Thank you YouTube – Car Dancing Part Two

I hope you can view this. I can view it but am not sure how public it is. I originally made it private when the song continually got blanked out but now they have added the song tag. I linked my blog to youtube so hopefully that will work.

This is the full length version of our car dancing video clip featured on The Levity Project. The International video is listed in the below post or click here to watch it on YouTube.

If this shows as a private video – Please click


It will open a new window.

Disclaimers This video was filmed safely in the parking lot of UTA. No subjects were at risk. No traffic violations (that we know of). No danger of any kind unless you count when Sydney was driving. HA HA. Although we did in fact car dance ALL DAY at stop lights, shopping mall parking lots, and highways in honor of International car dancing day. Our actually filming was a reenactment.

If all else fails go to Youtube-angeliasims and become a subscriber. It should show up there. IF NOT, search angeliasims, then click on the blue highlight of my name. It should take you to a channel that plays it. Hey, I don’t know how it all works. Trust me it’s there. It’s worth it! At 3:46 in the video time when you see a little three year old doing the ROBOT. Oh yeah! ROFL!

I truly believe this will bring us great joy and laughter for YEARS to come. And who knows? Maybe we can do a video every year just to check our skills.