The BIG News

Since the day she first told me she was pregnant, there have been two questions I desperately wanted to know:

When was the baby due?

Luckily, the first one was very easy to pinpoint from tons of due date calculators online. I did two things right after she told me, called my gyno’s office to make an appointment and googled when her due date would be. September 1st was the winner (and the doctor confirmed). September will be here before we know it. And I must say, that is sooooo close to my birthday, August 23rd. Maybe, just maybe, I will have an early birthday present.

The other burning question at the time…what would it be?

Girl or Boy?

After a loooooonnnng 22 weeks…….I, finally, know the answer.

I must admit…I was Team Pink all they way.
Week 16 - Project 52 - Sweet

Which to some…is very surprising. I have a girl, two bonus girls, and three of my four dogs are girls. Why in the world would I want to have another girl in the family?

It’s simply really…

The clothes. Oh my gosh, the cute pink, and ruffly clothes.

The sweetness. Well, that is any baby, but tiny pierced ears, dresses, and wearing my mom’s baby ring kind of sweetness.

The fact that my girl gets to know what it is like to have a girl and experience the unbreakable bond of mother and daughter.

Brandon will have his little Daddy’s girl. Which we all know….is something else!

We couldn’t be happier (and would have LOVED having a boy if it had been). It was a win, win either way.

I should have known by the sonogram photo.

© Angelia's Photography

The girl has our nose. It is plain as day. And she is not a morning girl (just like me and Sydney). In the ultrasound room, the tech had to wake her up. She was snuggled up snoozing. After banging on Sydney’s belly, she finally rolled over, yawned REAL big, and then started sucking her thumb. Oh yes, that’s our girl all right. Sydney had three pacifiers when she was little. One for each hand and one for her mouth. I sucked my thumb until I started kindergarten.

We got our first girl outfit when Jason came back from dropping the girls off at their Mom’s. A sweet little baby sundress with an adorable white sweater cover. What did I tell ya? Sweetness! I think the girl’s mom is just as excited as we are. Another girl to go with all the girls.

I bought my first baby girl outfit too.

© Angelia's Photography

I just couldn’t resist. How perfect is that. The girl will be the most photographed baby EVER. I need to start exercising my shutter finger. She will be here before we know it.


And yes, names are being thrown around, but nothing is decided yet. Apparently, the only names discussed previously were for a boy. Um, Surprise!

I will share all the amazing Gender Reveal party photos soon. We had an outstanding photographer there and it wasn’t me.

Meet the Fuzzy Clan

One of the stories from my husband’s childhood involved his mom buying some fertilized eggs and putting them in an incubator. She had her son turn them every day for three weeks until the little eggs hatched into baby chicks.

I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever heard, but seemed impossible. I mean….really? Growing baby chickens? In a residence in one of the ninth largest cities in the U.S.?

But yes, that is exactly what she did. And she did it again for her Sunday school class. Except this time she turned the eggs herself.

And they hatched.

Cute little baby chicks were born from the eggs.

I sorta, kinda fell a little lot in love.

Yes, with chickens……look how cute they are….

Chicken butt.

Holding them in my hand, watching them run around in a little hop-walk. Pecking away at the air, or the floor.

They are so curious, but sweet.

I got really attached to the little yellow one.

It liked climbing all over me. I’m thinking it’s because I am always warm.

They were just starting to grow their real feathers on their wings.

It is not easy to photography baby chicks. They move pretty fast. They are also not thrilled with the flash. I recommend a long lens to zoom in from far away. Unless they are on your foot.

Sometimes, they won’t go far away, because they think you are their momma. The downside of being born in an incubator.

I finally said good-bye to my little baby chicken. Pretty soon, the fuzzy clan will grow up and head to the farm. They will be the makers of farm-fresh eggs.

I’ll get to say……..I knew them when. Awwwe.

Baby Blessings Ya’ll

Ya’ll. I love that word. You can’t say it without having a drawl. And welp! We’re in Texas ya’ll! My boyfriends daughters were told this was a bad word, because the mom doesn’t like that word. You –all. Ya’ll. Seems perfectly logical to me!  Go to California they LOVE the southern twang & will ask you to say ya’ll a hundred times.

California is one of my favorite places. Nice people & no they don’t have an accent. I lost my twang a bit when I moved to the big city.  I pick it right back up when I go home or hang around people that talk with an accent which is what happened when my friend Ron came to visit.

Ron & his 3 little boys were visiting from Steele, MO. It’s a town near the Arkansas border & the Ozarks. Boy did those boys talk cute! I wanted to take them ALL home with me! (why yes I do steal other peoples children HA) They were so polite too Thaaaaaank Youuuuuuuuu they would drawl when the waitress would bring them another coke. I am actually a girl person. I have a girl, my boyfriend has girls and being around boys  I was a little worried,  but like with any kids they took to me like an old friend. I hugged,  his oldest Lee,  when I saw him for the 1st time and he had never met me before in my life! They surrounded me w/their cute drawls & we played with my camera & took pics of their dad. What a great dinner we had! My friend Deanna & her boy & her friend Joey were there too but the boys had all my attention. The littlest one told me he could drink a whole cup of hot salsa! And he could eat hot chips too! The middle one LOVED Hannah Montana! Too funny! And the oldest had just been in a bible quiz contest & his team won 2nd place in the State! Smart kids! I really meant it when I said they could spend a few weeks in the summer with me! LOL. I am no longer afraid of little boys. Bring it on! Bring me a dozen!!!(hope that doesn’t come back to bite me)

I have always been easygoing with children, anyone’s children friends, or relatives. Even the shyest of children will warm up to me with time. I think it’s inherited. My mom was a preschool teacher. My Great Aunt was a teacher. My mom’s mom was a teacher! It’s in the genes that children gravitate towards us & us to them. I work in the nursery at Church every other week. I am the class leader of the Puppies which are 18month olds. We & another leader typically have 6 children. Our job? To play with them. To love them. To show them joy & the love Jesus has for them.  It is my favorite thing in the world! The regulars get to know you & they reach their little arms up for hugs as soon as I walk in & say their name. I’m not sure who feels the love that we are showing them more me or them. Either way it’s a blessing to me. And it always seems God knows when I need a hug  because,  I end up on the floor w/3 of them around my neck.

I used to volunteer at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. That was my before Church daycare fill up. I volunteered 3-4 hours once a week on Monday nights. My job there was to hold fussy or unheld babies. I didn’t have to feed them or burp them or change them or even check their tubes or medicine. Nope just HOLD them. I would snuggle them close to my chest & I would envision my heart pouring love into their broken bodies. I would envision that love enveloping their parents & caretakers. I would pray over them at that time

“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

Numbers 6:24-26

One version says give you rest which they so badly needed. Especially the babies that were born addicted to drugs. It was so hard to settle them down & when they weren’t held just the right way or if they were laid in their bed unattended they would scream. Not just a baby crying I mean a piercing SCREECH that repeated over & over at full volume. It was awful. It was tragic. It was heartbreaking. So I would rock & pray & pour my heart into those little bodies. And I’d hope one day they’d be big & strong & whole.

It was such a thrill to see one heading home. I’d ask the nurse & she’d tell me yes they were going home & I’d be over the moon for them & their parents. Their parent’s faces would be just lit up. Some of them were not born w/a disease or ailment they were just born too early. I held babies 2,3lbs & held them as they grew until at 12lbs they were headed home (6mos later).6 MONTHS they had to wait for their baby to go home. 6 months they waited anxious & scared for it to grow big enough to survive. It was really such an awesome feeling to work there & give my time for that experience & that hospitals need. Sadly when I moved job locations my 4yrs of volunteering had to come to an end. My new shift & job location did not allow me enough time to make it there for my volunteer time. I know that is on hold for now but I will get back there someday.  It was definitely a God place. I will definitely revisit.

That’s all I got from here for now. Be blessed today Ya’ll!