Muir Woods: The Enduring Forest

Once upon a time, a land gave birth to a tree, a tree gave birth to a forest. A forest gave birth to a park. And the park became a National Monument that welcomes many visitors near and far for over 100 years.

I got to visit this amazing place. I touched these majestic giants. I breathed the same air as these century old woods. I tried to imagine living on this land one hundred and fifty million years ago amongst more than two million acres of coastal redwood and sequoia trees. Can you imagine?

Now, not so many are left. But you can be sure, they are doing all the can to preserve these living reminders of what endurance is all about.

They endured the invasion of people. They endured the threat of earthquakes and fires. They endured the booming logging industry and the many that cut their ancestors down.

And now, they endure to bring splendor to those small enough to look upon their greatness.

Muir Woods.

Click on any photo to take a walk through space and time.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
John Muir

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An Instagram of Moments

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. – author unknown

Bowing my head, I say a quick prayer for the safety and protection of my family. It’s something I do when I see the clock displaying the same numbers. I don’t even have to think of their names, their order, or their faces. It all streaks through my head in rapid-fire succession.

My heartfelt desire is to remind God (and myself) how very much they mean to me. How very much I care for them, and only want the best for them. Maybe, it’s my way of tipping the universe a little more their way. I’ll take the bad karma, just give them the good stuff.

It was in a moment I almost lost them all….could have lost them all.

A terrible car crash when they were less than a mile from home.

Our lives changed when the truck didn’t yield.

Our lives changed when the Jeep rolled, and glass shattered.

Our lives changed in the aftermath of the twisted metal.

It is by the grace of God, and the fervent timely prayers, I still have them in my life. I truly believe that. I wasn’t in the car that day, but I remember every bit of those precarious hours.

A year passes, and all too often, time makes the memories a little dimmer. The emotions not as deep, or strong. I suppose it is nature’s way of keeping us from living in the past. But when it does? I grasp vigilantly at all that I am most thankful for. That I don’t want to EVER fade. I don’t want to lose the overwhelming feeling of gratefulness to have these precious lives spared, so they can continue to live, love, and laugh each, and every day.

I don’t have to remind myself how quickly life can change. I know. I know how we must capture every memory we can, and cherish them with all our heart.

So, I give you my moments. Moments of my most precious cargo, I am so humbly blessed with.

My beautiful young step-daughters; vibrant, and high-spirited.

Embracing the world with their joie de vivre. Be careful……’s catching.

My oldest daughter, Sydney.

Not just a pretty face, but a beautiful heart too.

She has the uncanny ability of celebrating her youth with great enthusiasm. I have no doubt this will continue long past her youthful years, and be as exuberant as ever.

See, these times are unforgettable, and I don’t want to miss a single one.

I know I must irritate the dog turd out of my husband when I make him pull over for a sunset, or when I make him pause, with fork in hand, so I can take a picture of his desert before he eats it. How many times has he and the girls heard….hold still……I just need to get this ONE shot……probably more times than any of us could count.

But you know what?

It is sooo worth it.


They blow my mind.

And I have Instagram to thank. A place that holds these photographic minutes of days passing by…..

All too quickly.


Isn’t it time you took one?

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The Texas Sunset. God's Beauty.

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Or two?

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