Sneak Peek – Senior 2012

And this Senior happens to be my baby.

Sydney, Senior 2012

Oh my gah!!

I just want someone to tell me, how eighteen years goes by so fast? How is it possible?

This is it.

Her final year.

We are in the countdown and someone sped up the ticker. I don’t like that person.

In less than six months, she will turn eighteen and graduate.

She will be an adult (gulp!).

I swore I wouldn’t cry. I’m never swearing anything ever again.

I am the mom of Senior in High School.

In a very short time, she will be the same age I was when I packed my car and moved to Texas.

Still can’t believe I did that so young.

I know she is ready (in her own way). I know she is excited for the next part of her life.

Sydney, you have my heart and you sure make a momma proud.

Senior 2012!