Birthday treasures

Happy Birthday week to me!

Oh yaaaah, every year just gets better and better.
Every age gets better and better.
Every birthday is better and better.

Birthdays are definitely not a disappointment to me. I ensure that I have the best birthday in the world and guess what? It works!

This year my birthday week started with my own personal gift.
An iPhone 3Gs. Oh my. Oh wow. Oh Lordy is it cool.  What a wonder. Incredibly,  it only increased my phone bill by $15.00 dollars! I am fascinated by this phone for a number of reasons (facebook, email, games, internet, bible scriptures) but part of the wonder is considering what Carl would think of this gadget. Oh, he put a love of all gadgetry in my blood. From his building of computers to his robots. He was a fascinator of gadgetry. He gifted me that love at an early age (that and jewelry ha).

Any gadget I wanted HE made sure I had. When I was 13 and began writing horror short stories (Stephen King fan anyone?)  he gave me a word processor. A word processor was pretty fancy for 1984. When I started running in 2006, he bought me a Garmin that goes on my wrist and tracks your speed, distance and route. I was definitely a hi-tech runner.  In 2007, it was my very own Dell Laptop which totally made up for not having cable. Now that he is gone, I guess you could say I am upholding my end of the gadget bargain.  He would be so proud.  *Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you instilled in me*

I bought the iPhone 3Gs partly because Jason owns the first model that I really liked. Secondly, because I can’t think of a single thing I would have wanted more. The cool geek factor is not contestable.  I praise the makers of this invention every time I pick it up and connect to the internet via a device you hold in the palm of your hand (the PALM of your hand!!!).
Unreal!!! * Beam me up Scotty*

I have many other treasures scheduled.

Wednesday, I will take my lovely daughter to Six Flags. Friday is Sushi Night with Jason. Saturday is celebrating at the Gaylord Hotel (massage–aaah heaven!). Sunday is my actual birthday and what gets better than that??? My birthday is on a SUNDAY! And since I already did Syd’s school shopping no tax free weekend chaos. YAY!

No day is exempt from celebrating. No day can hide. Shine on dear birthday week. SHINE on!