A Post Full of Joy

And pretty, pretty yellow lights.

And also…

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

…a very cute baby that I adore.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

I tried to do Christmas photos on Sunday of all the kids. My step-daughters and grand baby. I got lights set up. I got the flash set up.

But…they spent half the day at church and the rest of the time one of them had a school project. She worked on it allllllll weekend loooong.

The baby was way too quick for me. I’m lucky I got two. Everyone always says….Oh, I can’t wait til they start walking! Um, No…just no…not when you are a photographer.

So maybe, we didn’t get Christmas photos this year. Maybe, we don’t have a card to send out.

But do you know what we do have?


© 2014 Angelia's Photography

Heart-felt…full-on…precious JOY.

Wishing you all the joy your heart can hold. This season and always.

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What does love look like?

Is it red like a rose?
© Angelia's Photography

Crafted like home-made coaster?
Project 52 - Week 7 - Love

Does it fly through the air on heart wings?
© Angelia's Photography

Or is it wrapped in disguise as a piece of fine chocolate?
© Angelia's Photography


But I don’t think that is what love looks like at all.

Love can’t be seen……it can only be felt.

Did you feel the love today?

We sure did. The Valentine’s fairy visited our house. The sweet little thing left behind…poems, thoughts, heart bokeh, and this enormous cache of goodies for the girls.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

***I hope to get back to more regular blogging soon. Life is so crazy….I’ll fill you in on all the major happenings soon. Yes. MAJOR happenings.

Holiday Bokeh

What is bokeh you say? Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s a photography thing.

Main Entry: bokeh
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image.

Or in my terms – the blur circles. They look like orbs, and who doesn’t like orbs? Especially if they are colorful and pretty. Ohhhh!

And right now, holiday bokeh is hot. Lots of lights at Christmas which make the most beautiful orbs. This is my first year knowledgeable of my camera and all it’s manual settings. This is my first year to play with the bokeh (and the first year I know what bokeh is).

And now you know too. Win!

Oh..….how I love the bokeh.

Snowman bokeh.

Snowman disco bokeh. Heh!

Winter Bear bokeh.

Pretty Angel bokeh.

Prettier Angel bokeh.

Anna bokeh.

Salem bokeh.

I’ll use any model I can.

How fun is da bokeh?