The Makings of a Halloween Weekend

By throwing in as many activities as possible….in two days.

We made a trip to the country for my friend and former co-workers 60th birthday party. Happy Birthday Ev!

We made the dogs dress up.

Salem, the black lab, a great pumpkin. Brownie, the Japanese princess shih-tzu, a skeleton. And Anna, the creeper dog, completely freaked out by a t-shirt on her back that says Boo. It’s quite ironic and hilarious.

Then we made cookies. You know….just in case the trick or treat candy wasn’t sugar overload enough. Mixing food coloring gel to make orange icing. Plus two other kinds of cookies made straight from the package. Yeah, I skipped the from scratch part. Oops.

We also made a trip to the pumpkin patch. I got some really great pictures. Magical, as in Supergirl in the corn field, and a ladybug in the corn maze. So cute!

Then, I made these photo collages. The Mac, with my PSE on it, is in the shop. I learned something crafty by discovering the world of collages are a button away on Picasa. Why didn’t someone tell me? I triple heart photo collages.

SITS girls asked us to link up our crafty posts. Well, this is mine and I say it counts. I made a lot of stuff happen this weekend and I’m feeling pretty crafty about that.

I will have another post with our actual trick or treating last night. I shadowed the girl’s mom taking pictures of the girls getting ready and trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. It was adorable. Sydney dressed up too (at 16!). She got quite a load of candy. And Jason even posed for pictures with some of Bridget’s costume.

What a weekend. Happy sugar hangover day!


Yeah! O’ happy day!

I am the featured blogger for SITS! In honor of my special day, I updated my about me tab.

Thank you for coming. I really, really appreciate it. Please have a snack, a smile, then a nice look around. Mi casa es su casa.

I am a corporate travel agent living just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. I have a sixteen year old daughter named Sydney. A super great guy named Jason and his two adorable little girls that come with the package.

My blog is just me, my life, my lessons, my stories. I’ve been dubbed by a few by as The Hallmark Writer. I guess what that means is…….I write what’s on my heart. Sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes humorous, but always earnest and true.

It was extremely hard to pick three posts that would represent my blog. Some I picked based on the past popularity of the post. It is my hope you enjoy them just as much.

The concert that changed my life and made the wordpress homepage for a day I’m a Creep. I’m a Weirdo. Radiohead anyone? Be sure and catch the ending.

Among my greatest joys in life is my daughter, in this post I pass on a card poem that my mom gave to me. May the words bring her direction as she veers into the wide world of adulthood. My Wishes for You.

This post I wrote with the down and out in my mind – everyone should feel treasured, no matter where they are in their life, no matter what they look like, or where they come from. My hope and prayer is that you read this with that openness in mind. When I see a woman.

I swore I would not link more than three posts since we all have super busy lives so please just ignore, What I’ve Learned about Blogging, unless you are curious.

Stop by SITS and meet other bloggy friends who support and uplift each other in the blog community, that’s the secret in the sauce my friends. It’s a great place.

We are SILLY HAPPY you came by!

Have a great day everyone!