I think I was a little intimidated.

This week The SITS girls asks you to get back to blogging. You can read all about it here. The first task is to re-publish your first blog post ever.

Here is mine.

Hello World!

Have you ever heard the shortest horror story in the world? No? Well it’s so short I guess I can share. Here goes:

The last person in the world heard a knock at the door.

Scary huh? Haha. Sums up how I feel about starting to blog! (wink)

The horror begins…….


I’m not kidding. That was it. As you can see, I am a little? a lot intimidated by the big scary world of blogging. I am not sure if I thought I was going to get graded, or maybe, the youtube people would come out of the cracks and start ripping my post. Get kicked off wordpress? It’s funny to look back and see how fearful I was. I am glad I gave it a go and stuck it out, instead of running for the hills.

What would I change?

Well, I would have deleted that first Hello World! post since it was just a starter post that wordpress gives you as an example. I would have deleted my self-consciousness while I was at it.

It is good to see how far I’ve come.

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Blogging…this is a crazy world! Let’s see if I can keep up with the five day jump-start, plus waiting til the last minute wedding planning, and also working forty plus hours a week in the emergency services department at work.