Fighting the Funk

Owww, we want the FUNK! Give up the FUNK! Owww, we want the FUNK!-Snoop Dogg

Well, maybe I don’t mean peace funky…..

Maybe I mean junky funky….. from cake, and holiday treats.

Anyone else feel the need to detox? Not just from food, but from the lethargic state of holiday. You know? The one where you just happily proceed through the day….it’s a holiday. I don’t have to do that. I can do what I want. Eat what I want.

Laze around in sweatpants, smacking on chocolates, feet kicked pondering, UM, nothing. Ahhh….

So when Monday rolled around to “normal” , it was a bit of shock to my delicate system. Whuh? OH! It’s back to business is it? Slammed all day at work like you’re a house in Extreme Makeover. Then, I get to head to Dallas to pick up my daughter from the airport.

Hello Love Field my friend. Gimme my daughter and no one gets hurt.

The threat worked. It spit her out like a bad seed. SCARY how well I know this airport.

My little child (the Sushi Monster) is jonesing for Sushi. Well, DARN. 🙂

From the airport we take the freeway south. We are admiring the gorgeous downtown Dallas skyline  – look at the pretty ball. The freeway is fairly peaceful and open. I am thanking my stars it’s not downtown Houston.  Death grip on the steering wheel, foaming at the mouth as drivers zoom past, shaking the car wildly –  waiting – for that one half second when the back end is plowed under and we are left on the freeway broken. Yeah, not a fan of driving in Houston.

This is so much better. Light traffic. Nice midnight blue sky. The moon is shining. The downtown buildings are still sporting their Christmas dos. I’m so grateful, and relaxed, feeling the holiday fuzz buzz of funk coming back. That’s when I remember….I FORGOT to pay rent. It’s the 4th. I’m a day late. Whuhh, whoops?

When work didn’t succeed in popping the holiday bliss bubble, then that sure did. Prick. Guess what folks? Back to the real world. You know the one where you have to do stuff. Like pay rent. And take kids to school. No more presents. No more candy.

After Sushi, I pay my penance. I take the drive to Fort Worth to drop a check in the box.

Dallas and Fort Worth are not close. If you are taking notes, you’d note – I already drove to Dallas.

Contrary to popular belief, they are a good 30-40 miles apart depending on where you are driving from and to.  From where I live, it takes an hour to drive to West Fort Worth and back.

Are we there yet?

Sleep was late. I had strange out-of-body floating dreams. (?)

Day two of, in-your-face, it’s not a holiday anymore. I wake up early to take Sydney to school. I grog my way to work. I am in serious need of de-funking. I need my groove back, my energy, my git r done!

Then I found out. I won on three giveaways! Yes! This happened in ONE day! I don’t enter very many and I am newish to giveaways. In fact, I had just stated on Mom Bloggers Club thread about what I hope to get out blogging  in 2010. My statement was that… I’d like to get more involved in giveaways and learn more about them.

Hey, hey, hey! Ask and you shall receive. I must say. It’s very nice to win. What’s even nicer? Meeting other bloggers and their blogs. And even nicer than that? Getting blog awards. YES I DID. But I’ve been hoarding them like a troll in a dark cave. There, there my pretties. Thing is, it’s time to bring them out and bedazzle you.

But…it will have to wait just a wee bit longer. I want it to be  special. Super special. Like my 100th post kind of special. Why? Because that’s what my bloggy friends deserve.

My 2010? Is picking up speed now. I am zooming right along. I plan to be a bridezilla formulate wedding details. I discovered The Knot Website. Why yes, I do plan on being an irritating, giddy bride-to-be (gag) with a wedding website. Because you only get married once twice to the most incredible man in the world one time.

In a Church.

In an actual planned Christian ceremony.

With ALL your friends and family (I hope? Email me your address?

So funk with no groove? Back off and hit up some moss under a rock. I got stuff to do. It’s time to get down.