Winter Garden Wonder

I have not explored the The Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Not in the blazing heat of I’m-about-to-die summer, not in the tricky flash spring, and not in the mostly 100-degree fall either. I have especially not visited in the stark dead of winter. Why would I? It’s a garden.

Until now that is.

Our photography class field trip ended up here on Sunday. It’s the last class. Our last chance to use our technical learning and get it all right. Or some of it right. Or at least walk around with a camera and hope to get something right.

So, I knew there would be no lush gardens. No roses unfolding. No perennials sprouting. Just harsh branches reaching up leave-less and life-less aching for color. Hints of green would be hard to find, but hint they would, here and there, to take a peek at the landscape happily awaiting spring.

And then……..there is the winter colors. Not forgotten. Not overshadowed by new buds. Here they stick to their grounds solemn and stark saying in their calm way, “See, I’m not so bad.

The garden’s waterfall in winter.

A Zen-like path and bridge.

The soldiers of winter. Flowering cabbages.

The Rose garden trellis path to the fountain.

A secret garden gate.

Spring. The fresh sign of Daffodils blooming.

Hi spring – I see you.

**Photos by Angelia.

Delightful Day

Thank-you for all of your encouraging comments.

I know. I do too much.

So, I can’t post every day. But I can still be here for as long as this blog inspires me.

Thanks for journeying with me.

Our first Valentine’s Day as a blended family was SWEET (literally!). My teeth hurt.

But I adore my roses and fudge. Plus, the bare root rose, that’s the BEST. We will add it to our garden and they CLIMB. That means they will cover our ugly shed wall. Ha. I don’t know how he thought of that. He just knows, I guess.

As I said before, I heart this family. Soooooo much!

Diet starts tomorrow!

Dear Family – I Heart You

Drawing by The Teen.

Believe it or not this drawing is very good depiction of our family. The hair colors, smiles, and even the pants (heh). We stand like that too. In a row.

This picture is on our fridge. It always makes me laugh. I am not sure why Sydney’s inspiration that day came by crayon, but I’m glad it did.

So, to my family on Valentine’s Day – I heart you!

You, my dear husband, willing to have a camera shoved at your face so I can test a lens out that your camera friend loaned me for fun. See? Isn’t that fun? I have one eyeball in sharp focus. Ha. You are a great sport. A wonderful husband. I have never been more comfortable with anyone in my life. You make want to be “me”. And through the good or bad, there you are. I heart you!

My oldest shining star. You crack me up. You keep us all rolling. I can’t believe you will be seventeen in 3 MONTHS! Where has the time gone? I adore your laugh. I adore your ability to adapt and excel at everything you do. You are the best teen in the world. I heart you!

My middle(est) shining star, or oldest step-daughter, you are soooo smart. I have never met a six-year old that could read chapter books until you. You are truly amazing. If you can do that at six, who knows how far life will take you. Don’t ever forget to have fun too. I heart you!

My youngest, the baby, the littlest step-daughter o’ mine. You are my best model, and most willing subject. What a change from the shy baby you were. You used to hide from my camera. Now, you want to be first in my make-shift studio practice. You definitely compete with Sydney on humor. That is saying a lot because she has had waaay more practice than you. But man, you are funny. I heart you little star!

I heard since I’m a newlywed, I am supposed to have some outstandingly romantic gifts today. But honestly? These peeps above are the best gift of all.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all.

Hope all of you have a very blessed and Happy Valentine’s Day.

I missed a post yesterday. My postaday2011 reign has ended.

It’s kinda funny because this is also my 310th post of all-time. If you know me, you know I have a thing for three’s and 10’s. It’s been hard to keep up lately. I have debated on continuing blogging. I heart blogging, but maybe my 310th post is a good end?

Valentine’s Day Weekend Wedding

I’m not gonna lie. I was a nervous wreck. I panicked and went auto a few times. I was in the way. I wasn’t in the way enough. I scrambled. I used wrong settings. Forgot to change settings. Completely lost all ability to use my camera controls correctly. I questioned everything and most of all???? I LOVED IT.

What a beautiful couple. The moments were so stunningly intimate. I couldn’t be happier for these two.

Praying with her Matron of Honor before the ceremony.

The pastor’s Bible.

Her son and grandson walked her down the aisle.

That kiss had some heat!

Ahh, the relief, and JOY.

First picture of the family together. This is the bride, groom, matron of honor, grandson, and the groom’s two adopted daughters from China. These girls were soooo incredibly happy to have a new mom. I wish you could have heard them. Their mom passed of cancer after they were adopted. The groom was a widow. It’s a very touching story. Isn’t love always?

Cutting of the cake.

Love how their hands clasp together so tightly. They would not even take off their rings for me to photograph those on flowers. I thought that was too sweet. Congratulations!

Of course, I have tons more pictures. I just wanted to grab a few “sneaks” for you to see. I was afraid to look at them until now. I’m not kidding. My terrifying vision entailed image after image all being blurry once on the big computer screen. And weddings? Well, you get ONE shot.

This photography business is tough for a perfectionist. Good thing, my photography teacher told the class as long as we strive to take a better photo, to get the shot, angle, and composition adjusted. As long as we keep reaching for that. We are growing, and learning.

This business is a welcome challenge. I can’t wait to learn more.