Fighting the Funk

Owww, we want the FUNK! Give up the FUNK! Owww, we want the FUNK!-Snoop Dogg

Well, maybe I don’t mean peace funky…..

Maybe I mean junky funky….. from cake, and holiday treats.

Anyone else feel the need to detox? Not just from food, but from the lethargic state of holiday. You know? The one where you just happily proceed through the day….it’s a holiday. I don’t have to do that. I can do what I want. Eat what I want.

Laze around in sweatpants, smacking on chocolates, feet kicked pondering, UM, nothing. Ahhh….

So when Monday rolled around to “normal” , it was a bit of shock to my delicate system. Whuh? OH! It’s back to business is it? Slammed all day at work like you’re a house in Extreme Makeover. Then, I get to head to Dallas to pick up my daughter from the airport.

Hello Love Field my friend. Gimme my daughter and no one gets hurt.

The threat worked. It spit her out like a bad seed. SCARY how well I know this airport.

My little child (the Sushi Monster) is jonesing for Sushi. Well, DARN. 🙂

From the airport we take the freeway south. We are admiring the gorgeous downtown Dallas skyline  – look at the pretty ball. The freeway is fairly peaceful and open. I am thanking my stars it’s not downtown Houston.  Death grip on the steering wheel, foaming at the mouth as drivers zoom past, shaking the car wildly –  waiting – for that one half second when the back end is plowed under and we are left on the freeway broken. Yeah, not a fan of driving in Houston.

This is so much better. Light traffic. Nice midnight blue sky. The moon is shining. The downtown buildings are still sporting their Christmas dos. I’m so grateful, and relaxed, feeling the holiday fuzz buzz of funk coming back. That’s when I remember….I FORGOT to pay rent. It’s the 4th. I’m a day late. Whuhh, whoops?

When work didn’t succeed in popping the holiday bliss bubble, then that sure did. Prick. Guess what folks? Back to the real world. You know the one where you have to do stuff. Like pay rent. And take kids to school. No more presents. No more candy.

After Sushi, I pay my penance. I take the drive to Fort Worth to drop a check in the box.

Dallas and Fort Worth are not close. If you are taking notes, you’d note – I already drove to Dallas.

Contrary to popular belief, they are a good 30-40 miles apart depending on where you are driving from and to.  From where I live, it takes an hour to drive to West Fort Worth and back.

Are we there yet?

Sleep was late. I had strange out-of-body floating dreams. (?)

Day two of, in-your-face, it’s not a holiday anymore. I wake up early to take Sydney to school. I grog my way to work. I am in serious need of de-funking. I need my groove back, my energy, my git r done!

Then I found out. I won on three giveaways! Yes! This happened in ONE day! I don’t enter very many and I am newish to giveaways. In fact, I had just stated on Mom Bloggers Club thread about what I hope to get out blogging  in 2010. My statement was that… I’d like to get more involved in giveaways and learn more about them.

Hey, hey, hey! Ask and you shall receive. I must say. It’s very nice to win. What’s even nicer? Meeting other bloggers and their blogs. And even nicer than that? Getting blog awards. YES I DID. But I’ve been hoarding them like a troll in a dark cave. There, there my pretties. Thing is, it’s time to bring them out and bedazzle you.

But…it will have to wait just a wee bit longer. I want it to be  special. Super special. Like my 100th post kind of special. Why? Because that’s what my bloggy friends deserve.

My 2010? Is picking up speed now. I am zooming right along. I plan to be a bridezilla formulate wedding details. I discovered The Knot Website. Why yes, I do plan on being an irritating, giddy bride-to-be (gag) with a wedding website. Because you only get married once twice to the most incredible man in the world one time.

In a Church.

In an actual planned Christian ceremony.

With ALL your friends and family (I hope? Email me your address?

So funk with no groove? Back off and hit up some moss under a rock. I got stuff to do. It’s time to get down.

P!NK all the above

I got a lot of comments, on Facebook,  about how lucky I was to win concert tickets to P!NK last night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Luck? Blessings? Fate? I always like pondering those. Could it be all the above?

First, maybe it was luck? My name was drawn out of a hat of three names. Maybe it was fate? Since I have, a 15 yr old, daughter I could take. Maybe, I was blessed? Spending time with my best friend from Junior High who lives a mile down the road.  I don’t get to see her near as often as I would like. *different circles, busy, busy lives*

Thing is, the way it worked out so perfectly? It could only be, a little of,  all the above.

I won the tickets out of drawing but,  when the American Airlines rep came by to drop them off, she surprisingly,  had two other sets of tickets. The other two names in the hat also got tickets. Everyone wins! *gotta love that*

I had planned on attending with my daughter. We enjoy P!NK. She is not the norm. She speaks her mind,  and there is something to respect about that,  whether you agree with her or not. I knew, back in 1995, when she was competing with Christina, Brittany and Jessica, that SHE was going to be the one still standing long, long after their careers slowed down. I was partly right since Brittany is still extremely famous -albeit notoriously- compared to P!NK; the rebel. *would have never expected THAT back in the day when Brittany was still pure?*

Turns out, the next day, one of  the other co-workers that got the tickets? She has the flu and can’t go. They ask ME if I’d like TWO more tickets to P!NK! Her two tickets were rightnext to my two seats. Uhhh, YES!

My best friend from Junior High,  and her 19yr old daughter agree to join us. I couldn’t be happier about that,  especially, since I was asking them the day of the concert. Off we go to P!NK! We decide to take the train, from just south of the DFW airport,  to Dallas. It’s called the TRE.

I live in Arlington, Texas. Home of the Cowboys new stadium, home of the Texas Rangers baseball team and ballpark, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, UTA of Arlington hosting 25,000 students, and MOST importantly the LARGEST city in the United States with NO public transportation. WHAT!?! Yep, that’s right. NONE. I digress.

We trek about 15mins away to a square of land officials deem Fort Worth (actually Fort Worth is 30miles to the west). Don’t ask. I have no idea but it is so. That square mile (*cough*American Airlines headquarters*cough*) is Fort Worth and Fort Worth has public transportation. A BIG two story train called the TRE. Wee!

I have never been on the TRE before. I get queasy on small trains, but I was willing to try it. Avoid driving in Dallas, fighting traffic, and paying to park? Who gets train sick?  Not me! I’ll admit, the first time I do something is usually a fumble. Let’s call it my charm. I confidently do what I think is right and hope for the best.  If it doesn’t turn out right? Well then, I just go with the flow. I don’t stress. It will work it’s way out and HEY I’ll know better next time. *aren’t I fun?*

Purchasing the wrong tickets was one of my falter moments right off the bat. *why dawdle* I got Zone 1, should have been ALL Zone. Yeah, my friends got Zone 1 too. My bad. My second falter was not knowing which side of the track we should wait for the train on (pssst the EASTbound side). Did I mention I am directionally dysfunctional?? Hey,  it would have helped if they had signs, and maps, or something. Thank goodness they didn’t check tickets.

So, the plan was, follow the girls with PINK hair! It worked! We made it in 15mins via train (Sydney said it looked  like the Harry Potter train) no hassle of PARKING. Two minute walk to the arena. Phhhs! We made it look easy. *I am absolutely doing that again*

The Ting Tings played first. Great beats. I realized on the first song that I had that song on my iPhone,  Great DJ, awesome song to run or bike to. The group consisted of two people. Guy playing the drums and the girl singing and playing guitar. That was quite catchy. Punky, cool and fun, perfect openers for P!NK.

P!NK came out somewhere around my cell battery being at 20% left 9ish.  The stage set was fantastic! They had six screens above the stage in all different sizes. The screens constantly played P!NK video, or the stage show happenings live , lights, scenery,  or other pictures; all framed digitally. It was pretty slick. The stage had stairs,  and two slides, lots of dancers, plus a lounge bed type thing. There was a runway out to the middle of the arena. P!NK came out of a trap door, at the end of the runway being raised up, by rope over the whole stage with feathers trailing down from her skirt. Pretty dramatic!

The latest P!NK album, I got last year when it came out. I liked every song. Jason and I had broken up.  I was angry, lost, and confused. Here comes P!NK with an album, just after a break up from her husband (they got back together too). She was mad and  hurt. Her songs were emotional and I related so well. One song was fierce,  SO WHAT, one song was desperate,  Please don’t leave me. Many of the songs cycled, like I did, it really was a release to me to listen to this music. Her music. Her pain. My pain.

Obviously, her music touches a lot of people in that same way. She touches our darkness, our suffering, what we hide and don’t want to show the world but she does. She brings it out in song. No, she is not a Christian artist that so many of my friends listen to. She is different. She taps our vulnerabilities and what we don’t understand sometimes. Something, God puts in all of us, maybe so we can relate more to the broken and the hurt when we need to. That’s how it seemed for me at least.

I was surprised how those feelings, from those hellish two months, bubbled to the surface so quickly. It shocked me a little bit and it took me a while to process.  I was able to let them go,  as I was captured by her performances again, again with each song.  How at ease she was.  How talented. Her voice soared the entire night without fail.  She gave it her all every note. Her smile, absolutely stunning.

She IS a  Rockstar, but like a Rockstar that you could hang with and not feel uncomfortable. That impressed me.

After the concert, I checked Wikipedia to learn more about her. Interesting life, just as I thought. Cinderella story.  Check it out, if you get a chance.

In the end, what a great concert. All the above applied. I was blessed by her voice and energy,  fated to be there with my friends,  and lucky to enjoy it all with the zest of life.

To a devoted family on Labor Day

I love my family. It’s not often that all four of us, me, my two brothers, and my sister,  plus our Mom are all in one place -besides a wedding or funeral. Now that we are adults, we are scattered. We have our own lives and our own ways of navigating them. It’s HARD to get together, especially when you don’t live in the same town.

My sister lives in Houston, just south, in a town called Friendswood. One of my brothers lives in Jenks, near Tulsa. My oldest brother, lives in the town we were born in, Ada. It’s funny that both sisters are in Texas, both brothers are in Oklahoma. ALL of us work full-time, and have families. I can easily say it’s near impossible for all us to get together with all the kids and our mom. IMPOSSIBLE.

When we do, it’s like the paparazzi with all the camera flash bulbs. We have to record those moments. I live for those times, not only because I get to see my brothers and sister, but because I can see my mom’s face brilliant with pleasure. The gratification she gets from our growth, from our our lives, from our children born. The honor it brings her to touch and hug every one of them. How exceptional. How rare.

This weekend, I witnessed an event similar to my family but with Jason’s family. We had an impromptu cook out. It came together very quickly without hardly any notice. His stepbrother’s girlfriend sent me a message on Facebook asking if we were doing anything for the Labor day holiday. This was on Sunday night about 8pm.

Actually, we weren’t doing anything, which sounded blissful and concerning at the same time.  Shortly after her message, he found out he would get to keep the girls from 11am-7pm. O happy day!!! THAT lead to an all out  celebration and wasn’t it just natural that we wanted to throw a party? *like we do every time the girls are around we celebrate every moment*

So, just like that, a  party was born. A cookout. A celebration with both of his brothers, step brother, step-brothers girlfriend Beth, his Mom , Step-dad and ALL the kids (8 of them). Additionally, my neice Jaelynn came as well as my daughter and some dear friends on the cusp of their wedding, Lonnie and Rachael. The only one unable to come was his step-sister Kim, with her baby Landon, who was ill.

This kind of celebrating calls for some big activities. We got out the water slide. Oh yeeeaah. It’s about 20 feet tall, has a generator to keep it aired up and a water hose shooting out of top to slick it up for sliding. The kids climb it from built in foot holds then slide down barrell down it pell mell, shrieking to a splash at the bottom. *man to be kid again*


Seriously this thing is AWESOME!

It is pure entertainment just to WATCH them in all their glory. We even had a big blow up pool, off to the side, just in case THIS wasn’t enough fun.

Hold up a second, can I brag on Jason’s backyard? It’s gorgeous, peaceful, and tree-shaded (mostly).  I got the pleasure of gardening there this year. Amazing. It is a HAVEN of mine and his. I have a garden post that I will share very soon with all the flowers. Next year, I hope to do fairy garden with the girls.

Ah, but back to the cook out and the reason for this post.

A cook out in a great back yard with family.

Family. To witness this families love for each other. The way they gather last minute without blinking an eye. The children enjoying the merriment of romping with their cousins. It is such a prize to behold.

Nothing is a coincidence. Not your family, not where you live, not who your parents are, who crossed paths with you, who your ex is, who your children are, where you work, go to school, you reading this. NOTHING. There is a purpose, a reason, a meaning behind it all.

This post is about seeing a wonderful family come together. Seeing the heart and soul of a family soaring and relishing time. As each cousin chased another, up and down the slide, their eyes were a thousand twinkling stars. Their laughs, a song of delight so sweet to the ears.

I have no doubt, that, all of them living in the same city is NO coincidence. It was God breathed. Their mother has a SOUL full of love. She would be swallowed by it – if she were not able to pour it out onto her grandchildren,  her sons, and her daughter-in-laws. They soak it up and they shine. They shine her light. Her love.

Witnessing their togetherness is a great joy of mine.  I can stand back and appreciate the greatness of it. I can’t imagine ANY of them living anywhere else. It would be a shame. This is where they belong.

If Jason or his girls had ended up in Massachusetts, where their mother is from, I can not imagine how different this picture would have been. It took all them to make it just right. It’s what God wanted from the beginning. I just know it.

The cook out continued inside for some family fun Rock Band which was jamming. I got some pictures on my other camera that I don’t have here, but will add to this soon because it’s too good to miss, especially a five year old boy, who head bangs perfectly to Metallica.

Life. Love. Laughter. It’s what I live for. I watch for those moments and I saw it on Labor Day. It was everything I relish and more.  It makes me more grateful for those rare times with my family. It makes my heart smile.

Here’s hoping your Labor Day was as incredible as mine. Enjoy the “short” week.

It’s what is inside that counts

I have an eighteen year old living inside me. I really do. Who would have thought she was still inside just waiting for the right moment to come out?

All it took was a double margarita, 80’s dance music, and friends from high school to have her reveal herself in all her glory. It was great timing. I would not have wanted to be a I-don’t-remember-how-to-dance-thirty-seven year old at my ONLY twenty reunion. I am so glad those club days came in handy.

This twenty year reunion was wonderful. We gathered for the afternoon with families first. It gave us a chance to see each other and catch up for a bit. Meet the kids before our “adult” night later. All the kids were adorable. It was great to see all the families. So many of the kids look like their parents and got to hear our crazy school stories.

Later that night we gathered for a steak dinner at Fossil Creek Ranch. Everyone looked very nice. We got to mingle and watch the photo slide show of school days play. Drink cocktails and laugh at all the pictures. I heard many comments of “Where did they find these pictures?” HA. I’ll never tell. It was great fun. Bittersweet to look forward and back.

Our last class reunion was our 13th year. I know 13 not 10, our class was always a little uhh different. I don’t remember it very well. I was with my boyfriend Steve at the time. He was very jealous and paranoid so I couldn’t exactly “mingle”. I shared time with a few old girlfriends but don’t remember actually greeting everyone. Boy was this time different!

First off , I have an incredible boyfriend who engineered pretty much the whole slide show I helped HIM create. Secondly, he had no problem “mingling” while I went off greeting EVERYONE. If I saw someone but didn’t have a chance to greet them at the moment, I went back and found them later and gave them a BIG hug. It was wonderful to know THIS time I didn’t miss out. I didn’t hold back. I didn’t second guess anything. I hugged and I greeted and I genuinely LOVED every minute of it and no one got mad or jealous.

I always felt I was an all around person in high school. I tried to hide my grades because I didn’t want anyone to think I was smart(ha that was easy). It was quite the surprise my sophomore year when I won a computer programming award which I totally blew off as luck and my step dad being a programmer. I did go to scholastic meets in Family Living of all things which was really fun. I even won 3rd place at a meet. I was on student council and in the French Club. My senior year I made cheerleader which I had tried out for EVERY year but there were so few spots it as hard to make until then (five seniors left that year). I will say my tenacity paid off. It was a great experience for me to keep trying and not give up on my dream. Come to find out at the reunion , several of us cheerleaders, still remember CHEERS which was pretty hilarious.

I really did try to be nice to everyone in school and no I did not always succeed. Dava was a special ed student. She seemed to be the bearer of much teasing. She bravely came to the reunion , fearful we would all still be mean to her, which broke my heart. I gave her extra hugs. She put me down on her paper as most changed. Yes Dava I probably was most changed to you because I was so much nicer. You are a very sweet and dear lady my friend. I am grateful that we can grow and change and mature past those terrible ways we acted in school. *Why do children pick on children different from them?*

After dinner and drinks downstairs we went to the HEAT of good ole Oklahoma summers. The DJ did his best but no one was dancing at first. We held rewards for longest distance traveled, most tattoos, longest married, most children, and most changed. It was fun (and not surprising) who won. After that everyone was a bit looser and not only did the dancing start but the karaoke as well. Eventually ipods were hooked up and all the old 80’s favorites were played. My 18yr came out and we finished the night off dancing as if no one was watching.

What a great reunion. Connecting with old friends. Remembering good times. Relishing each moment that will never happen again.

Can’t wait for the next one and I think I’ll keep that 18yr old handy a little more often than 20yrs later.

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
Live like it’s heaven on earth.