Stuck in the 70’s

I was born in the 70’s.

My Dad listened to the 60’s & 70’s my entire life. I can remember banging on the door to his house and unable to be louder than the music he had blaring….70’s Music.

But that was back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and Dad passed a couple of years ago.

His favorite music is still going strong.

I got Sirius Satellite Radio in the KIA Soul I drive. The stereo sounds Ah-mazing. Those hamsters have a reason for dancing!

And I happened upon this station.

Station 7 of the 70’s.


And it reminds me of my dad (who I miss!).

I hear the music, and I picture his house, and his room. I see him nodding his head to the beat.

And now, I can’t seem to turn the station. The 70’s blast through my speakers and it moves me in so many ways.


From Barry White to ABBA to Led Zepplin. I can’t get enough.

I am in love with this decade where I’m pretty sure I boogied my little legs off.

Me in the 70’s

I totally look like I could get down.

So that’s where I was then and where I am now………I tend to go through genres every few months. I’ve been through the 80’s, 90’s, 2K, Christian, Pop, Heavy Metal, and Disney.

But right now, I’ll just go with station 7 and shake my groove thing around town.

I’m sure I’ll move on grow up eventually.

Just let me have my fun for now, mkay? Then, I’ll pass the fever to my daughter. Ha!

What’s your favorite beat right now? Do you tend to move through genres?