Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Oh, the joys and excitement of field day at school. It marks a day of celebration.

No schoolwork! No books!

A day that sings of Summer and the freedom of summer. In fact, on a bright sunny field day, with a sky super blue, and the clouds just this side of light and fluffy…I am told you can even SMELL Summer.


There are games, competitions, concession stands, and WATER play. Teachers have fun. Parents have fun. And did I mention no homework?

This is one of the greatest days of the year (to an elementary child). And guess what? I get to be there.

For the first time in forever, I make it to field day. How thrilling! I thought my elementary school days ended for good (since I have a twenty-year-old daughter). Ahhhh, but that is the reason step kids are called BONUS kids.

See….???? Bonus! How can you not smile about that? I sure am.

The challenge this week is to “twist”.

I can’t think of anything more twisted than a rope.

© Angelia's Photography 2014

And what goes with rope?

© Angelia's Photography 2014


This is my youngest tugging her ever-loving heart out. Oh, she tugged. She sweat. She even stuck her tongue out (so cute!).

In the end…

© Angelia's Photography 2014

They still lost the war.

::sad face::

But you know what? Doesn’t matter. It might be the end of field day, but summer is thisssssss close.

Just stop and smell the breeze…you’ll catch a whiff and I bet it takes you back to your sweetest days of summer.

Have a happy weekend! And a most blessed Memorial Day!

Signs of an Art Deco Child

When children find a full roll of butcher block paper…

When they wake up about two hours before you do…

When the art cabinet is in the kitchen…

When you find pieces of tape, paper, and markers…

When you find works of art displayed on their bedroom door…

Well then…

You just might have an art deco child…or two.

And maybe, it’s not the definition for “art deco” in your home. But it is certainly the definition and style of ours.

The girls erected this sign for their door.
© Angelia's Photography 2013

Impressive isn’t it? See the girls decided their bedroom door needed a sign. The first sign said Bri’s Room. And since Molly and Bridget share a room? Well….Molly was not so happy about that.

So, she made her own sign which, of course, included her sister. Because she is sweet correct like that.

Now you might see a sign for the bedroom door, or you might see a work of art, or maybe you see a few stories or two.

Whatever you might see….

© Angelia's Photography 2013

You have to give them an A for vocabulary and points for the extra notations. Those embellishes just make it so much more…

© Angelia's Photography 2013

I’m sure there will be more signs before the butcher block paper meets its end.

Until then, we will continue to look in wonder at a child’s art deco display.

Silly girls.

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The Voice of a New Age.

As parents, we raise our children to the best of our ability. If they learn to feed themselves, clothe themselves, and all around be decent people of society?

Well, then we have done our job. And, thankfully, I did. My oldest daughter turned eighteen this year.

As her parent, I have to wonder. Did I give her a voice? Did I teach her the fundamentals of government, justice, and law? Does she know her voice matters? Even if that voice is small and young.

Raising her, I didn’t really think about the voting issue. I wasn’t taught much about it myself, or at least, I didn’t pay much attention if I was.

Would she? Would she wonder? Would she question? Would she speak up?

I hoped so. Despite the fact, as her mother, I am not known for my political expertise, or even having a dogged opinion.

I am not much on debating.

I watch, quietly.

I listen, attentively.

And in the end, I vote with my heart and pray with all my might.

Did I pass this on to her? I don’t know, but I do know one thing.

This year.

Her first year of age.

During a very important Presidential election vote.

She cast her ballot.

She lifted her voice.

And I am soooo proud of her.

What about you? Are you exercising your right to vote?