Travel Theme: Couples

In my former life, I was a professional photographer that got to capture many happy couples; engagements, weddings, and families.

Then, I retired.

No, really!

I think….

At least for now…….

And I guess it wasn’t really that much of a former life (last month). But whenever it was, this is what I did, and I share you with you three of my wonderful couples, which is the theme from Where’s my backpack? this week.

I hope you enjoy these glimmers and shimmers of romance.

Engaged couple: Sandi Jo and John

Wedding: Alison & Jay

Wedding: Rachel & Matt

It was fun. It was magical. It was everything that makes a heart pitter, patter, and pound.

Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~

When I think of couples, I think of them, and what an honor it was to witness these incredible moments in their lives.

Dance class? No sweat!

Unless you have two left feet and attempt it. Ever tried it? Ever been so klutzy dancing with a handsome man, who sports 11 1/2 size clods, but you still manage to trip over your own size 7’s? No? Boy, you are missing out. I am extremely ungifted in grace. It’s an art I tell you. Whoops.

Funniest thing of all, Jason’s grace, is typically just as bad. We have to hold on to some hope that one of us will have a good day. I can’t tell you how many times, in a day, he drops his keys or I drop mine and I wonder, GEE, if we had a baby would that be dangerous? But I digress…

So, Jason signed us up for dance class on Monday nights at 8pm. It is the ONLY time we can possibly make or fit a class into both of our schedules. When I say ONLY? I mean it. They don’t offer that many classes for couples. Monday and Tuesday is it. Tuesday, he has graduate class. Monday, he has the girls until 7pm. That means the 6pm Waltz and the 7pm Two-step is not possible. 8PM is the ONLY time. Period.

That said, the 8pm IS a couples class, which is great. It’s uhhh a couples class to learn a dance of Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing. And it’s uhhhh couples class to learn a dance of Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing choreographed to music for the first dance at your WEDDING as bride and groom. Oooops! See what I mean? *how do I manage to get myself into these things?*

No, we are not getting married (so far as I know…yet?), that’s why I say it was the ONLY class we could make. We figured, what the heck, it will be fun. I dreaded the “When is your date?” question which, of course, occurred in the first five minutes of class. I gotta give it to Jason, who smoothly answered, “We don’t have a date yet”, smiling the whole time. The teacher gracefully waves her hand in the air, in a no matter motion, and proclaims, “Then, you have plenty of time to learn the dance.” *Love her attitude*

Whooosh, I felt so much better after that and not so much of an impersonator. Seriously, I wasn’t sure what would happen. I didn’t know, if he’d have to drop to one knee and propose, or they’d just kick us out or what? How dare they come to this class? They are not even getting married. Ha! Come to find out, no biggie at all.

I really wasn’t nervous (as I should have been) about dancing. It was really exciting. I have never learned any kind of formal dance with a partner. Getting to be in the arms of Jason, while learning something that will change my life (even if I don’t ever use it) was very enchanting.

We learned the basic steps of Foxtrot. Men first, for their part, then the girls, for their part, then finally, together. Sweet! Okay, I fumbled a bit, but really it was pretty easy. Jason and I had a nice rhythm going. Next, she taught basic conversation (good for the wedding photographer to catch the beaming bride and groom faces-snicker). We were swinging around going way faster than the other couples and having a blast.

Then, she taught us the spin. Oh! WHAT? I turn this way then feet this way then pick up Foxtrot again? Huh? Slow, slow , quick, quick , turn, turn, slow, quick. Ahhh!! Yes, this was the point when I somehow managed to trip over my OWN shoe and barely (and I do mean barely) managed not to fall in front of the class with the (Oh,Oh,Oh) hands pin wheeling, as I flew towards the floor, just glimpsing my flailing self in the floor to ceiling mirror. Luckily, my hero saved me from that embarrassment, as he calmly grabbed me, holding me up, arms tight around me. Phew!!!

Around and around we went. My hips started burning. Wow, what a long song. I was starting to sweat. No wonder they lose so much weight on Dancing with the stars. OHMIGOSH when is the music going to stop? OUCH! Missed a step , sorry my bad, yah your boot hurts! Other than not letting go of my hand on one spin and twisting it, we were good. When we had it, it was awesome. However, we definitely need lots more practice. We have three more classes to learn our bride and groom first dance. *that always makes me laugh*

I even started looking for songs. (well why not?) Everyone else has music (you know the ones ACTUALLY getting married). I can’t let them show us up. Know any good Foxtrot ballroom dance songs? I really do want a modern song re-made. I think that would be cool but I may end up with a classic. There are a few I like. If anything? This is GREAT exercise and couple bonding time.

Dance like no one is watching. Unless you are in a classroom full of people with a big ole mirror, then pretend you know what your doing.