How Far to Heaven?

Image by Google

How long would it take to get there? Can we reach it with our spaceships? Can we see it in our telescopes?

Is it just beyond our nature walk? Half past, the serene beauty flowing under picturesque landscape. A path we cross over from one place to another.


Is it at the end of the peaceful rush of water? Trickling over and under to a destination we have yet to discover. Washing us clean, and renewing our life in the sliding cascade.


Is it not to the sky, but on the surface? Where the wonders of plump baby feet stand. The bliss of bare earth between our toes to grip, to run, to feel.


Is it a touch away? The gentle kiss from one to another, no matter the differences, no matter the reciprocation, just a gesture of kindness, a gesture of love. The purest love there is – acceptance and innocence – just as you are.


Is it as far as our adventures take us? The freedom of discovery. The direction of the unknown; awaiting with wondering eyes, and fervid exhalations.

Maybe, it’s just around the corner. Can you see it?
Maybe, it’s just up the trail. Can you follow it?
Maybe, if we run we can catch a glimpse. Can you seek it?
Or maybe, just maybe, it’s not as far as we think.

“How far to heaven? Just open your eyes and look. You are in heaven” -Shankar

**Photos by Angelia Sims

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