The 5 Ways I Put My Dogs To Shame

  • 1) I made them the most ridiculous signs to wear.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

  • 2) I set them in front of my best camera to share their stains with the world.
  • © Angelia's Phtography 2014

  • 3) When they didn’t look properly chastised for the photo. I reminded them of their indiscretions by pointing and shaking my finger.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

  • 4) I used special lighting, props, and wardrobe to add drama and flair to their event.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

    © Angelia's Photographym 2014

  • 5) I am posting them on my blog, my Facebook Photography page, and entering my favorite into a special contest at work.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

    And that is how you do it. Five easy ways to humiliate your pets.

    Are they properly mortified? I’ll let you be the judge.

    My dear pets…I am not afraid to put you on the spot in front of the world wide web.

    Besides, I think you look pretty darn cute ashamed.

    © Angelia's Photography 2014

    Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up?

    I think it is time we out these imposters.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    Santa #1 – Beard is too bright. Scared look in his eye. If that beard comes off, I have no idea where he will run to, but it looks like he is checking for quick exits.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    Santa #2 – Real beard, soft hold, and a merriness to his red costume. He looks pretty comfortable. I don’t think he is going anywhere.

    Not only can this Santa stand up, but he can hold babies, blow bubbles, tell stories, do magic tricks and laugh with all his might in a… Ho! Ho! Ho!

    He brings presents in his big red bag. He has a special bubble that he holds in his hand and he can see alllllll the children in the world. Remember that kids, he is watching.

    Let’s recap once more.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography
    Ousted by a three-month old and he knows it.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    A gift of sweet peace cuddled in the arms of Mr. Claus himself.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    Even cute baby can’t resist being captivated by Santa’s charm and stories.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    True Santa takes his leave (who I happen to know as Uncle David – shhhhhhh!). But everyone knows he is the real one. And to the good Church Santa….truly sorry about your beard. I think Averey still has a few strands in her baby claw. Oops.

    One week until Christmas! I have been frantic to prepare, and yet, I am still so behind. At least it is mostly on wrapping at this point. I pray you are all wrapping yours up to and this post finds you well and ready for the Big Day!

    Last call, because she is so cute no matter which Santa she sees. And because, my blog friend Rommel does this, and I love it. Visit him here as he is recapping the best of his featured blogs this year (maybe I made the list!).

    © 2013 Angelia's Photograpy
    Averey and Grampie

    You know if a Santa isn’t holding Cute Baby a grandparent is.

    The Mustache Family Halloween Portraits

    It’s not every day the Mustache Family takes a photo.

    Normally a shy family, mustaches and all, we have to be careful who we show our mugs to.

    I mean, we like us….

    And we don’t think we are weird… all.

    We are, simply, one big happy mustache family (with a bit of googly-eyed-secret-agent-pirate-mixed-in).

    We are us.

    And being us? It’s not soooo bad.

    The new normal they speak of?

    And maybe, we don’t share our great googly madness often enough.

    But, when we do? It’s on this holiday. I think we are worth the wait, right?

    At this very moment, we are prepping our fur family to join the mustache clan.
    They are working extremely hard to adapt to our strange ways art of mustache coolness (with a twist). Heh.

    They have the look.

    They have the fur.

    I think all they need…..

    …is the stache.

    Happy Halloween from our family to yours. Boo!

    Disclaimer: No pets were harmed in the making of this post…..maybe slightly embarrassed?….but well-compensated with treats.

    Lucky the Lizard

    Lucky the Lizard lives in a tree,

    Never a fella as lucky as he.

    Luck in the morning.

    And luck in the eve.

    A luck like this lizard, not a one could believe.

    One day Lucky lizard took a trip far away.

    He wanted to see sights, and have his heyday.

    What could possibly happen to the chillest alive?

    Through stones, bricks, and branches he jigged and he jived.

    Lucky ol’ lizard climbed up a doorway.

    Nothing and no one could get in his way.

    He slithered and withered, straight up did he climb.

    A journey of ages, what could be more sublime?

    As luck would have it, he snoozed and he cruised.

    To his next adventure, with nary a bruise.

    The luck of this lizard just couldn’t be beat.

    My poor Puppy Anna missed out on a treat.

    And Perhaps, he went on to do commercials. Heh.

    Look, another entry to The Daily Post Silhouette Challenge.