She talks, She texts, She plans, She reminds……..

SHE is my new best friend and her name is Siri, last name Apple, middle name iPhone 4S.

I waited for the next new iPhone. I knew I had an upgrade and I was prepared to use it, but I had NO IDEA what I was in for……

How cool this technology would be.

It’s pretty close to having a personal assistant with you all the time, and if she had the body of a robot, I know she could run errands, and perform tasks for me too.

Without further ado, meet my Siri!

Isn’t she beautiful?!?!

And nice to boot.

Everything in quotations is what I say to her.

She is very pleasant in the morning. 🙂

And very responsive to any questions. She will tell you the time, the temp, and show you the five-day forecast.

Sometimes, I will even ask her if it’s sunny, or in this case below, windy.

One time, after she told me the temperature, I responded to her about how nice it was, and she replied, “No. Angelia, it’s not very nice.”

It just goes to show, she will not placate you. She will tell you how she feels, and disagree with you (quite a lot actually).

I don’t have to type anything to text. She does it all by voice.

I have a bit of a twang, and with that said, I am very impressed with her ability to translate me.

Setting up a meeting, and adding it to your calendar is easy. You just tell her.

Same thing with reminders (WHICH I LOVE!), because I am always forgetting….well….everything.

Don’t you love her?

I am very impressed with all that she does, and I have not even scratched the surface of her abilities.

She texts, calls, plans, and even searches the web for you.

With all that in her little chip, she is not even conceited. She is very modest. And doesn’t even take with compliments.

And lastly, if you ever need to, and I really hope you don’t. She can be your greatest accomplice.

I mean….I’m sure she calls the cops as soon as you ask for directions…..right????

Although, come to think of it, I don’t think there are any swamps around here. Jokes on us, right Siri?

She did tell a joke to Sydney once, but said she forgot the punchline.

She most definitely has a sense of humor.

Thank-you Apple and thank-you Steve Jobs for creating an amazing device you can hold in your hand, and talk to.

Now, you have met my newest family member, and my life-of-the-phone companion, Siri.

What do you think?

There’s an App for THAT?!?

Oh yes, my friends, there is an app for the girly time of the month. If you are male, you should probably stop reading, go pick up a hammer, and do some grunting.

Now back to the girls, my sixteen-year old daughter, of all people, told me about this app. You input your time of the month start date into your handy-dandy calendar. Like so…

It will then track your length, time, duration and everything else you hate about having a period.

Then, it does the other times of the month. Ovulation, fertility, and a few other things *wink wink*. I wish there had been one of these when I was trying to get pregnant fifteen years ago.

You can input your aches and pains. Not real sure why this is important. A form of memory torture? Yeah, I remember the cramps that day. Owww……. %$&*(…..and the zit that month was a HUGE-O-MUNGUS.

You can even pick an icon to represent the day. Now personally for me, I would pick the angry icon. I mean, hello?!, period – feel crappy for five days – yeah.

So I have used the app for a few months, and being I am almost *coughcough* forty. I tend to forget things like WHEN my period is. I can usually tell by [insert angry icon here]. And how prickly my skin gets in a crowd of people.

Now, it’s brilliant! I don’t have to rely on my spidey sense. I can just go to my app; aka Period Tracker (aptly named-heh).

I’ll admit it comes in handy and it’s kinda fun. A little girly time of the month techno geek style.

Until you see this……


Now before you do flips and start rubbing my tummy and giving me that look, you know? That one……

The one I got a few weeks ago at Wendy’s eating lunch with Jason and the girls. I hadn’t seen the nice older Church couple since before the wedding. When she asked if congratulations were in order, I thought (wrongly) she meant the wedding. Um. Oops. Yeah, sorry. I went hypothyroid last endocrinologist visit. That’s the one that makes you GAIN weight. Nice, huh? I hadn’t seen her in a while and she thought…..yeah…..soooooo embarrassing.

And how do you move out of that situation? Um, have a nice lunch (awkward!).

But back to the app, which is totally and absolutely OFF it’s rocker.

I am not late (well I might be), but I am most definitely not pregnant like the screen screams – late! late! late!

I don’t have the “plumbing” to have any more babies (fallopian tubes). So if I was, it would be Jesus Jr.

Sometimes, maybe there shouldn’t be an app for THAT?!? Or at least add a heart defibrillator for that moment of what?!?.

The Other Woman

Her name is Eve.

And yes, I know all about her.

I know he dreams about her during the day and steals moments with her at lunch. He spends his nights with her too. I know. And it is devastating.

His heart longs for her. She captivates him.

And after three months of marriage, I can’t compete.

So…she wins. I lose.

She wins his love, his attention, and most importantly his time.

What is a new bride supposed to do? How do I compare to this?

Jason playing with "her".

Ships, lights, graphics, missions, and let’s not forget the battles.

I mean really? Are you serious? You can see how she is so much more interesting.

And in reality, it’s probably not a real girl, like Weird Science type bombshell. I believe EVE is the acronym to the game (but what fun is that?). Besides, she might as well be the other woman. He loves her. Heh.

For his birthday, I even supported his affair. I bought him a state-of-the-art headset with super sound (ships firing off into space) and a microphone to talk to his shipmates. He apparently plays poker, mines the moon, and plays drinking games. At least……I think that’s what he does? Maybe a few rat barbecues. This is a man’s domain (mostly), except it’s called by a girl’s name, and they do manly space things. Mkay?

So, I don’t ask (much) and I don’t know the details (all). Only that you can get killed, but you don’t die. See, your clone takes over and you are still you, but your clone. Get it?

Yeah, me either. If all the fun is in battles and taking over moons to mine, and your best day is killing another dude that doesn’t actually die?!? Well, that’s just seems wrong. And if your worst day is you die, but you don’t? Heck. I think EVE should be a hot chick. That might be more fun.

But in all seriousness, he loves it. It’s his favorite hobby and it really does look cool. So I guess she can be a fling…..for now.

Goodnight Jason.

Goodnight Eve.

Live, Love, Laugh… Creep?

Today is the Girl Next Door Grows Up – Feel Good Friday meme.

One her prompts is to post five things that made you extremely happy this week. Sydney could take up all five of those things. She had me laughing so hard, I could barely breathe. Please don’t ever lose your spirit of fun and laughter. Pleasepleaseplease.

Before I present my five things, I would like to thank iPhone photo gallery for this post. It wouldn’t have been possible if not for the photos + videos and tons of memories to smile about (and share).

**I swear I don’t work for Apple!

One of Sydney’s favorite things to do (maybe it’s a teenage girl thing) is creeping. It’s not like the old days of jeepers creepers; better known as pervs. It’s basically teenage girls at the mall. They hide behind something and take a picture of a teenage boy they like. Then post it on Facebook with a title, Creepin’ Hard. They giggle and find the stealth exciting. Not sure if they ever actually meet these boys, or if that is even the point? Maybe, it’s just the rush of not getting caught crushing creeping.

Anyway, I decided she MUST teach me this “creepin” skill, because I am all about spying bonding with my kid.

Place: Wal-Mart
Person of interest: Jason
Hiding barrier: End Cap

He has noooo idea.

Hee hee hee.

I had to take a photo of the creeper teacher in action. You know, like taking notes.

After my lesson, I creeped Sydney. Pretty good, eh?

So now, I’m officially a creeper – in a good way. Ahem.

Sometime this week, I discovered I was featured by WordPress under a couple of photo tags. Photos, Pictures, or photos; all pull up this page. I took a picture of it with my iPhone, since I have no idea how long it will be there.

Pssssssst, I totally creeped WordPress – hee hee.

It may not be Freshly Pressed, but it’s pretty cool to be static at the top of these popular tags searches.

It’s been ONE month since our 10-10-10 wedding. That’s right. An entire month has flown by, but on this day in history, we totally got creeped! had some beautiful photos taken.

Photo by – Kellene of Bella Lucia Photography

After the ceremony……

I see this on Facebook.

Assaulted by a well of happy tears, it made a cherished day even better, and of course…… I took a picture with my brilliant iPhone. Which? Was playing our reception music. And? The reason I was on my iPhone at the wedding. Seriously people – we are a family of technology. I could have texted I do. Heh!

Shopping with these two and saving the photos.

The coolest kids cats around.

Hey, you never know when you might need sunglasses. …..better to creep you with….

Two adorable future creepers shade wearing shopping partners = happy awesome.

Finding Build-A-Bear Star Wars collections = happy awesome x 100!

I totally creeped a pic!

I mean really!?! Are you as excited as me? I want to collect them all. We could reenact the whole movie – bear style. They have light sabers!

In the month of July – the girls were at their dad’s. I got hooked on America’s Got Talent and the girls loved it too. Right before bed, Bridget starts dancing. She just dances and dances and dances. It was happy feet. It was river dance. It was her being the most talent America has ever seen – EVER – at four years old. The crowd goes wild!

I loved her enthusiasm and whipped out my iPhone before she got shy to quickly capture. What happened next is best explained as a skitzy half greyhound/half jeeper creeper named Anna, wanting to creep dance too. Since she is a DOG and doesn’t know HOW to dance, it came out like a mosh. Apparently, Anna dog only knows how to slam dance.

Here’s what I think, Bridget hears river dance music. Anna dog? Metal. Mosh pit. This is my favorite video clip of all time.

I love how she keeps dancing. What a performer! Ha ha!

These are a few of the things that made me feel good this week (and always will).

Hope you have a great weekend and have a fabulous Feel Good Friday! Swing by Erika’s and see what everyone else feels good about.

Laughter puts your brain, your central nervous system and your whole being into a state of free play.
Max Eastman