The Texas Wild West

Which happens to be on the North side of downtown Fort Worth. No need to consult a map, it’s true.

The wild West begins with a cobblestone street (isn’t that what brick is called?). Twice a day there is a cattle drive of Texas Longhorn steers; 1865 style.

Truth is…..I’ve lived (and worked) in the Fort Worth area for over twenty-one years. This was the first time I’ve seen the historic cattle drive. Isn’t that the way it is with tourist-y spots?

It was short, but very, very cool. You know if I make a collage, I’m not pulling your leg.

Fort Worth Stock yards

I actually wasn’t feeling all that well today. I got up, then went back to sleep until almost noon. I can’t remember the last time I slept longer than seven hours. I must have needed it, either that, or the decongestant the doctor prescribed needs to be cut in half. I was still tired most the day. I can’t seem to shake the sinus headache, even though I’m on antibiotics and two different decongestants. I guess it’s that time of year for the insane clown cold. Point is…..I do have one in my fuzzy brain, I promise…..I still took pictures.


I didn’t think any were good. Finally, after two hours of poking around with edits (I like the cinema edit on these the best), I am finally happy with some of them. Here are a few.

The beautiful lead horse of the cattle drive with ice-blue eyes.
Fort Worth Cattle Drive

After the cattle drive, the little girls wanted to ride the ponies, and sit on a Texas Longhorn. Who wouldn’t?

Bridget riding the oldest sweet pony on the circle block.

For all fairness sake, I did get Molly’s picture on the ponies and I did get Bridget’s picture on the longhorn. However, I had to narrow down the photo usage, because this post is already post heavy with pictures (Is that possible? If you are on slow upload…I am incredibly sorry).

Molly on the Texas Longhorn.
Sydney rode the (?) race horse. Uh, giddy-yup Syd! You go cowgirl.

Next, we shopped. Okay….not really. Those things are waaaay too expensive, but we had fun anyway.

Fort Worth Stockyards store.
Sydney getting country in the stockyards.
Rough and tough Bridget in the hat shop at the stockyards in Fort Worth.
Howdy ya'll! It's Molly the cowgirl.

Then we saw something crazy – really crazy.

It is what you think it is.

A real cat with a real rat.

It’s a little hard to see, but the rat is on the cat, and the cat is on a dog.

I have no idea how he did that, but it was fur real. Heh.

Our little outing ended when the outlaws were thrown in jail. All THREE of them!

It's jail time for the criminals.

S’cuse me, make that all FOUR of them rascals!

Enjoy your stay...

I will bail you out tomorrow, okay kids?

My most wanted crazy blended family.

That sums up our afternoon in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The girls really enjoyed it. I think they have watched some western shows with their mom and they soaked it all up with big happy grins. Their maternal relatives hail from New England, but my goodness…’s obvious these little girls were born in Texas and it is soooo cute.

If you have not visited the Fort Worth Stockyards, and you live here (shame), you definitely should. The cattle drive happens twice a day. We caught the one at four pm.

Fort Worth Stockyards

It was a great family time. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too, and enjoying the nice weather if you got it.

Brownie Poo gets a new Doo

For all you Brownie Puppy fans…..(I know you all love my puppy, right?)…..well, she got a haircut this weekend.

Her FIRST haircut (awwwh!), I did not keep the first locks, don’t worry. I’m not that bad. Truth is, I just thought of it. Ha.

I was really worried about her being traumatized. I have tried to brush her a couple of times and let me tell you, she FREAKS out. I mean freak-a-zoid freaky freak out. Like the lambs are screaming scream. I burned that brush and she has been a furry chewbacca ever since. Until, we let a professional try.

She did fine, except for the hair dryer, according to the groomers, she screamed like a lamb. Okay I made that part up, but they did say she screamed.

I got home to see her – I was surprised. It was like meeting my four-month old baby Shih-Tzu for the first time. I could actually SEE her face. Oh my goodness! What big eyes you have….and an actual wittle face.

I couldn’t stop saying, “Hi, nice to meet you.” And I swear, she would look at me in that same way. It was darling.

I think she can see better now. It’s a whole new world.

She is just runway styling (and flowing) in her new doo. Move over Farrah.

Besides the exciting news of Brownie….we also went to a baseball game this weekend. I took my camera.

We sat in right field.

We had a good spot with a view of my favorite player.

Josh Hamilton made some amazing plays, which I mostly saw. Not so sure about these two (my daughter and her boyfriend).

Rangers win!

Does anyone else just loooove when they congratulate the other team? I get a little verklempt. Does that make me soft? Of course, that was little league. But I digress.

And then there were fireworks.

I really wanted to “try” to get a few pics. Night shots really need a tripod, and definitely a chair in-between the photographer and a bouncing leg in tune to the one-hit wonders playing with the show. I moved one chair over – no offense Jason – and it helped.

These were my favorite.

Love the spirals.

I only wish the little girls would have been with us (we did ask), but it wasn’t our weekend. They would have LOVED the fireworks set to music. The ballpark is absolutely the best place to watch them. I missed them a lot, because this was part of my birthday celebration. It was amazing and great, but just not the same as having their shining faces there too. And… I had no one to steal cotton candy from. Heh!

Jason does get the girls tonight until 7pm, I can’t wait til they “meet” the new Brownie Poo…who has a new doo.

Wonder if they will be as surprised as we were.