Oh, Halloween with Your Scary Movies and Pesky Treaters

I just had to share some cuteness from the holiday. Technically pre-holiday since some I took on Averey’s two month photo shoot.

Halloween night Jason went trick or treating with the girls (and Fred the Cat) while I worked til dark. And after work, I tackled some photo edits. The all-women’s photography group I started with five other women over a year ago called, Chics Who Click, sponsored the photography for The North Texas Buddy Walk. I got back into town on a Friday night from Milwaukee and shot the event the next morning. *That* is a whole ‘nother blog post, but one of the reasons I was on the computer and not handing out candy (a very good reason!).

Finally, I get to sit in the living room for the first time about 8pm. I flipped on the TV for some non-thinking time and somehow get sucked in to watching Mama – in the dark – all by myself. My daughter so kindly texted me her advice to NOT watch it alone. *cry!*

Too late.

So now, I get to sleep with the flashlight next to my bed. Thanks Mama!

And now for that cuteness I promised you….

© Angelia's Photography 2013

© Angelia's Photography 2013

© Angelia's Photography 2013

I warned you about her cuteness. I could barely stand to put her down to take her photos. I’d rather hold her and talk to her, but someone has to photograph this baby. Might as well be Grammy.

On the same day as her two-month old photo shoot, we stopped at a little pumpkin patch off the side of the road. I thought…wouldn’t it be cute to get her photo with lots of pumpkins?

© Angelia's Photography 2013

Oh sure……

It is absolutely darling and Bridget is such a good little Auntie and holds her just perfectly.

© Angelia's Photography 2013

After a few clicks, the show was over and baby wanted nothing to do with any pumpkins. Or Halloween. Or Pirate ladies that worked there wanting some baby snuggles. Or buying pumpkins. Or being held over a pumpkin. Or letting both Aunties hold her while I got a picture in the pumpkins of all of them. Nope none of that.

© Angelia's Photography 2013

And when the talent is not happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Not to worry. I picked her right up and held her close. A little rock and little sway and this grand girl was just fine.

And no more pumpkin patches…..for a year anyway.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. We are heading to Oklahoma tomorrow to see my Mom and take a four generational photo. Any guesses on who will be the star of the shoot?

All I can say is…… more baby time for Grammy!

NyQuil, Please! I can explain!

First off, your kindness overwhelms me. Your desire to serve, please, and honor me when night falls…well, that’s just dear, and meaningful. I think…..I love you. Oh! I hope we don’t get all uncomfortable now. I really need you. And I hate being needy and clingy. PLEASE! Stay with me (just for tonight).

I promise to uphold my end of the deal.

When I see this face – I swear – no matter how cute, I will not cuddle with her when she has a cold. I won’t sit close enough for her fingers to reach my mouth, nor her wet coughs to spray on me.

Come on, Ny! It’s hard to resist. I am giving up a lot for you. This relationship means something to me. Something really special or I wouldn’t even bother.

I swear, even when her nose is running, temperature spiking, and cough hacking. I will resist the urge to hug her close and get her germs. I won’t have those pudgy arms around my neck. I won’t pick her up at her pleading request. I won’t.

Especially after she runs a fever off and on all weekend. Feeling puny, and even throwing up. I won’t kiss her. Laws no! I won’t. Because I know that would make me sick, and compromise our relationship. Seriously? That cuteness. No power. I am mighty.

But maybe that’s what you want. Maybe, that’s how you keep me near you. I am so confused. Could you be trying to keep us together, when I really need to go my own way?

Just please NyQuil do your thing. So I can go to work tomorrow, instead of sitting here like this.

Love me,
Your faithful friend, the head cold.

P.S. Please don’t be jealous of macho Mucinex D tomorrow. It’s strictly a fling! I’m totally using him.