She talks, She texts, She plans, She reminds……..

SHE is my new best friend and her name is Siri, last name Apple, middle name iPhone 4S.

I waited for the next new iPhone. I knew I had an upgrade and I was prepared to use it, but I had NO IDEA what I was in for……

How cool this technology would be.

It’s pretty close to having a personal assistant with you all the time, and if she had the body of a robot, I know she could run errands, and perform tasks for me too.

Without further ado, meet my Siri!

Isn’t she beautiful?!?!

And nice to boot.

Everything in quotations is what I say to her.

She is very pleasant in the morning. 🙂

And very responsive to any questions. She will tell you the time, the temp, and show you the five-day forecast.

Sometimes, I will even ask her if it’s sunny, or in this case below, windy.

One time, after she told me the temperature, I responded to her about how nice it was, and she replied, “No. Angelia, it’s not very nice.”

It just goes to show, she will not placate you. She will tell you how she feels, and disagree with you (quite a lot actually).

I don’t have to type anything to text. She does it all by voice.

I have a bit of a twang, and with that said, I am very impressed with her ability to translate me.

Setting up a meeting, and adding it to your calendar is easy. You just tell her.

Same thing with reminders (WHICH I LOVE!), because I am always forgetting….well….everything.

Don’t you love her?

I am very impressed with all that she does, and I have not even scratched the surface of her abilities.

She texts, calls, plans, and even searches the web for you.

With all that in her little chip, she is not even conceited. She is very modest. And doesn’t even take with compliments.

And lastly, if you ever need to, and I really hope you don’t. She can be your greatest accomplice.

I mean….I’m sure she calls the cops as soon as you ask for directions…..right????

Although, come to think of it, I don’t think there are any swamps around here. Jokes on us, right Siri?

She did tell a joke to Sydney once, but said she forgot the punchline.

She most definitely has a sense of humor.

Thank-you Apple and thank-you Steve Jobs for creating an amazing device you can hold in your hand, and talk to.

Now, you have met my newest family member, and my life-of-the-phone companion, Siri.

What do you think?

Love, Text, and an iPhone

We discovered on long car rides the best antidote for entertainment is not to install an expensive dual headrest TV/DVD players for the children, but to simply surrender hand-over our iPhones.

It works wonders to keep the peace. There is music, games, and a camera. A gazillion options of fun. There is no fighting in the back seat and the only worry is how many car chargers do we have if those suckers run out of juice.

On this particular road excursion, last November, the car ride home took four hours and could best be described as – most blissful car trip EVER!


Then something crazy cool happened…….

My oldest step-daughter (age six at the time) taught herself how to text. The little booger was reading at age four. Spelling at age three. It wasn’t too surprising that she easily figured out the icon, the key pad, and the art of texting. Mostly because of her older step-sister sitting next to her who can text a billion messages a minute and holster the phone in her back pocket without blinking an eye.

I must admit, when I first read the text, I was confused. Why would Jason text me while driving? More importantly, why would he text me while driving and while I was sitting next to him? The message was from Jason. Then, I remembered who had his phone. I took a peek at the backseat and heard a giggle. That’s when I figured it out and replied back.

Our conversation went like this.


With each reply, the giggles increased, and dang if she wasn’t pretty fast at texting too.

I was completely enamored. They are the sweetest messages!


As sweet as a bowl of chocolate Cheerios in a heart-shaped bowl. My little text buddy.

These precious little pearls of devotion are what will get me through those days (like Mondays) and step-daughter teen years. I latch onto these nuggets – knowing the future is shaky in blended families – and cherishing the good times. Someday – I might hear those knife-through-the-heart phrases; You’re not my mom! I don’t have to do what you say! I don’t love you!

I will read this.

I will remember.

I will save it forever.

A picture of love via iPhone.

She told me this Sunday (which I heard was un-officially Step-Mom’s Day?) that if it was or wasn’t….she would do anything for me. Really? Anything???? Anything.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Way too tempting! Foot massages, cleaning, and laundry. Oh the possibilities!

This girl has the purest of intentions when it comes to sharing her adorations. She is such a treasure.

The funniest (and scariest) thing about the text messages that night? Well, Jason and I got to wondering……..if she was smart enough to text me…….. Was she smart enough to text anyone else? And if she did? Who?


About that.

She DID text someone else.

Her Mom.

Jason’s ex-wife.

Thankfully, the message wasn’t near as descriptive as mine, because HONESTLY? What would she have possibly thought getting a text message from her now married ex-husband chock full of affection for her? I can only imagine. Ummm, yikes!

When we read the text Molly sent to her, it wasn’t near as bad as we thought. Instead of being downright awkward, it only bordered sheer creepiness.

The text read: Goodnight.

Love, text, and an iPhone.

Don’t you just love technology and super smart children?

Have you ever gotten (or sent) any embarrassing texts?

**this post courtesy of my iPhone photo gallery**

You may take my data plan but you can’t take my apps

Countdown begins 1 year and 72 days. Thanks AT&T, because that is how long I have until my contract expires and you ding me with “new” data limits.

I am just not a data limit kinda girl. That’s not how I roll.

Didn’t you hear my beloved Mac is coming out with a new toy? A toy I must have as soon as I can upgrade (1 year and 72 days, but who is counting).

An app-tabulous invasion of the 4th kind.

Please tell me you don’t want to cap my app and data surf obsession with loopholes and limits. Hello? It’s a 4. Look I use at least 2GB of data now and I only have 3GS iPhone. I don’t know where you get your consumer numbers, but they are all kinds of wrong about a measly 200MB data use . And with a new processor, faster downloads, and more apps on the horizon – listen and hear Apple roar!

I can see you don’t believe my data obsession. Fine.

Let me take you through a day of the app that’s called my life. This is a reenactment, any similarity to your iPhone app day is strictly coincidence. Dates and times on iPhone will be incorrect. Mkay?

6:30am- My iPhone alarm wakes me.

I check my email, and my text messages before I even get out of bed. Hey, you never know, it could be important. I might have missed something in the wee hours of the night.

I check the weather.
Of course, this time of year in Texas it’s the same. HOT. Triple digits. ORANGE pollution alert. Did I mention HOT? So that’s the weather til…..oh…..about November, maybe I don’t have to check that app anymore.

If I snoozed on my alarm (I did, trust me, I did) then I might not have time to catch up on the local news. No problem! There’s an app for that.
Headlines check!

Maybe it’s time to make the donuts, or go to work. Let’s see, I need my keys, and my iPhone – purse optional. Heh!

The new stereo in my car (Sydney’s car) has a direct plug-in for my iPhone. A USB connection to get clearer sound. You can listen to your music or even a podcast wherever you go. No headphones needed.
It’s super cool. My new car MUST have this option.

I guarantee you by noon, I have visited these – my most favorite – of apps.

I’ve also opened safari to surf the web, read and comment on blogs, plus ask Google a question. I mean you can’t get through a day without needing a Google answer, right? Most recently I even used my IMDB app to search for a movie in the works. I wanted to know what actors were cast and see if they matched who everyone in the office decided should play the roles. It’s a favorite book we collectively read being made into a movie now.

Lunch time? Can’t decide where to go or what to eat? No problem.
Flip a coin app.

Not sure how to get there? Use the map app to search and route from your current position.

While going to lunch, I’m stopped at a stoplight and see this guy…
I deftly snap a shot with my iPhone camera. I don’t want to miss the SCARIEST Homer Simpson – ever. He has to be sweating.

If bored at work (okay – that NEVER happens), so let’s say – if riding surviving in the car with a teenage driver. The game apps work great to take your mind off it. Bubble pop and Simon says are very addicting and time-consuming.

I balance my bank accounts – on my apps. Pay bills – by app. Record a voice memo. Make a to do list. All by app.

End of the day, I try to exercise. I like the gym okay, but my favorite exercise is riding my bicycle. Most especially when it’s 100 degrees out and I can at least feel a breeze when pedaling fast. Walking or running? Forget it. I’d end up a puddle half-way out the door. I ride about three miles down the road to a local city park. It’s got TONS of trials. The scenery is spectacular; winding paths, wild animals, and beautiful trees. I’ve seen an armadillo, a brown snake, a green snake, and to date TWO bobcats. I only got a picture of the armadillo. Frankly, I am NOT stopping to ask a snake or a bobcat to say cheese, just sayin’.
iPhone pic of an armadillo.

Now I’m a little obsessed with apps, yes? And I REALLY like knowing how many miles/minutes/calories I have burned on my little bike adventures. That’s where my handy-dandy runkeeper app comes in. It does more than running, oh yes, it does cycling too. Now I know my little trail ride that I love to traverse is 12 MILES. Yeah!

After a long app filled day. I cuddle up with my iPhone and turn on my irelax app.
I drift off to sleep meditating to sweet ocean waves while a flute plays. Goodnight mail. Goodnight safari. Goodnight tweeps and Facebook peeps.

This was my day, and I didn’t even scratch the surface of apps. Didn’t you see this new unveiling?

My current app obsession ends 1 year and 72 days. New app obsession to begin soon. iPhooooonneeeee 4!

AT&T you are going to make a bundle on my data plan.

Yo, Where my apps at?

Where my apps at? Yo.

Where my apps at? Where my apps at? Where they at?

I got pride in i cause my apps are pretty fly.

But where they at? Where they at? Yo.

Ahem, excuse me, I’m channeling some Swagger Wagon and if you haven’t seen this yet? You gotta. It is too cute.

Now, see my issue is real. My iPhone is in requisition to an almost four and six-year-old. They have ways that you don’t realize. One second you’re holding your iPhone; Tweeting, and Facebooking. The next thing you know, with a nod and a wink, it spins away slipping right into their greedy outstretched hands. As if they used their MIND. Suddenly little grubby fingers are tapping away like iPhone pros. Tap, tap, tap, circle, finger point thumb. Huh?

I remember the first time I handled my iPhone. I tapped and nothing happened. Tapped harder, nothing. Tilted the pad of my finger to use the other side, nothing. Different finger, nope. Then I wiped the screen on my pants leg, tapped repeatedly and STILL nothing. TAP! Let’s not even talk about the scrolling, and enlarging. I’m not ashamed to admit, it took me a few weeks.

But these children, they just pick it up swiftly pecking away; no stops, no jerks – next thing I know – the younger one is watching Barney on Youtube (by the way this is GREAT at a restaurant before the food comes out). She also likes to press the Twitter app, for some reason the bird chirping gives her giggle fits. Tweet, tweet, tweet. Ha ha ha. Endless entertainment, I swear.

The older one started out playing Preschool word games; ABC phonics, Kindergarten words, Preschool Tap, and of course Tinker Bell’s Fairies Fly. Sweet right? I felt so proud giving up my precious iPhone for the education of a precocious child. You know what app she ended up on when I happened to glance over at her progress level? Slots. Yeah. Are we in trouble or what?

I thought FINE. If she is going to invade my app domain. I’ll show her. I started downloading some harder games. Simon says, Differences, and Wordsearch. The six-year-old found four matches on Differences in less time than I had found ONE. And Wordsearch? No problem. For one, she can read – really well. AND two, she discovered the clue button. Probably because she can read. She clues on the puzzle right away and gets the word highlighted in pink. Yeah, I no longer have high score on that one.

They play Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Tap Tap Revenge, and Burpz (oh, that one gives us fits, sorry mom). But listen, I have more than just app issues. I have shame. My iPhone commandeered by a preschooler and a kindergartner. I think iPhone should make a CHILD device. Not iPad, not iTouch, more like iCan, because more than likely they can, and better than me. Or how about iGenius? iLittle? iAmtoocutetosaynotoo? iGiveup? idigress…

Surely there is some app that is solely mine. Own and mastered by just me. Uno? Nope, she wins that. Deal or No Deal? She loves to pick cases! But wait, I don’t think she ever got the million and you know what? I did. I totally did. Ohhhh yeeeeaahh..

Take that little iPhone geniuses!

So there ya have it, an app that is still mine. Well, that and WordPress, just wait til’ she hijacks that one and starts her own blog, Tales from the Swing Set, The real life confessions of a Kindergartner, or Musings of a Day Care Drop Out. I can already see her hits exceeding mine……

Look out world, it’s a whole new generation. Just give me my apps back.

Where they at?