Texas Bluebonnets

The third weekend in April is not just Palm Sunday, but the peak of the Texas Bluebonnets. A Texas staple in our land.

I think my mom’s words to me went something like….. Dig some of those up and bring them to me to plant. I love the bluebonnets………. And most people who have seen them feel the same way, but in Texas, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal (plus, she lives in Oklahoma, heh!).

I wouldn’t want to pick them anyway. With their sea of blue, they are just too pretty to touch.

Before my injury we took the girls to Cedar Hill State Park. They have a place called Penn Farm. It was a working farm until the 1980’s. It is now a place to explore and read about Texas farming and equipment. There are several barns, houses, a windmill, and yes, even a bluebonnet field. It’s a photographer’s dream place.

Don’t leave home without your Dad’s old iPhone. You might need it in the bluebonnet field. I don’t think she wanted to miss her iPod music. LOL!

A stunning place with beautiful subjects. If you live in Texas, I urge to get a look at these gorgeous fields. NOT THE ROADSIDE BLUEBONNETS, but the REAL fields of them. They can be found in most of the state parks. There is also a Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis this weekend. In addition, many flowers and activities are on display at Clark Gardens. It is a must-see for the Texas Bluebonnets and worth the drive from the metroplex.

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is nice and you can get out and enjoy it. I can’t believe this is our peak spring season in Texas. That means the brutal summer heat is pushing at our backs, ready to knock us down, and fry our grass blades to a crispy brown. I may have a sprained ankle, but I am armed with a walking boot and I know how to use it. I will hobble along to one of these gorgeous sites before the flowers of Texas fade for another year.

The State Flower of Texas – the bluebonnet.

Have a happy weekend!

Farm in the City

Most of my time on the computer, lately, has evolved around photo and video projects. Let’s just say nicely, that I severely LACK in this technology. I am trying to learn it, hence, mucho involvement of trial and error. In the end I’m frustrated and STILL lack what I wanted to get done. But I will NOT give up.

One project has been to embed a slide show on my blog post. So far, Picasa takes you to their website. Whrrl would not show up. I’m sure there is some HTML code I am lacking to make it magically appear. Hopefully, at the end of this post something will appear. Even if you end up at Picasa.

Does anyone remember their first horse ride? I remember mine was around age 11-12. My brother’s best friend had horses. He had a twin sister and I went over to ride horses with her. She saddled him up and gave me a few pointers – keep in mind we are tweens here – instructor she wasn’t. Well, it was a couple of walk steps on the horse nice and easy, then the horse started to trot. It bounced me from here to kingdom come. I was desperately holding on for dear life – terrified. No pulling of the reins or hollering in a screeching HO BOY seemed to work.

Needless to say my riding career ended. Thankyouverymuch.

I had a more peaceful experience on a trail ride several years ago. No trotting and I got to see lots of beautiful countryside scenery. Still a little scary for me on a horse though.

Jason’s girls, my future step-angels, got to ride their FIRST horse this past weekend. A neighbor to them was having her 5th birthday. The place was a farm just down the road from their house. What a jewel of a site in the middle of our great metroplex, I was amazed. It was fresh, lively and fun. I had a BLAST with my camera.

I do hope the “slide show” appears in some form. Yes, I’m getting pretty good with my honking camera. I took a lot of pictures of the girls and of the birthday girl. The birthday girl is not on the slide show, but I did send them to the parents. They want to get copies to PRINT out. That makes me feel pretty good. What an honor.

Click on slide show from Picasa website towards the top left for best view. Sigh! No embed sorry! Enjoy the photos.

River Farm Fun