If Heaven had a Father’s Day

If heaven had a Father’s Day….I’d visit for a while.

I’d have my arms held out so far, my hug would stretch a mile.

In my Father’s eyes I’d see, the beauty of the day.

I don’t think anyone, or thing, could keep me far away.

I’d sit and chat with him about, all the days gone by.

We’d laugh and smile and reminisce, high up in the sky.

I’d have so much to share with him, I’d never want to part.

But all too soon the day would end, heavy in my heart.

Every moment from then on, I’d think of him so dear.

Sitting in those puffy clouds, smiling ear to ear.

I miss you more than words can say….Oh heaven if it’s true?

Would you have a day for us? To last the whole year through.

Happy Father’s Day…from here to there.

I love and miss you!