Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Huntington Beach pier is an icon that graces the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. But have you ever wondered what secrets it holds inside?

The distresses it has faced in war, and mother nature.

What waters have crested its anchors?

The strength of the ocean current pulling and pushing.

What winds have pummeled its tresses?

The earth shook and it fell. Only to be rebuilt to the pier we see today.

What secrets does it hold inside?

It holds the secrets of facing giants, of holding tight to a history of its people, and the many surfers that have gone before it.

It holds the wonder of sea life, and the power of walking on water.

It holds mysteries far greater than any eye can see………

And I bet you thought it was just steel and concrete.

Photos taken May 2012 by Angelia’s Photography.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

There is a lot of art and skill that goes into rock stacking. You may have seen some formations while hiking, or on a beach. I happened across these last summer on the beach of Ventura, California.

I was, of course, enthralled……..

Where did they come from? Who stacked them? What do they mean? Are they symbols? Is this a type of zen garden?

I couldn’t help but stare at these lovely bones of minerals. I couldn’t help but wonder about their creation (or creator). It was astounding to see so many.

After the trip, I did a few searches, but couldn’t find much about them. They say the stacked rocks appear in the morning and no one knows who, or how they get there. The balance of these odd shapes and sizes are striking, and despite the wind and surf, they do not waver. I saw people taking photos and moving a few stray rocks around. Who knows? Maybe, they were starting their own stack.

Whatever the mystery is…………..I hope you find them as fascinating as I did.


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Long Day…

Tacked to the end of a super busy weekend. One that had me up late every night, and one of the days driving a good six hours.

I have filled up my gas tank THREE times in the last three days.

I am exhausted, and really thankful it is a short work week (although those tend to be looong.. if you know what I mean).

I do work on Friday. No shopping for this girl. After work, we are driving to my sister’s in Houston.

The girls are screaming for the beach and Aunt Deedy’s house.

Aunt Deedy’s house is the best. It’s warm and cozy. It has an upstairs with a play room, and besides, Aunt Deedy is just fun.

She loves to spoil dark-headed little girls.

Dark-headed little girls love to be spoiled. It’ll be a short trip, but well-worth the visit.

I found some photos from last year.

Listening to the piano from the stairs.

Beach time.

Loving the ocean.

Getting sandy and wet while having a ball.

About to roast marshmallows in the backyard.

Sometimes, it gets cold in Houston (or dark, that works too). Hopefully, it will again. S’mores!

So that is what I am looking forward to……

Just have to get through the week.

Are you working this week or traveling?