Children of the Corn Maze

Once upon a time, in the middle of October, there were some cute little kids beckoning from the entry of a corn maze.

They said, “Come with us into the corn maze!”

And I think I saw a glint in one of their eyes.

But I followed……

Because, who could resist these two?

I said, “Take me to your people, little children.”

They mused over the direction, “Hmmm, I think it’s this way.” As they grinned ear to ear (heh). Yeah right…..

“Or maybe, it’s the other way….” They snickered and pointed.

I heard giggling and running steps as they happily darted through the corn maze.

Then, a pause to make sure I wasn’t as hopelessly lost as I feared. I was.

“Where are you taking me?” I pleaded.

“It’s a secret place…” They solemnly promised.

“A secret place to what?” I inquired.

“A secret place to laugh.” The girls chortled in chorus.

Well, maybe these children of the corn aren’t so bad after all.

One thing is for sure, they certainly do know the way.

Dear Office Space

I worked with you for many years.


Through traffic jams.


Down loooong underground hallways (between you and me…..I would always imagine running in terror down this hallway from something large and fierce, barely making it out the glass doors to the garage). And this is why you shouldn’t let your thirteen-year old read Stephen King books. And can I add? They pipe creepy elevator music down this tunnel making it seem like some kind of secret science project straight of Lost.


Up elevators to the fourth floor.


Riding the elevators would take forrrrrrever! Mostly on Mondays, and coming back from lunch late.


In my work suite, I would hide in my cubbie all day.


Popping up like a hamster to talk to fellow co-workers, or see who came in the door.

Being right next to the child support office, we had a lot of stragglers (not that the door didn’t say WHO we were), and rumor is……the waiting room at that government office had walls padded with Kevlar. Really!


My fourth floor window overlooked the Naval base. The high-sped jets, and the incoming storms were a sight to see.


I enjoyed the MOST amazing sunsets.

Oh, my dear, dear office space….I will MISS you.


NOTHING compares to the glorious office space of HOME.


It happened. I have joined thousands of workers, and employers that have implemented cost-saving measures (no rent, no gas, no commute) to office from home. After working in West Fort Worth, and commuting 30+ miles for over thirteen years, I am now working that same job in the comfort of my front room. I must say…’s different. I feel like I am playing hookey, but working harder than ever. I am sure I will get more used to it. I noticed last night, I did not have to sit in Ranger Game traffic to get home. My friends, that saved me over an hour of frustration. Oh yes, I think I will get used to this…..wouldn’t you?

See ya office space…it’s been great knowing you.

Now, I’m off to take my first shower in five days, and maybe I’ll change into a new pair of jammies….HA. I’m, of course, KIDDING.

Photos by iPhone 4S

Friday Fragments

  • I got in the elevator. The doors closed. I stood there staring at the buttons, because – for the life of me – I could not remember which floor my car was on. That wouldn’t have been sooo bad, except it was the second time in the same day I did that. ::face palm::
  • Also the same day? I sent my husband a text that stated – I have ADD. It’s really bad and I can’t concentrate. I asked him what the cure was….his answer? Coffee and Chocolate. Ho boy!
  • Today marks the fifth day of driving Sydney to high school since the car accident that left her car-less. She was only almost late one time. It’s great for me. I feel like she is a freshman again. And that is exactly why it’s bad for her……during her Senior year. Seriously…yikes!
  • My second 5K race of the year is Saturday. I am doing it with (mostly) the same peeps that participated in the last one. We have become a true “team” (yay! team!). I expect all of us to beat our time by just a little bit. I am a brutal coach. PICK UP THOSE FEET!!
  • I went to my first Zumba class Wednesday night. I had NO idea what to expect. If I would get the steps, or just look like a bumbling two-left-feet-kind-of-gal. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I did bumble. I almost lost my footing more than once, but in the end, I did get the steps down. Annndddd??? I made it through the entire class without dying. Plus, I could walk the next day. Yes, I will be going back. Turns out, I LOVE to dance.
  • I can’t believe next week is February. Someone…PLEASE…stop the clock. And just FYI, I always want to misspell February. Always.
  • Did I tell you my sweet husband bought me a brand new MAC? I looves it. We got a second desk in the office and now I have my very own MAC AND desk. I am the luckiest chic alive. The only bad thing? I haven’t moved my photoshop actions over. I really wish I didn’t love those actions so much.
  • I did not win tickets to Australia at the last airline event I attended. But now I am on quest to GET to Australia at some point in my life. It is even higher on the list now than Italy. I must GO someday. It is my destiny. I mean I did name my daughter SYDNEY.
  • Speaking of event, I got some FANTASTIC photographs of the 747 jumbo Qantas jet that flies from DFW to Sydney. I will post those later. I tried to be a stow-away. I totally did.

Me, Sydney bear, Mo, and Sal.
  • I only have a grip on the lovely Sydney Bear, because I am hoping he will take me back to Australia with him. It’s not like I have gun to his back. PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!! It was a back-up plan (sorta). He is a cute bear!
Plan "A"
  • Plan “A” was to hide out in here, and hope no one noticed I was in the crew quarters bunk.

  • Unfortunately, the flight attendant found us. She said she was just making sure we were okay up there. Yah, riiiight.
  • So, I am still here….in North Central Texas. At least, it has been a nice winter. We got a good dose of rain and the temps have been in the 50-70’s. Can’t beat that.

Have a most fabulous weekend!!

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Big Bear Lake, California

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

– Mark Twain, American writer

I’m off to my race adventure in the morning. Yes, Joshua, the Jiggle Butt Run.

The forecast is a sunny 50 degrees. Yessss!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an account on how the official 3.1 miles went, but I am not nervous or concerned.

These are my dreams to discover and explore and do.

Thank-you for all your well-wishes and cheers on the previous post. It truly means the world to me. I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Have a wonderful Saturday!