Eat Cake and Celebrate

Guess who is a DECADE old???

She is my first love….puppy love that is….and this is her story.

More than ten years ago, I wanted a male yellow lab. That is what I intended to bring home, and had my heart set on. But all the puppies at the farm that day? They were black. So, I looked for a boy. A cute little boy with a face only a doggy mom could love.

I picked him out of all the rambunctious pups and snagged my man.

Only, it was a girl.

I said, “Oh! You have such a CUTE face, but I want a little boy.”

I put her down, and continued my search among twelve CRAZY baby black labs running everywhere. Again, I spotted my pup. So, I picked him up, and took a look.


And guess what? It was the SAME girl. I recognized her because she had white stars on the bottom of her front paws. I gave her a big hug, and set her down, “I really like you, but I promised myself I would get a boy.”

On the search went, from one puppy face to another. I saw them chew ears, bounce, run, and tumble all over each other.

FINALLY, I spotted a REALLY cute pup. THIS was it! The ONE.

I picked it up, and sure enough, GIRL. Same girl. Same paws dabbed in white. Same pretty face.

This time, I didn’t set her down. I knew.

I picked that girl out of twelve puppies – three times in a row – she was meant for me.

And now, my baby puppy, is ten years old, and the longest live-in roommate I have ever had. We have many memories and journeys together.

She is my best fur-friend – loyal, comforting, and always thankful. Many times, hugging her big fur-neck made everything right in my upside-down world.

So we celebrate, because, I know………I don’t have many years left.

And I will miss her dearly.

My sweet girl, you deserve a party to remember (if you can).

Let’s get it started. Everyone knows a birthday just isn’t a birthday unless you sing, loud, and proud to the Birthday girl.

Then, you eat cake!

And of course, you invite the very best party guests. My youngest step-daughter, and newest adoptee Fred.

My oldest step-daughter with the baby of the fur family – Miss Brownie (who kinda turned grayie).

The oldest daughter with the middle dog – Anna.

We take celebrating serious in this house.

Put on your best party duds, and get wild. Right, Fred?

Right Salem?


Maybe, the party is a little too much for her (she is 70 in dog years!). Luckily, we got the cake-eating covered.

And don’t worry, Salem got a tasty, beefy raw-hide bone for her birthday.

I think she liked it.

Happy Birthday Pup!