Mom’s Easy Lasagna Recipe

It’s been a while since I posted about cooking with Mom. I still have TONS of recipes, and hopefully, more future cooking time with her.

If you don’t know me, let me just say… is not my thing. Burning is my thing. Spilling is my thing. Sloshing stuff on the stove is my thing….but cooking? Not so much. Your welcome.

However my second Mom, Jason’s Mom, is an amazing cook and a very wonderful person inside and out. Being with her is like getting a great big HUG. You leave feeling loved and like you are a better person from just being around her.

Jason loves to cook. Sydney loves to cook. Mom loves to cook.

Guess who watches, takes pictures, and eats?

That’s me! I love to do all three of those things. And I love Italian food, especially anything pasta-related. Spaghetti is the #1 on my favorite foods list. If you can make a mean spaghetti, I will love you forever.

And this lasagna? Definitely a top ten.

The recipe.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Some of the ingredients.

I wasn’t there for the mixing.

Happily, I was there for the final product.

So do follow the directions, and you will end up with this……

Steaming hot lasagna….

We had this lasagna for dinner tonight. It was DELICIOUS. I am really glad I married a man that cooks (thanks to a mom that taught him). You can only eat TV dinners for so long.

What’s your favorite food?

Mom’s Homemade Peanut Brittle

We are back to cooking at Mom’s and this time it is the most delicious homemade peanut brittle you can put your hands on.

If you are a sugar addict like me, this will be right up your candy-coated highway.

This is a great gift for teachers, neighbors, or anyone else that is appreciated. Just grab a $1 tin and fill. It’s the perfect present – yummy and homemade.

Warning, this recipe is not diet, or diabetic friendly.

You need a lot of sugar, and then some corn syrup. Which? I believe is sugar? Ahem.

And let me give you the key to this whole thing.

Timing is most important.

Preparation is second.

Have everything laid out and measured BEFORE you start. This is important. We made two batches at the same time, so above recipe is doubled. But for the purpose of this blog, I will list as one.

Have the super greasy (buttered) pans laid out as well. You don’t want the brittle to stick to the pan at the end (you’ll see why).

Like I said, preparation is key to the whole operation.

So start with water, sugar, and corn syrup (1/2 cup water, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup light Karo syrup). Mix up and cook to boiling. This is the longest part. If you have two people, the other can be measuring out the rest of the recipe so it’s ready.

After it is boiling for a while and the mixture spins a thread, it is time for the peanuts, but not before it does that sew thing. This is a tricky step. In other words, it’s not a drip. It stiffens like a sharp shard. Hold the spoon up, it may drip, then spin. You have to watch real close.

When you see it spin, then you add your raw spanish peanuts – not roasted, salted, or cooked – raw.

Stir the sugar mixture and the peanuts while boiling until it is a golden brown. Did I mention there is a lot of stirring? I noticed the brown more on the edges than in the mixture itself.

Once it is golden brown, remove from heat, and add the last set of ingredients – 1 t vanilla, 2 t of baking soda, and 2 T of butter.

Stir, and watch closely.

The more watchers the better.

The mixture turns, and I missed it. It was that quick, but when it happens (quick!).

Pour into the greasy pans.

Then you want to spread it out with a wooden spoon, so you have thinner peanut brittle (unless you don’t).

Let it cool, and harden (maybe 30mins in a cool room).

Then, lift up the brittle with a knife.

And break into pieces (it’s great anger management).

Then put into bags, or tins for gifts.

Or better yet, eat it like we did.

This is probably the best Peanut Brittle I have ever tasted. Truly…. homemade is the greatest.

I am so glad Jason’s Mom took the time to show us how and pass the tradition on.

It’s Halloween…I’ll take all your treats.

This weekend we visited the local bakery in Fort Worth. It’s called Blue Bonnet Bakery. And if you haven’t visited in a while, you should, not just on Halloween, but any time of year. They are in a newly renovated space that I just adore!

It’s an old Church. I’m guessing Methodist. The ceilings are high and there is even stain glass. You can cruise the cases, and then sit in a pew to eat lunch (or cookies).

We did both. We got cookies and cupcakes. We, also, ate lunch in the altar on a pew bench.

The view from our spot gives you an overlook of the whole bakery. I don’t know about you, but there is something about bakeries. The delicious smells. The warm cases of cookies. The beauty of display cakes, and every decoration screams celebration.

It’s hard not to be happy in bakery.

It was a delicious site (sight?). We enjoyed every morsel of our Halloween “treats”.

We enjoyed the lunch part too – Turkey clubs and PB&J sandwiches.

Later that evening, Jason, Sydney’s boyfriend Brandon, and I, headed to Six Flags over Texas to see Sydney at work. A place my beautiful daughter has been every weekend in October.

Wearing a clown mask.


Looking like this……

Scaring the wee out people.

It’s not just a haunted house. It’s a 3D haunted house. You get to wear goofy scary glasses.



The entrance.

It wasn’t too scary, although, those clown masks were very creepy! But the 3D art on the walls lit with black lights was outstanding. We found Sydney and almost hugged. Scared the people behind us to death. They thought she was going to touch them too. It’s really funny because, she is so tiny in that giant clown mask. I can imagine being scared of her. LOL.

I had not been to Six Flags during Fright Fest before. It was way cool. The place was decked out. This picture is a spider’s nest up in the trees.


The park was packed. Sorta like Mardi Gras on Halloween. I have never seen so many people at Six Flags before. Sydney said 32,000 were there Saturday night. We were going to ride the Titan, but the line was three hours long.

I think we will ride another time.

We went home to our cookies and cakes. 🙂

I hope you all have a FABULOUS Halloween!

Why does chocolate make everything better?

At least for me anyway, and I know – I know! – some of you can live without it. In fact, you don’t even like chocolate. Oh, I don’t understand you – at all. But to each his own.

As Jason and Sydney took the girls home, I gave in to the pounding in my head. I gave in to the fact – the medicines that got me through the day – were no longer my friends. Admitting what was held at bay was mighty ugly. Much uglier than I thought. I gave up and stopped calling it “allergies” or “trip lag”. The tightness in my chest, the rasp in my voice, the deep rumbling cough, and the gunk in my head. Ugghhhh…..I felt bad. Real bad.

I admitted it. I have a cold. A nasty one.

And on their way home, Jason text me he was going by Wal-Mart and did I need anything? Did I ever? I needed an end-all be-all cure for the head, chest stuffiness of winter, of travel, and of no rest.

So I told him…….something to make me feel better. A cupcake? lol.

I was half-joking, but I knew he would know. Wouldn’t he?

I uploaded the photographs I took this evening for my 365 project. I took them of the girls playing with Sydney and I got a few poses in front of my studio lights I got for Christmas.

I did a little editing and really liked how this one of Bridget turned out. She is growing so fast. Oh, she steals my heart!

My gorgeous model step-daughter age four. My entry for 365 today.

I never imagined it would be so hard to pick ONE photo per day, but it is. It really is…guess it’s a good thing I have many days left in this year’s project. I wonder if it will ever get boring? I am fascinated by this photo diary of life – fascinated.

Jason came home with his hand behind his back. A little smile. A little laugh. I felt my heart jump. There, there in his hand….

Chocolate, sweet chocolate.


It was as good as I thought it would be, every morsel, every chocolate-y goodness of every bite (yes, every one). I even managed to pick the coconut piece last. Score!

And you know what?

I feel better. I really do. Like I just ate a steaming hot bowl of home-made chicken noodle soup.

Chocolate – ahhhh!

Wonder how long before I need my next dose?

P.S.- Lovelovelove the caption entries. Soooo funny! I am so glad I picked Jason as the judge because I could not do it. I will announce the winner on Friday. It’s not to late to get yours in. Just see the below post and comment.