Sightings in Cowtown, Texas

Also known as Fort Worth, Texas. This is the home of the Fort Worth Stockyards featuring the twice daily Texas Longhorn cattle drive.

I found myself here last Saturday with a group of photographers. We had a meet and greet to talk photography and “shoot” some sights.

And sights we did see.

Coming here is like visiting the Old West. You do step back to another time, and another era. You are transported to the dusty days of the cowboy.

Fort Worth Stockyards Riverwalk
Fort Worth Stockyards Riverwalk

Calf fries??

It was nice to meet up with friends, new and old, to capture the fun of a great little place called Cowtown. My first two photos are of the Stockyards Riverwalk. I had no idea there was a Riverwalk. Score! on discovering new places. And living so close to a fantastic place rich in history and tradition.