A Year in Photos Part One

I am stealing this idea from my friend, blogger, and photographer – James Skidmore

I love him and his ideas! Brilliant! I think they say imitation is the finest form of flattery.


So great idea stolen. However, stealing the idea, and making the idea happen are two different things.

This is the part I’m having trouble with.

My plan was to divide it up into three’s. Three pictures. Three posts. FOUR months at a time. I know……I ruined the three’s. But FOUR posts…see? That doesn’t work either. So three posts, four months at a time, with three pictures per month. Are you with me?

Since I am taking – over 30 mins now trying to pick three just for January – TOO LONG to do this. I am just grabbing the first thing I see (besides the ones I already picked) to give you my year in photos.

Part One: January, February, March, and April


I took my first trip to Chicago. I LOVED it. I saw snow (I hardly ever get to see snow!).

Chicago O'hare Airport
Downtown Chicago

Later in the month, we took the kids to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the first time. I can’t believe I have lived in Dallas/Fort Worth for twenty years and this was my first visit that I saw the Longhorn Cattle Drive. Amazing! It is a great place for pictures.

Fort Worth Stockyards Longhorn Cattle Drive


I must have brought some snow back with me from Chicago, planted it, and made it grow. We had SNOW! Snow in TEXAS! This was a big deal. I took LOTS of pictures (mainly because, it melted really fast).

Snow Ball Fight.
Brownie the snow dog.

This is the month, I shot my first wedding. I really enjoyed it (once I got past the nerves). I’d really like to do another wedding……anyone? anyone? anyone?

Unlike my usual critical self, I thought I did a really good job on the wedding. Of course, I know SO much more now…..I could do even better (hint, hint).


Another busy month! More than I can possibly fit in with three photographs (darn my silly plan!!!).

But here goes….

Jason and I took a trip to Lake Marble Falls, and Enchanted Rock. This is the hill country in Texas. That mini-vacay was awesome. We loved all the sights and can’t wait to go back (and camp!).

The top of Enchanted Rock.Yes, those are tiny people in the background climbing the giant rock.

Next, we took the girls to Cedar Hill State Park for photos in the blue bonnets. Didn’t I just post about snow??? That’s Texas for ya!

No more snow, we have blue bonnet flowers.

And we traveled back to Austin (or was this before?) for my first maternity photo shoot with friend and former blogger – Mrs. Foxy.

She had a beautiful baby boy about one week later.


We took the girls to their first drive-in movie.

Drive-in Movie Theatre - Ennis, Texas

Sadly, this is the last month the Jeep was with us, but I am not showing the crash pics again.


This is the month I went to the zoo (camera knowledgeable) and LOVED every moment. This is the Falcon that I won the Fort Worth Zoo photography contest photo with. However, this wasn’t the zoo trip where I took the winning photo. I love that Falcon.

Fort Worth Zoo Falcon

My oldest step-daughter turned seven years old. Oh my gosh! The time goes by so fast. She was a very talkative four when I met her. Now, she is seven and reads chapter books. Please. Stop. Growing. SO. Fast.

Molly turns seven.

That wraps up my first four months in photos (or at least the ones I randomly picked).

This really makes me realize how much has happened in just a year’s time.

Coming soon….parts two and three.

A totally-not-so-boring start to summer.

Riding an elephant!


That is worth at least 20 THRILL points!

Yeah, we totally rocked the Judy Moody movie – Not so Bummer Summer – like genuine-and-for-real.

Okay, so maybe I liked it a little more than the kids (kinda), but it is such a fun movie. Judy Moody is adorable. I love the idea of thrill points; or going beyond your comfort zone. Learning new things (and being a little scared to try), but mostly, just the trying part. All it takes is getting out there.

Doing. Being. Becoming. Experiencing.

Why yes, I think I do have a thing for -ings. It must come from my be-ing. Heh.

Our family adventured to the Renaissance festival Memorial Day Weekend. It was HOT. Hotter than hot. Like we should have gone a month ago too hot. But, we made the most of our fun and I have sooooo many pictures from our start-to-summer weekend (and good-bye for a month to Sydney). I hope to be sharing more stories from that day with you.

The elephant ride shots really captured my attention and took me back to that day. From the four-year old in the front to the eighteen-year old in the back, with the seven and seventeen-year old in between – all of them – LOVED riding the elephant. Considering it was a miserable wait for a short ride, not to mention a little pricey, it was worth every penny just to see their faces.

Memories like these make me glad I get to be a photographer, I just love their expressions, even the elephant.

I tried to narrow down the choices to post, but I couldn’t. You’ll just have to ride along with them. My camera battery almost died. I was so lucky to get these.

Annnnnnd they’re off!

“Hi!” You are ON an elephant!!

I bet Brandon got some fun video.

My fav!

And that was it.

The ride ended. But it totally made the summer not a bummer!


Now, I’ll have to come up with plan to keep those thrill points coming. 🙂 We wouldn’t want to have a boring summer end and starting in July the little girls will be with us for the entire month.

If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.
Dr. Seuss

Another day, Another post

So far on target with my New Year’s goal. I happen to think that is genius for day two. Of course, I’ve probably lost my subscribers because they are already sick of my constant dribble of posts, updates, and tweets.

Have I?

Are you still there? ~there~there~there~?

Anyway, I am not posting this at midnight since tomorrow is back to work day (noooo!).

Tonight is also the last night of Jason’s birthday weekend. I am taking my man out for sushi. Then hopefully home to watch his new movie (which happens to be one of my favorites), Inception, gee wonder who bought it for him?

It’s been a wonderful 2011. I feel exuberated with life and creativity. I know I will be talking to myself on this blog more. People are busy. People have lives. People can’t come by every day. I TOTALLY get that and do not blame you. I LOVE your comments and if you can leave one – GREAT – if not I still appreciate your support. I cherish your visits whenever they are.

My other goal of the new year is progressing my photography. I am working to learn more of the technical side; camera, business, and photoshop (I got CS5 for Christmas).

I have joined my wedding photographer Bella Lucia Photography on a 365 Project. She created a Flickr group and I have joined the group, pledged to post, and even added my Flickr account to a side widget on my blog. The goal is to post a picture taken that day – EVERY day. I know this (also) won’t be an easy task to keep up with, but again, the goal is to use my talents and grow them.

2011 a year of growth.

My third goal is working on my insides (to outsides). More on that later, but it starts with eating healthier. Period.

I bought a large bag of frozen chicken breasts to steam and eat for lunch starting Monday. I will join the masses (and Jason too) losing weight (We added the loseit app on our iPhones)(it’s really cool!!).

Here is my Day 2 submission for the 365 project.

The best part of my day.

Our First New Year 2011

as husband and wife that is….

We did not plan to go anywhere. I like to stay in on New Year’s Eve so I won’t have to worry about getting killed by a drunk driver just to be safe. But my maid of honor and life time friend invited me to her best friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve Party. It’s great because we had the girls and her daughter Nicole could play with them and not be bored by all the adult stuff.

For us, the adult stuff was great! Did I mention her best friend is a wedding/event planner? That means everything was fantastic! The deer meat smoked sausage, homemade peanut clusters, chips and salsa, and much, much more. Then we played a tournament of games…pool, and crazy bridge. The winner with the most points won a prize! I didn’t win that. The loser with the least amount of points won a prize. I won that one. 🙂 Loaded dice that only roll a seven, or eleven. Perfect!

It was really nice ringing in the New Year as a family and with family friends. I, also, can’t believe both little girls made it to midnight and beyond. Wow!

The cupcakes Bridget and April made.
Nicole playing guitar.
Directions come in handy.
Especially when a blender won't work.
Jason and I will have our first anniversary in 2011.
The hosts.
Friends for life, Kristi and Kyle. I've known them both since 8th grade.
They thought they were big stuff with fancy glasses full of sparkling cider.
We stopped our crazy bridge tournament to toast 2011.
The girls were fascinated by the bubbles.

Welcome 2011! We are glad you are here. I have big plans for you.

My first photograph in 2011. The girls refill of sparkling cider. Ha!