Breaker, Breaker

Breaker , Breaker one-nine! That’s a big ten-four!

So last night a little summer thundershower knocks the crud out of the power at the duplex. Wham-O! Zap. Nizzzzt. Well, no one was home except the dogs. That said no one noticed.  We were stuffing our faces with steak & salmon at Jason’s grill. My favorite place to eat. O joy!

When my roommates got home lo & behold the electricity was back on except in two of the three bedrooms. MINE & THEIRS. Niiice!

Now that breaker has tripped many times before. One time it was late at night. I was home alone & had just ended a tumultuous semi-relationship with a FREAK of a guy (and that’s ANOTHER story) . The breaker box is located OUTSIDE (why?why?why?). Not only just outside but outside towards the back.  Not only outside towards the back but specifically RIGHT by my window. Excellent!

side note here I am actually not a scaredy cat home alone or at dark—in the winter I sleep with my window open—but I digress

For whatever reason that night, my overactive movie reel brain(that watched too much horror as a child-thanks Dad) imagined said FREAK dressed in black from head to toe tip toeing between the duplexes. Pen light in hand he opens the breaker box (without making a squeak-mind you) and FLIPS the breaker to MY room. Because magically he knows the label that says plugs on the left side bottom is MY room. And he wanted to make me suffer without a ceiling fan!
HA! I knew it! (*lol*)

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