Taking part

I think I’ve mentioned a billion few times that Jason has two daughters. The oldest is age 5 and just started kindergarten this year. The youngest is three. I won’t “name” them because their Mom has a wordpress blog, and she is weird about that. (I don’t think she realizes our Facebooks have their names and pictures all over them, ahem) I, also, won’t give them fake names, my blog is real, events are real. I love their names and them. I don’t want to alter who they are.

These children bring me great gladness. I have watched them change and grow the last year and half. I’ve seen them hit milestones. I have celebrated with them and their Dad. I am still amazed by the youngest, who is talking up a storm now. It took her almost three years but, finally she found her voice. It wasn’t just words, but complete sentences.

I’ve been a part of many adventures with them. I was the first one to suggest Chuck E Cheese, the State Fair, and the Circus. Many great firsts! The Circus was actually a second this year, as will be the State Fair today. Christmas and Easter will be seconds for me with them, which is very exciting.

Today, is also 10-10. 10-10 has special meaning in my life with Jason and the kids. His oldest is 10 years younger than my daughter Sydney. Her Birthday is also 10 days before my daughter’s. 10-10, Get it? It is kinda incredible, if you consider all the days, and it happens to be 10 exactly. Whoa.

So, today, 10-10 is also special because this day early in the morning, a tooth fairy visited Jason’s house. YEP! The oldest lost her tooth after school yesterday (her first). It was Jason’s weekend, and when he picked her up, there was her little tooth in hand.

She was extremely excited, and happy when I saw her after work. She proudly displayed her gap, her eyes lit up. It was so darn cute. Of all the days, that tooth, could have fallen out. It happened on HIS weekend. What are the odds? They only stay the night, two nights, every other weekend.

Of course, there will be some firsts that Jason misses as well. In the meantime, as we relish this victory of growth. As we celebrate the joys of childhood, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus visits, and first time events to lift them up in joy, until the magic is replaced with reality, and age.

10-9-09 a tooth milestone. 10-10, a celebration, the start of a GREAT Texas State Fair day, with a few less teeth.
A gaping grin

Celebrate your milestones and growth today, with all the jubilance of a child’s first.