Eat Trash? Um, yes please!

I ate trash tonight. And I don’t mean fried chitlins.

I mean White Trash. The yummy, edible stuff.

Trash sent from Georgia

What a nice surprise to come home to a package. To open the package and have a sweet card, sweet hearts, and yummy trash.

Sydney eating la trashe´ blanc.

Jason digging in the trash.

Molly loved the grub, and the sweethearts.

I can’t believe our family got so trashy!

And who do I have to thank for this dumpster diving gift?

None other than my dear bloggy friend Square Peg in a Round Hole Peg. I met her – ohmygosh! has it been a year? – almost a year ago in person.

We are just thrilled with this gift. The thoughtfulness, the explosion of flavor, and the surprise. If I were a young hip kid, I’d say, “That is soooo beast!”

Maybe, deep down to our core, we are just trashy people.

Whichever it is, it made us all very, very happy to enjoy.

A white trash kind of happy.

Seriously Peg, thank-you for sharing (sending) your trash. We are just tickled Georgia peach.

P.S. This was a great capture for my 365 project.

Please send me your trash any ol’ time. I know right where to put it.