.

What a special day and celebration of a beautiful woman inside and out.

1 John 4:16
And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

Dear Family – I Heart You

Drawing by The Teen.

Believe it or not this drawing is very good depiction of our family. The hair colors, smiles, and even the pants (heh). We stand like that too. In a row.

This picture is on our fridge. It always makes me laugh. I am not sure why Sydney’s inspiration that day came by crayon, but I’m glad it did.

So, to my family on Valentine’s Day – I heart you!

You, my dear husband, willing to have a camera shoved at your face so I can test a lens out that your camera friend loaned me for fun. See? Isn’t that fun? I have one eyeball in sharp focus. Ha. You are a great sport. A wonderful husband. I have never been more comfortable with anyone in my life. You make want to be “me”. And through the good or bad, there you are. I heart you!

My oldest shining star. You crack me up. You keep us all rolling. I can’t believe you will be seventeen in 3 MONTHS! Where has the time gone? I adore your laugh. I adore your ability to adapt and excel at everything you do. You are the best teen in the world. I heart you!

My middle(est) shining star, or oldest step-daughter, you are soooo smart. I have never met a six-year old that could read chapter books until you. You are truly amazing. If you can do that at six, who knows how far life will take you. Don’t ever forget to have fun too. I heart you!

My youngest, the baby, the littlest step-daughter o’ mine. You are my best model, and most willing subject. What a change from the shy baby you were. You used to hide from my camera. Now, you want to be first in my make-shift studio practice. You definitely compete with Sydney on humor. That is saying a lot because she has had waaay more practice than you. But man, you are funny. I heart you little star!

I heard since I’m a newlywed, I am supposed to have some outstandingly romantic gifts today. But honestly? These peeps above are the best gift of all.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all.

Hope all of you have a very blessed and Happy Valentine’s Day.

I missed a post yesterday. My postaday2011 reign has ended.

It’s kinda funny because this is also my 310th post of all-time. If you know me, you know I have a thing for three’s and 10’s. It’s been hard to keep up lately. I have debated on continuing blogging. I heart blogging, but maybe my 310th post is a good end?

Eat Trash? Um, yes please!

I ate trash tonight. And I don’t mean fried chitlins.

I mean White Trash. The yummy, edible stuff.

Trash sent from Georgia

What a nice surprise to come home to a package. To open the package and have a sweet card, sweet hearts, and yummy trash.

Sydney eating la trashe´ blanc.

Jason digging in the trash.

Molly loved the grub, and the sweethearts.

I can’t believe our family got so trashy!

And who do I have to thank for this dumpster diving gift?

None other than my dear bloggy friend Square Peg in a Round Hole Peg. I met her – ohmygosh! has it been a year? – almost a year ago in person.

We are just thrilled with this gift. The thoughtfulness, the explosion of flavor, and the surprise. If I were a young hip kid, I’d say, “That is soooo beast!”

Maybe, deep down to our core, we are just trashy people.

Whichever it is, it made us all very, very happy to enjoy.

A white trash kind of happy.

Seriously Peg, thank-you for sharing (sending) your trash. We are just tickled Georgia peach.

P.S. This was a great capture for my 365 project.

Please send me your trash any ol’ time. I know right where to put it.