Wordless: Wordful Wednesday- A post within a post

It’s an inception post. Yes, I saw the movie. Inception is brilliant. It is exactly the kind of movie I love…..why? It has action, twists, and innovative ideas. Not to mention, I love Leonardo Di Caprio (yes, I know there are haters, but I grew up with him) and I love the Juno actress, Ellen Page.

I can’t always hear a movie word for word. What can I say….I have really bad hearing. If I have images, and things to see that helps me not worry that I didn’t hear every word. If the visuals are mind blowing, then all the better. Inception definitely delivered on that and more. The last hour of the movie, I was literally on the edge of my chair. I say again, brilliant. Go see it, if you like different, imaginative, and cutting edge.

One week ago, this was my post, Wordless Wednesday- A blast from the past. It turned into a photo caption contest. I am proud to say, I had my daughter pick a winner out of all the entries. This kid has a super power in wit, and her favorite caption (drumroll please)……….

“WOAH! That kid just put a ball from the skee ball machine in his mouth!!!”
-by Go, Pop, Go!

He just had a new baby, and I bet he has that exact same look on his face. Way to go Pop!

Now, for my wordless? wordful Wednesday post. Just in case you thought the last picture was a fluke of Sydney and I sharing like expressions. Maybe it wasn’t. 🙂

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