Still in Existence: The Drive-In Movie

I know, right?!?

I can hardly believe it either. We live in the city of Dallas/Fort Worth with roughly three million peeps and counting. How can such a place not be extinct? Where can you possibly go to SEE the screen through all the pollution hustle and bustle?

Well….. the country. Just head South of the metroplex. It’s really not that far.

Welcome to Galaxy Drive-in Theatre, Ennis, Texas. A step-back in time.

This place is awesome. There are five screens showing double features, and they have a kid’s screen too – showing Hop. We decided to take the girls – who thought it was like CAMPING. I wasn’t so sure about taking them, but turns out? They LOVED it. This is the perfect family outing.

Picture of the screen to the right of us. There are five lots with screens at this drive-in, but only one concession, one bathroom – just sayin’.

My oldest step-daughter doesn’t play model often, but tonight she was happy. No sun in her eyes. No wind. Lots of snack foods and fun. This is one girl who loves the great outdoors and movies.

I recommend arriving early, so you can get parked, and settled BEFORE the movie starts. At nightfall, there are NO lights, just the screens. The roads are dirt and grass. It is hard walking to the concession – forget driving with kids and families everywhere.

As it became later, we anxiously waited for the sun to exit the theater.

We quickly took our seats. You can sit anywhere…in the car, or on the lawn chairs (if you bring them). We had some set up in a mini theater at the front bumper. I saw some families with tents, and blow-up beds. Seriously! *totally stealing this idea for next time*

Hello Moon.

Hellooooooo movie!

Hop is an excellent movie. The kid’s loved it. Seated in the mini-chair area wrapped in fuzzy blankets. Jason and I, had our first kiss at the drive-in (many moons ago – heh!). We had another.

The only advice I would give when taking the fam to the outdoor movies is this…..don’t run the radio on car battery before and during the movie. If you do…….have jumper cables, and nice car neighbors.


I can’t wait to go to the Drive-In again!

Do you remember the Drive-In? Do you have one you still go to?

Best Film of 2010

Coming soon to a theater near you….

Or your YouTube, Facebook, or mobile device.

However you want to view it, it’s a coming attraction! And we have a trailer! Because?

We got our wedding clips on DVD. We are in the process of converting them to Mac iMovie. Okay, JASON is in the process of converting them. I secretly think he wants to be a producer/director. He is really into it (and he’s good!).

The story goes…there was not going to be a videographer at the wedding. I didn’t feel it was necessary. We were too broke. But when disaster struck, when we knew Jason’s mom, and my future mom-in-law, would not be at the wedding. Friends (lifelong friends) came to our rescue and had their son film from the choir pit on a tripod. We could capture the event, and she could see the entire wedding when she was better. We did not know, at that time, my mom would also miss the wedding (but that’s another story!).

So we have the wedding on film in pieces and are arranging it into one long film.

The few segments I’ve seen, I ADORE. My favorite part is all the friends in the Church pews with cell phones snapping away. You all are such a treasure. I’ve said before, it was a FUN day. We had many rough days before (and after), but that DAY, October 10, 2010 at 3:10pm (for the three 10’s) was the happiest day of my life. I was not nervous. I was not stressed. I was just full of joy and everything worked perfectly.

Is our life going to be perfect? Far from it! But I will do what it takes to keep our joy alive.