The Dog Days of Summer


They’re here. The dog days of summer, where it’s too hot to do anything.

Anything active anyway……or anything that requires energy.

This is one of the hottest summers I can remember and we are not even half-way through.

So, I’ve taken note of how to spend the dog days of summer by emulating my black lab. Enjoy the AC when inside and when outside….jump in the pool for a refreshing swim.

Be sure and test the water with your toe paw first.

Then, relax and enjoy a nice summer soak to cool off.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

And wear sunscreen to avoid the burn, unless you are already dark (heh).

In throes of summer sizzle, I highly recommend a littel dip.

Enjoy a dog kind of day and stay cool!

What makes me smile

Coming home to these furry faces. I just wuv em’!

Salem my 8 year old lab and Brownie my less than a year old shih-tzu pup.

I know. I know. I could have said my husband, my children, and many other things. And they DO make me smile bunches and bunches, lots of times, but guess who never fails to greet me first thing through the front door when I get home?

Yep. These guys.

Pell mell, over and under, up and down, “Hi Mom! Hiiiiii! It’s been like forrrrrevvver!!! Oh, we are so happy to see you!”

Tails beat the walls. Fur paws catch some air. Little bounces, smiles and circles. Then they usually run to the other people in the house like, “Look!! She’s here! She’s HERE!”

There is nothing like that kind of attention when you open the door to home. Nothing.

So yes, I love my fur kids. I love their fur faces. I love their pure fur enthusiasm and joy. They make me smile.

I wish I could bottle up their loyalty and sell it.

I just love her big paws.

I wish I could tap into their patience when I am feeling on edge.

A Puppy named Brownie grows up.

I wish I could spread their intrigue of all things great and small. Exploring, pouncing, and discovering – leafs, bugs, and crumbs.

Brownie and middle dog Anna.

I wish I could encourage with a sniff and a nudge to make nice.

Brownie and Salem.

And I wish I could advise you to curl up to your most admired friend for a snuggle and a play.

The life of being care-free and cared for in a house that is always exciting, because…Mom’s home!!!! She’s here! She’s here!

I partied with Chuck E!

We had a great time.

Until he followed me home.

Imagine my surprise, while looking for a mysterious lost bag from Michael’s in the laundry room. Intently foraging a corner of linens and giveaway clothes. I lifted up a stack of folded clothes to look under it – out FLEW a gray furry body. Super man style. He long jumped half the room landed on two feet skittering sideways as he rounded the corner of the dryer before I could even start to think about screaming. It wasn’t really a scream, more of a – oh, oh, oh – “Ewww!!”

The terminator; aka, Jason went in said room and shut the door. Chuck E’s days were numbered. I swear if only I had a picture of his face. It truly was the one with the music. Dun, dun, dundun. Dun, dun, dun, dundun. After much banging around, where I fretted over Jason’s safety (heh). He came out empty-handed. Chuck E was too sly. It wasn’t his first party.

But Operation Mouse Trap began, as we found “evidence” here and there of little Chuck E Jr’s. Their drug of choice? Calcium Chocolate chews. I kid you not. We found four half eaten calcium chews. Those are some bootylicious rodents.

My Sunday was spent unpacking the boxes in the kitchen, you know? The ones with the irresistible calcium chews. We did set traps. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. After cleaning all day, I sit down in the recliner and guess what show comes on? Hoarders. I had not seen that show before. I did not miss the irony (I swear we are NOT like that – not even close).

And just because I don’t want to post about cute furry friends without including my favorite non-pests.

My big girl Salem turned eight years old on Friday.

Happy Birthday gorgeous! Next time, don’t invite Chuck E, mkay?

And just because she is so dang cute! I can’t resist a pet and snuggle every time I see her wittle face. Just wook at it. Lol.

A puppy named Brownie.

Coming soon…. a new CAT! Haha.

Happy Monday!