Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Valentine’s Day cupcakes are here!

I think my New Year’s resolutions are hanging by a thread. Not that I swore off cupcakes or anything, but they certainly don’t help my exercise regimen.

But look at the creamy and moist deliciousness….. so hard to resist.

And isn’t it cute how this cupcake is crazy for me? We met later *wink*wink.

What can I say? I’ll regret the calories, but my sweet tooth has no conscience.

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No cupcakes were harmed in the making of this post. A few were eaten though.

Cup Cakery Goodness

Sometimes I dream about cupcakes. I dream there are cupcakes that are sweet and yummy. They are just moist enough, and not too dry. They have fluffy icing and not the hard crusty stuff.

They are fresh and, oh so, delectable.

I dream of these kinds of cupcakes, but I never find them. I got to the store and they are stored in the plastic container half-dried out. Or they are in cellophane packages sitting on the shelf for WHO KNOWS how long.

But always, ALWAYS these cupcakes disappoint; store-bought, and not worth a penny of the price I paid.

Grocery store cupcakes are not a substitute for the real thing. I have to remind myself of that, because I always fall for the “look” when it’s really the taste I want.

I just want a cupcake that tastes like a good CUPCAKE should.

I am not picky or anything.

Imagine my delight when I happened upon this place in downtown Fort Worth – The Cupcakery.


Leaps of joy.

And hope.

Pure hope that, maybe (just maybe!), I had finally found the holy grail of CUPCAKES.


Right here at this place.

I broke a sweat looking at each case, and each cupcake offered.

Debating my choices, I poured over the signs as if I was studying for a test.

I debated on which one.

I anguished over this vital decision.

In the end, I played eeniemeenieminniemoe with my palate.

And came up with something new to try. Instead of getting chocolate, or vanilla, I stepped out of my box.

I got a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake.

That’s right. With chocolate chips on top.

This is huge for me. I only like peanut butter in the Reese’s kind of way. I am super picky about that. But a CHOCOLATE peanut butter cupcake? I just had to try it.

Oh Mama! It was good!

The chocolate cake part was very rich, and the peanut butter icing went down smooth. It was perfectly moist. It was just the right size, and yet??

Something was missing. Maybe, it’s because I couldn’t eat half the icing? Or maybe, it was just a tad too rich? I can’t pin down exactly what it was. Delicious cupcake, but not quite right (should have gone with chocolate or vanilla!).

Hey, can’t blame a girl for trying.

I still have not found my dream cupcake – close – sooo close!

I’m still on the prowl, and I am not giving up. I am determined to find “the one!”

Looks like another trip to The Cupcakery. I am so glad I took pictures!

Our First New Year 2011

as husband and wife that is….

We did not plan to go anywhere. I like to stay in on New Year’s Eve so I won’t have to worry about getting killed by a drunk driver just to be safe. But my maid of honor and life time friend invited me to her best friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve Party. It’s great because we had the girls and her daughter Nicole could play with them and not be bored by all the adult stuff.

For us, the adult stuff was great! Did I mention her best friend is a wedding/event planner? That means everything was fantastic! The deer meat smoked sausage, homemade peanut clusters, chips and salsa, and much, much more. Then we played a tournament of games…pool, and crazy bridge. The winner with the most points won a prize! I didn’t win that. The loser with the least amount of points won a prize. I won that one. 🙂 Loaded dice that only roll a seven, or eleven. Perfect!

It was really nice ringing in the New Year as a family and with family friends. I, also, can’t believe both little girls made it to midnight and beyond. Wow!

The cupcakes Bridget and April made.
Nicole playing guitar.
Directions come in handy.
Especially when a blender won't work.
Jason and I will have our first anniversary in 2011.
The hosts.
Friends for life, Kristi and Kyle. I've known them both since 8th grade.
They thought they were big stuff with fancy glasses full of sparkling cider.
We stopped our crazy bridge tournament to toast 2011.
The girls were fascinated by the bubbles.

Welcome 2011! We are glad you are here. I have big plans for you.

My first photograph in 2011. The girls refill of sparkling cider. Ha!