Freddy Goes For a Ride

Have you met Fred?

He started out as my mom’s dog – my favorite of mom’s twenty dogs. My Oklahoma visits to see them made my trips. Then, mom went into assisted living and could only bring one dog. She picked her favorite little chihuahua and the rest of the dogs went to new homes. Luckily, Fred came to mine. Probably, because I BEGGED my husband with every fiber of my being. It being a super hard sell as we already had a THREE dog rule and only added a third because I convinced him dog number three is a Cat (and since dog three doesn’t bark, it wasn’t a complete fib). But Fred, oh dear little Freddy, he makes four. Four throws off our favorite number – three. And three is such a special number to us for many, many reasons – three tens (our wedding day), three girls (our kids), and our three dogs.

Now, it is four. Funny how different a number sounds. Three sounds like weeeee! But four is so much sterner and harder on the tongue.

But guess what? Averey makes FOUR in girls. So there number three, take that.

The next four is our anniversary date in 2014 – it’s NUMBER FOUR. Four in FOURteen. I like that.

And what I am saying is four is not a bad number. Not a bad number at all. Because number four brought a very unexpected bundle of precious fur to us. Fred changed our number. He changed our lives. Him, with his joie de vivre doggy ways.

I love him more than I should. I favor him, a little, and I adore him – a lot. He gets me. He gets life. He just rolls with it. He is the coolest, happiest little fella I have ever met.

And Fred? He made a big change coming to our house too. His world was the kitchen/dining room. That is where my mom kept him when he lived with her. One room is where he slept and played. She didn’t take him outside, or on walks, or in the car (not the last few years anyway).

And Fred, well, Fred likes to go. He likes to walk, but he LOVES to ride. He is all about paws out the window, head stretched out, and hair whipping in the wind.

So my dear number four – also called buddy, pumpkin pie, stinky boy, fuzzy wuzzy, mister, pumkin lunkin, furry monster, and cute lil’ fella. Here you are in all your doggy glory for all the blog world to see.

This is your ride.

Freddy’s ride.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Start the engine,
give it some care.
As long as it goes,
not a second to spare.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Wind in the willows,
wind in my hair.
A sniff of the world,
and see if I dare.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Heart thumping wild,
mind on the brink.
I am the beast,
who cares what they think.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Raring to go,
raring to live.
Locked up no more,
I got front dibs.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

A pocket of sunshine,
a wing, and a prayer.
Riding so sweet,
like I’m already there.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

I am Freddy the Mighty!
Can you hear my roar?
Fearless and flying outside your front door.

**This post inspired by Freddy’s love of car rides and his photo being picked as a feature for Ellenburg Photography’s Project 52.

You go Freddy, you go.

That’s my boy!

Lucky the Lizard

Lucky the Lizard lives in a tree,

Never a fella as lucky as he.

Luck in the morning.

And luck in the eve.

A luck like this lizard, not a one could believe.

One day Lucky lizard took a trip far away.

He wanted to see sights, and have his heyday.

What could possibly happen to the chillest alive?

Through stones, bricks, and branches he jigged and he jived.

Lucky ol’ lizard climbed up a doorway.

Nothing and no one could get in his way.

He slithered and withered, straight up did he climb.

A journey of ages, what could be more sublime?

As luck would have it, he snoozed and he cruised.

To his next adventure, with nary a bruise.

The luck of this lizard just couldn’t be beat.

My poor Puppy Anna missed out on a treat.

And Perhaps, he went on to do commercials. Heh.

Look, another entry to The Daily Post Silhouette Challenge.

The Dog Days of Summer


They’re here. The dog days of summer, where it’s too hot to do anything.

Anything active anyway……or anything that requires energy.

This is one of the hottest summers I can remember and we are not even half-way through.

So, I’ve taken note of how to spend the dog days of summer by emulating my black lab. Enjoy the AC when inside and when outside….jump in the pool for a refreshing swim.

Be sure and test the water with your toe paw first.

Then, relax and enjoy a nice summer soak to cool off.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

And wear sunscreen to avoid the burn, unless you are already dark (heh).

In throes of summer sizzle, I highly recommend a littel dip.

Enjoy a dog kind of day and stay cool!

My Photo Lesson: The Art of Jumping

I’ve had two digital photography classes so far. I am no longer terrified of the technical. In fact, I am really looking forward to mastering the technical aspect of photography, then I can focus more on the creative side.

But it’s not easy.

You’d think with a Nikon D3000 DSLR (nice) camera, you could point, shoot, and voila – perfect pictures every press of the shutter. That is just not the case.

Sometimes it’s HARDER to get the pictures you want, especially regarding the intricate focus levels that have to be detected through a very small view finder. In the beginning, I was very eager to try all modes and learn. Then, I learned enough to dislike auto, but not knowledgable enough to go full manual. It put a bind on some of my practices. They would just frustrate me. Then, the 365 project came along. I had to get out my camera EVERY day and shoot something. It really helped get me over the hump. I can shoot auto if I need to. I can switch to manual when I feel confident enough.

Because….. maybe I don’t know everything, but putting the camera down until I do is not going to help in any way, shape or form. It’s day 23 of the 365 project.

One thing I have always wanted to try was jumping photographs. What held me back? It requires technical knowledge to capture.

With two digital photography classes under my belt and a homework assignment looming to photograph stopped motion……well, I just had to try. And guess what? You get to go on this learning journey with me.

I have two eager three willing subjects. Just so you know, a four and six-year old are much more inclined to jump for you (and happily), then say a sixteen-year old I pull off her Facebook page (rolls eyes).

So here they are……

Yes, they are cute as all get out. I can hardly stand it. Look at those smiles. But on a technical side. I forgot to meter the light. I had to edit to get it to be viewable. I also forgot my metering lesson in the Fort Worth store. This is what picking up your camera every day is all about. Using it (especially transitioning from auto to manual). It takes time and it takes mistakes.

I know what my settings need to be for jumping.

Somehow, I miss the mark. It’s not stopped motion. We do this over and over again with same results (see definition of insanity). I can’t get the shutter speed to stick and it results in blurred appendages (but cute happy jumping faces).

I’m real close to giving up and just chalking it up to not knowing enough about the technicalities. You can only get them to jump so many times in a row before they are….tired, cold, or checking their text messages.

So one goes inside (guess who?) and the other two play on the swing. I play with my settings. The light in the backyard is more shaded. The sun is going down. I could have my settings set for more light than I have. I change them.

I feel like I got a pretty stopped motion as Bridget is turning Molly on the swing. She is running.

I ask Bridget (who is MOST willing) to jump for me again.

Then Molly.

This is when I fall completely in love with jumping photos (technically correct or not). You just can’t get faces to light up like that in any other way. What it feels like to jump. To be free. To fly. How can you compare it? Have you jumped lately? Do you remember what it’s like?

I took a leap into photography possibilities.

I know I’m not perfect. I know there are some more settings I can try. I know the focus is off and I need to work more with those. I can definitely try again with better light outside. I think I may have some more jumping volunteers. All in all, it was great practice and great fun.

So let me ask you? What are you waiting for?

Just jump!