Wordy Wordless Wednesday

One of my oldest blogging buddies Suzicate posted about a loose tooth when she was a child. It is such a cute story. I was the youngest of four and remember the threat of PLIERS to yank a tooth out too. Eeek!

It, also, reminded me that my youngest step-daughter lost her tooth over Christmas break. Her first tooth (of course I took pictures).

I must admit in my sappy old age, I shed a little tear. This marks the end of her babyhood as she grows BIG girl teeth. Waaah!

She is our last one, the last first tooth, the last gummy grin. Oh, I will enjoy these moments.

Bri's First Tooth Loss

One day a chubby two-year………..the next a toothless five-year-old in kindergarten.

Five and growing up too fast.

The thing about that first missing tooth…….. It’s just the cutest thing ever.

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