Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

This might surprise you, but I’m not a big fan of vintage photographs.

Despite every intention of my mother, I did not share her love of antiques either. I don’t know why, but I love modern. I love new. I love innovation.

Maybe, I just love the future and the possibilities; new ideas, inventions, and progress.

Because of those reasons, this is why I chose these photos for the weekly challenge. It was a challenge for me to re-create an old setting to capture a few photos that look (and feel) worn even though they were taken in 2011.

These photos make me appreciate the fineness of age, and the timelessness of our past.

These were shot on an 1800’s farm in Texas.

Vintage Shoot

Vintage Shoot

Vintage Shoot

May’s Favorite Pick

The photo challenge this week is the best face of May.

I am barely getting this one in, but it is my favorite from this month.

We were going for a period shot and went to an 1800’s farm to do it. Their mom provided the awesome dresses (one from her childhood and the other sewed by hand). My step-daughters were completely convincing in setting and scene. I didn’t even need the farm.

iheartfaces entry

This is why I love photography.

My entry did not make the top 100. Sorry everyone, I thought it was people’s choice for all, but it’s only the selected 100. A lot of great entries displayed if you’d like to vote for them!