Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

What is more more everyday than a little outing to the local ice cream shop?

When I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

I happened to have my camera with me from an earlier outing. And every good photog knows…..

Rule number one: Never, EVER leave your camera in the car.

So, I haul it, and all my other equipment inside. And of course, I can’t resist a few photos of the MOST DELICIOUS BANANA SPLIT EVER.

And the company is pretty cute too….heh.

I’d really like to say I shared this.

Chocolate ice cream is a girl’s best friend.

Or is it a banana spilt sundae? I can’t remember which…….Mmmm! Brain fog from sugar eye-candy overload.

Hubby and littlest step-daughter completely oblivious to my spy camera skillz.

Oldest step-daughter. Not so oblivious to the spy camera skillz.

Maybe, a bit of a poser too.

But see, she had photography camp this summer. So, she gets it. The whole thing.

Camera. Photo. Snap. Review.

This is my cue to put down the camera and pick up the spoon.


It’s not so difficult to choose a favorite pastime.

I’ll take both.

Every day.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Valentine’s Day cupcakes are here!

I think my New Year’s resolutions are hanging by a thread. Not that I swore off cupcakes or anything, but they certainly don’t help my exercise regimen.

But look at the creamy and moist deliciousness….. so hard to resist.

And isn’t it cute how this cupcake is crazy for me? We met later *wink*wink.

What can I say? I’ll regret the calories, but my sweet tooth has no conscience.

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No cupcakes were harmed in the making of this post. A few were eaten though.

Wordless Wednesday: For My Foodie Friends

I posted a little about attending the Emirates Air Event. It took place at the Cowboys Stadium and we dined on the field.

The food was delicious and AMAZING in presentation. I took photographs to document these tasty morsels and share with all my fare lovin’ friends. I even snapped the menu! So you could see all the fancy names I can’t pronounce…..


The appetizer - Nicoise Salad with fresh poached shrimp and seared tuna fish.
Quail Egg
The main course - Char Grilled Tenderloin Fillet with wild mushrooms and potato croquettes.
The Dessert - Crispy Banana Napoleon.

I am still impressed with their menu and service.

Happy February 1st!!!!

Mom’s Easy Lasagna Recipe

It’s been a while since I posted about cooking with Mom. I still have TONS of recipes, and hopefully, more future cooking time with her.

If you don’t know me, let me just say…..cooking is not my thing. Burning is my thing. Spilling is my thing. Sloshing stuff on the stove is my thing….but cooking? Not so much. Your welcome.

However my second Mom, Jason’s Mom, is an amazing cook and a very wonderful person inside and out. Being with her is like getting a great big HUG. You leave feeling loved and like you are a better person from just being around her.

Jason loves to cook. Sydney loves to cook. Mom loves to cook.

Guess who watches, takes pictures, and eats?

That’s me! I love to do all three of those things. And I love Italian food, especially anything pasta-related. Spaghetti is the #1 on my favorite foods list. If you can make a mean spaghetti, I will love you forever.

And this lasagna? Definitely a top ten.

The recipe.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Some of the ingredients.

I wasn’t there for the mixing.

Happily, I was there for the final product.

So do follow the directions, and you will end up with this……

Steaming hot lasagna….

We had this lasagna for dinner tonight. It was DELICIOUS. I am really glad I married a man that cooks (thanks to a mom that taught him). You can only eat TV dinners for so long.

What’s your favorite food?