Charlie Sheen had it wrong…’s not Winning…’s Pinning!

It’s a Pinterest post.

Don’t know what Pinterest is? Well, it’s a place where you can like or repin photos (and links) of things you think are cool or want to know how to do. It’s a place of ideas coming together with idealists.

A lot of people use it for the DIY projects and fashion stuff, but I am proof you don’t have to be into all that and still enjoy Pinterest. You can like the ideas without making them, but be careful, it is addicting. And some of the tutorials are so easy, it makes you think you can CRAFT when you can’t. It’s that good.

I thought I would share some of my favorite pins. See, I like inspiration, and I like quotes. Cute animals, and anything photography related.

My pin boards are not the best for ideas or crafts, but they might make you go “Awwwh!” Or be a place that you can let go of some stress. I think my Quotes board help do that (at least for me they do).

Click the photo to go the Pinterest Board for the link to the story. It is about Jasmine the Greyhound who fostered a baby doe. Say it with me, Awwh!
This is something even I could make...frozen whip cut out in the shape of a heart for hot chocolate.

Here are some of my favorite quotes about being yourself, and loving yourself. I can’t get enough of these.

A quote about good friends, and I am so thankful for the ones in my life. You know who you are.

This pin reminded me of my blog friend Thoughtsy. It would be spot-on if it said yogurt instead of ice cream, right?

And here is my favorite tattoo of all-time. I have NEVER wanted a tattoo until I saw this one (sorry mom). It just resonates with the theme of my life. To love and be loved.

Isn’t that beautiful? Somehow, Jason has agreed that I can have this tattoo (I believe he was distracted, but it still counts). Surely, some of my readers are tattoo artists, yes? Anyone?

Send me a Facebook message. I’m so serious!

And look at this one. Is this not the cutest thing for your fence?

Now, do you see why Pinterest is so addicting. Sooo many cute ideas, sayings, and other adorable things.

My last pin is of my BOYFRIEND. Yes, my boyfriend that I have a not-so-secret affair with. Of course, my husband knows all about my love for him on Monday nights (he pretends not to be jealous). Our paths crossed when the new Hawaii-Five-O aired. He has been on other TV shows, but this was the first one I saw him in. This photo does not do him justice, because he is wearing his shirt. Believe me, he looks better with it off. This…is Alex O’Loughlin. Swoon all you want….he’s mine! HA.

I hope you learned a thing or two about Pinterest. I’d love to see what you like if you are a Pinner.

Remember, it’s not about winning, but pinning!

Wild Party, Wild Story

Back in the early days of living with Sydney’s Dad……this is how we spent our weekends. Our friends would come over we would play drinking fun games. This pic was pre-Syd, pre-marriage taken most likely summer of 1992.

The one in the white shirt with jean shorts waving – that’s Sydney’s Dad Sonny – hi Sonny! Love the 90’s fro.

Most of the people at the table are from Sonny’s work. He worked at Oshman’s in the Six Flags mall. It’s a sporting goods store mainly known as Sports Authority now. A few friends are from my work, a travel agency in Irving. And some are childhood friends (sorry Kristi).

But seriously, are we having a blast or what? Did you find me? I’m the blonde curly smiley person in the back. Yeah, spiral perm maybe?

I am around 21yrs old (maybe younger, shhh). This was our apartment in North Arlington near where Jason lives now. At the time, the Fort Worth Fire hockey team lived there as well. Since minor league hockey was brand new (I think) that was big stuff back then and most likely why we lived there because we were cool like that. (right Sonny?)

This could even be my 21st birthday bash. Who knows? I’m glad to find these pictures because I don’t remember much. 🙂

I’ve lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for twenty years. I moved around A LOT. But MOST of the twenty was in the Arlington area, where I live now. Arlington back in that day was a town of about half a million and now it’s at least three quarters of a million or quite possibly a million peeps strong.

That’s a lot of peeps. It’s a big place. Getting to point in 3-2-1..Jason lived not far from the party pad. His mom’s house is two streets over where he grew up and would have been living at that time.

I would randomly say as we drove by -there is where I used to live. He surprised me one day by saying, “Me too”. We tried to figure out if we lived there at the same time, if we crossed paths but we didn’t. It was many years later when he lived there.

We did remember the now old movie theater was the exciting new one in our day. It was a big deal when it was built because it was the first all stadium seating. The Target shopping plaza wasn’t half closed but just opened. Time is not kind to these buildings. That area did not thrive.

One day I mentioned Sonny worked at Oshmans. He said, “So did my Mom.” THOSE dates matched. But even more than that, HE worked for Oshmans too, as a teenager. By checking the year and the store, we discovered, not only did Sonny work with his mom, HE worked with Sonny too. Woah!

I am not kidding. Jason and I are three and half years apart. When I was 20 he was a clerk at Oshmans around 16 1/2 years old. This conversation is taking place a few months after we started dating and it’s blowing my mind.

His brother worked at the same store. I thought his brother sounded more familiar than he did, it seemed likely we had met back in the day. We had lunched with him a few weeks back but I couldn’t say for sure that I knew him.

Jason worked in the shoe department. I tried to remember seeing him, picturing him at someone’s knees with a pair of Nikes. Here is a picture of Jason around the age of working at Oshmans with my ex-husband.

I have a snapshot memory of him being behind the gun counter. I don’t know if it’s real or imagined. Still…I really met Jason long, long ago? Really? Well, apparently, and his brother too. After they went off to be in the Marines. Sonny continued working with Jason’s mom for many, many years.

What makes this story wilder than the party? Well as we are having this conversation, I pull out some old photos. We discover the three above. I say, “See, it’s the apartments by your house where we had the parties during your Oshman days. Do you recognize anyone? Most are from the Six Flags mall store.”

You could say that he did. The guy in the PINK shirt in all three pictures, brownish hair in a mullet cut (popular in the 90’s, don’t judge). Jason’s brother Todd in all his party day glory (love ya brother-these pics are priceless).

Can we all hold hands and sing?

It’s a small world after all.
It’s a small world after all.
It’s a small world after all.
It’s a small, small world.

My future family and I crossed paths eons ago. How WILD is that?