Freddy Goes For a Ride

Have you met Fred?

He started out as my mom’s dog – my favorite of mom’s twenty dogs. My Oklahoma visits to see them made my trips. Then, mom went into assisted living and could only bring one dog. She picked her favorite little chihuahua and the rest of the dogs went to new homes. Luckily, Fred came to mine. Probably, because I BEGGED my husband with every fiber of my being. It being a super hard sell as we already had a THREE dog rule and only added a third because I convinced him dog number three is a Cat (and since dog three doesn’t bark, it wasn’t a complete fib). But Fred, oh dear little Freddy, he makes four. Four throws off our favorite number – three. And three is such a special number to us for many, many reasons – three tens (our wedding day), three girls (our kids), and our three dogs.

Now, it is four. Funny how different a number sounds. Three sounds like weeeee! But four is so much sterner and harder on the tongue.

But guess what? Averey makes FOUR in girls. So there number three, take that.

The next four is our anniversary date in 2014 – it’s NUMBER FOUR. Four in FOURteen. I like that.

And what I am saying is four is not a bad number. Not a bad number at all. Because number four brought a very unexpected bundle of precious fur to us. Fred changed our number. He changed our lives. Him, with his joie de vivre doggy ways.

I love him more than I should. I favor him, a little, and I adore him – a lot. He gets me. He gets life. He just rolls with it. He is the coolest, happiest little fella I have ever met.

And Fred? He made a big change coming to our house too. His world was the kitchen/dining room. That is where my mom kept him when he lived with her. One room is where he slept and played. She didn’t take him outside, or on walks, or in the car (not the last few years anyway).

And Fred, well, Fred likes to go. He likes to walk, but he LOVES to ride. He is all about paws out the window, head stretched out, and hair whipping in the wind.

So my dear number four – also called buddy, pumpkin pie, stinky boy, fuzzy wuzzy, mister, pumkin lunkin, furry monster, and cute lil’ fella. Here you are in all your doggy glory for all the blog world to see.

This is your ride.

Freddy’s ride.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Start the engine,
give it some care.
As long as it goes,
not a second to spare.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Wind in the willows,
wind in my hair.
A sniff of the world,
and see if I dare.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Heart thumping wild,
mind on the brink.
I am the beast,
who cares what they think.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Raring to go,
raring to live.
Locked up no more,
I got front dibs.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

A pocket of sunshine,
a wing, and a prayer.
Riding so sweet,
like I’m already there.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

I am Freddy the Mighty!
Can you hear my roar?
Fearless and flying outside your front door.

**This post inspired by Freddy’s love of car rides and his photo being picked as a feature for Ellenburg Photography’s Project 52.

You go Freddy, you go.

That’s my boy!

Time goes on

Two years go by, but I’ll never forget. I still remember like it was yesterday. The day we held your service and placed you to rest.

I look back on this day, as if it were crystallized in my mind. The hot August sun. The crispy graveyard grass. The beautiful spray of flowers across your handsome gray casket. I try to be strong for my mom. I know she needs me, but when Charley Pride’s, I’ll fly away, plays at the service. I lose my composure a bit. I have memories of riding in your big yellow Lincoln town car listening to Charley Pride sing, Mountain of Love. The first song I ever heard by him. It was one of those I could hear over and over, as you did when you were seven. You really got a kick out of that. To hear his voice again brought such happy tears, and sad ones.

You flew away – oh glory – to a home on God’s celestial shore. A piece of my heart flew with you – is still with you. Always.

The comfort of today is that you are free, just as your beautiful gravestone says.

    I’m free
    Be not burdened with times of sorrow
    I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
    My life’s been full, I’ve savored much,
    good friends, good times,
    a loved ones touch.
    Lift up your hearts and share with me,
    God wanted me now;
    He set me free.

Father, confidant, supporter, encourager, most patient man in the world – stepfather and treasure. Times goes on….but your memories are alive in my beating heart.

I see the sun and you are in it.

Big Girl to the Big Screen

I’m not a big planner. I’m not. I try to get plans made, but really, I like being spontaneous. Don’t get me wrong. I loooove routines and order. That stuff makes me very happy, but doing something on the fly; throwing a party, grabbing a movie in the afternoon, eating out. Just do it! Just go! It’s an amazing thrill.

I know, I drive Jason CRAZY. He is much slower to the draw. A thinker, a planner, but when I see that window of opportunity….I just can’t help myself, and luckily he plods along with me on all my adventures.

That said, this last weekend – FATHER’S DAY – was not his weekend with the kids. We grieved over it. We did, but we just assumed there was NO WAY we would have them. There was a big fiasco on Easter. We had plans Easter, real plans, and his Ex couldn’t see the kids. I mean paybacks a dog right? He doesn’t grant a favor, she doesn’t grant a favor. It seems that’s the way it goes, from my eyes anyway.

I don’t understand it. I really don’t. Sydney’s Dad and I NEVER had these issues. We never waited to see who was getting the best of who, or if someone was undermining the other. You win some. You lose some, but you do what’s best for the kids and get along. One thing is for certain, when you choose divorce, you are going to miss out on something, and probably something big.

Being around those two are like two prickly porcupines. I can’t hardly stand it. Any moment the needle-like quills are going to fly. I have talked to Jason about just letting it go, and going the extra mile, but he doesn’t want to get walked all over. I can understand that and now, there is no meeting in the middle (yes, folks even after two and half years). Everyone wants their way. Sooooo…..since he doesn’t do what she wants….and what she wants, she thinks is the best way……..therein lies the problem.

I get along with her. I really like her. I mean she is the mother of two precious little people in my life and she picked a great guy to have them with. But I can’t do anything about THEM getting past their issues, and getting along. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work. I can only keep encouraging them to – for the sake of NOT raising alcoholics – PLEASE GET ALONG. Just do it! Be spontaneously different.

But miracle of all miracles, and a big thank-you to her, we get them on Father’s Day. Unplanned. We had TONS of stuff to get done. House work, yard work, organizing, and we had been out of town all last weekend, etc……but, we were so happy to throw it all out the window and PLAY. Yeah!!

I’ve wanted to go to the big movie with the girls for a looooong time. I mean Sydney went at two years old. Mama Michie took her 18 month old little boy. Did you see his smile? Sooo cute.

Bridget is turning FOUR and has never been to a movie for goodness sake. Apparently the wait was so ALL the family could go, including the Mom. I missed Molly’s first movie because I wasn’t invited, but no hard feelings, right? Sniff. Hmph. But, I digress…….

So, here it is – Father’s Day! We get the kids unexpectedly, the Mom had planned to have them, so she wouldn’t have plans other than the kids. Why not go to the MOVIE!!?! Toy Story 3 just came out. It was too good of an opportunity to miss. Perfect timing. Perfect age. The girls had just watched Toy Story 1 and 2 the day before.

Except when we asked, she said she had to work. Huh!? I mean, okay, her distaste for Jason and being around him is quite known. He wasn’t comfortable about it either, I insisted he ask her before he asked the girls, and she declined. But she had the CHOICE (in fact if we are keeping track, I asked her to the Circus, to Mother’s Day service with the girls, to Bethlehem live, and so on and so on – all DECLINED). You’d think I’d get the hint. Huh.

We were not even invited to Molly’s 6th birthday party with her kindergarten class friends. Nor did we even know about Bridget’s birthday party on Saturday. Not a single family member on Jason’s side invited. Not even the Grandma that picks them up for Church every week. So please, I’m sorry, if I don’t feel bad about our decision. I truly believe we tried to do the right thing. It was not at all intentional to hurt her feelings or make her miss out.

We went and had a blast. Bridget’s smile – so friggin’ excited – I love it. She did very, very well. Although, I don’t recommend a 3D movie for a four-year old. She kept smudging her shades, yo.

When asked to smile like she was going to a big girl movie. We got this kind of cheese.

MY FIRST movie with Molly. I told her it was very special. I told EVERY movie with her would be very special to me, because really, unless you see a movie again, it’s your FIRST time, right?

This movie was too cute. I just love Pixar and their imagination with toys. I even got a little teary, darn you Disney!

Oh no! Competition for my popcorn. Maybe this movie thing is not such a good idea. Ha.

Bridget and her Dad on Father’s Day. Another first, and hopefully not the last.

It was the best Father’s Day present he could have gotten, second to the adorable coffee mug the girls made for him.

Unplans. The very best kind. Just do it! Just go!

What I learned today

Making an image icon is not so hard not impossible!

Thanks to SITS girls helpful Saturday sharefest post. I decided to try my hand at my very own button to represent my new group on the Mom Bloggers Club. It’s about connecting life bloggers with other life bloggers. Now I am not saying a giveaway here or there, a review here or there excludes someone, just that the blog itself should have life content that gives insight to the family or blogger. I was finding it difficult to connect to other bloggers on the Mom Bloggers Club that had the same kind of blog as me. So…I started a group.

I made an image and voila!

Clicking on the photo will take you to the group page.

My goal is not to have a super successful popular group. It is only to invite others like me to have a place to go if they want. I don’t blog to get sponsors or make a brand. I just blog for JOY. I read blogs for JOY. I just enJOY it. If you do too, then come join us.


Today is gorgeous outside! I am planning on getting some sunshine. I need a little warmth in my soul. I can’t wait until tomorrow. There is a BIG Easter egg hunt that Grandma Sue is hosting for all the kids after Church. I plan on taking lots of pictures, eating LOTS of chocolate, and just reaping the benefits of children on Easter Sunday. Abundantly joyful with angel lights shining from their precious eyes.

I will remember why Jesus came. He came to destroy hostilities between races, to rescue us, to give us faith, and to show us the worst evil is meant by God for good. Freedom, mercy and love for all. ♥♥♥♥

I will rest my burdens at the foot of the cross. I will bow my head grace filled. My heart softened by his strength. I have hope in my future because of his past. I am forgiven. I am free. I am imperfectly me.

May you be blessed this Easter and always.