The Summer of Swim

I learned to swim when I was three years old. Mom took me and my brothers to Wintersmith Pool for swim lessons. Oh, they were eaarrrrly on Summer morning, but once we got in the water, none of us cared. Lucky for me the tadpoles did not last long and I paddled my way up to ducks. My brother skipped ducks all together. They put him in intermediate class because he could swim across the Olympic-size pool…at five.

This pool had one of those super high-dives. We all jumped off it. We swam and swam and swam. Mostly underwater, which is still my favorite way to swim.

I love swimming. There is something about the cool deep blue that tucks you in. Silencing your thoughts in the deep quiet. Illuminating wonder by the cascading rays of light. And then the sheer challenge of swimming. Who can go the farthest, the fastest, and with the least amount of breath.

When I was ten, we moved to a house with a pool AND a spring diving board. With my birthday in the summer we had the best pool parties and I had the BEST summers. For me that is what summer was all about – swimming. Every day. Back and forth the length of the pool. Backwards, forwards, and upside down. I could spend hours by myself making up games, dives, and flips all the while swimming, swimming, swimming.

I think that is why I love summer so much. Yes, it is HOT. It is cloudless, and dry. The grass is crunchy brown. My flowers hate me, and the mosquitos….ugggghh!

Despite ALL that, I still love it. Because summer means swimming.

Sydney learned to swim at three as well. A self-taught little booger. I don’t even know how it happened. All I know is we were walking in the shallow water of the kids pool. I look down and she is swimming right along – underwater.


I’ve been bummed that the little girls haven’t learned to swim. This last summer, they had to have floaties, and arms near-by. They would hardly take them off even in the shallow. Neither of them would go underwater. At! All! Didn’t want to get their face wet, or chlorine in their eyes.

Ohhhh, it was maddening, but I knew when they were ready and with instruction. Those girls would swim. And they would LOVE it.

It took two lessons.

Day 1 – Not loving the water so much.

Day 2 – Swimming under water.

Day 3 – More swimming under water and we have photos by my dear friend Tammy (it’s her beautiful daughter doing the lessons).

And with that, I declare this year The Summer of Swim!

Drop your life vests. It’s go time.

Yay, girls!!!

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H2O: two parts Heart and one part Obsession. ~Author Unknown

The BIG News

Since the day she first told me she was pregnant, there have been two questions I desperately wanted to know:

When was the baby due?

Luckily, the first one was very easy to pinpoint from tons of due date calculators online. I did two things right after she told me, called my gyno’s office to make an appointment and googled when her due date would be. September 1st was the winner (and the doctor confirmed). September will be here before we know it. And I must say, that is sooooo close to my birthday, August 23rd. Maybe, just maybe, I will have an early birthday present.

The other burning question at the time…what would it be?

Girl or Boy?

After a loooooonnnng 22 weeks…….I, finally, know the answer.

I must admit…I was Team Pink all they way.
Week 16 - Project 52 - Sweet

Which to some…is very surprising. I have a girl, two bonus girls, and three of my four dogs are girls. Why in the world would I want to have another girl in the family?

It’s simply really…

The clothes. Oh my gosh, the cute pink, and ruffly clothes.

The sweetness. Well, that is any baby, but tiny pierced ears, dresses, and wearing my mom’s baby ring kind of sweetness.

The fact that my girl gets to know what it is like to have a girl and experience the unbreakable bond of mother and daughter.

Brandon will have his little Daddy’s girl. Which we all know….is something else!

We couldn’t be happier (and would have LOVED having a boy if it had been). It was a win, win either way.

I should have known by the sonogram photo.

© Angelia's Photography

The girl has our nose. It is plain as day. And she is not a morning girl (just like me and Sydney). In the ultrasound room, the tech had to wake her up. She was snuggled up snoozing. After banging on Sydney’s belly, she finally rolled over, yawned REAL big, and then started sucking her thumb. Oh yes, that’s our girl all right. Sydney had three pacifiers when she was little. One for each hand and one for her mouth. I sucked my thumb until I started kindergarten.

We got our first girl outfit when Jason came back from dropping the girls off at their Mom’s. A sweet little baby sundress with an adorable white sweater cover. What did I tell ya? Sweetness! I think the girl’s mom is just as excited as we are. Another girl to go with all the girls.

I bought my first baby girl outfit too.

© Angelia's Photography

I just couldn’t resist. How perfect is that. The girl will be the most photographed baby EVER. I need to start exercising my shutter finger. She will be here before we know it.


And yes, names are being thrown around, but nothing is decided yet. Apparently, the only names discussed previously were for a boy. Um, Surprise!

I will share all the amazing Gender Reveal party photos soon. We had an outstanding photographer there and it wasn’t me.

Long Day…

Tacked to the end of a super busy weekend. One that had me up late every night, and one of the days driving a good six hours.

I have filled up my gas tank THREE times in the last three days.

I am exhausted, and really thankful it is a short work week (although those tend to be looong.. if you know what I mean).

I do work on Friday. No shopping for this girl. After work, we are driving to my sister’s in Houston.

The girls are screaming for the beach and Aunt Deedy’s house.

Aunt Deedy’s house is the best. It’s warm and cozy. It has an upstairs with a play room, and besides, Aunt Deedy is just fun.

She loves to spoil dark-headed little girls.

Dark-headed little girls love to be spoiled. It’ll be a short trip, but well-worth the visit.

I found some photos from last year.

Listening to the piano from the stairs.

Beach time.

Loving the ocean.

Getting sandy and wet while having a ball.

About to roast marshmallows in the backyard.

Sometimes, it gets cold in Houston (or dark, that works too). Hopefully, it will again. S’mores!

So that is what I am looking forward to……

Just have to get through the week.

Are you working this week or traveling?

Facebook Teenage Angst

Back in my teen years there was no Facebook. No immediate social interaction with boys across the country, or globe. At the most you could be pen pals, remember those?


But if you didn’t like them anymore, or moved on to the next pen pal romance… big deal. Just stop writing. This was the 80’s.



Facebook completely changed things. You have immediate connections. Friends in common. Pictures to peruse and many, many other crush worthy items from her bio, to music, to interests. She likes silly bandz, she likes COOKING, she likes Hot Topic, and the mall. We are just alike….I Facebook HEART her. The boy creeps hard on her page, and her online hangouts. They can be from the same town, school, or even from across the country; like New Jersey.

From the Facebook platform communication can progress to text messaging, chat, and skype.

Then, when a teenage girl decides she doesn’t like a crushing boy. How does she lose this creep? It’s very similar to my day. Just stop texting skyping chatting talking facebooking. Simple.

Not so simple for him. He is still crushing on his Facebook teen idol.

Her. My daughter.

But she has moved on and is not looking back.

Teenage angst ensues.


And you would think that is the end. Crush over. He moves on.

But, noooooo!

See, Facebook gives you the option of listing your PARENTS on your Facebook page and if there is one thing a teenage crushing boy knows is his stalked’s page forwards and backwards (because he creeps it).

The boy emails the mom. In this case, ME.

And what could he possibly say?

He says, “Sydney is in a bad place and is cutting herself.”


Oh, and please don’t tell her he sent me a Facebook message. He is just trying to get her in trouble save her.

I’ll admit, I had a bit of angst myself. Did I know my child? Was she EMO? Was I missing something? Was I completely freakin’ BLIND?

Um. No.

This girl cries from a scratch that doesn’t break the skin. She points, and points to a tiny mark. I squint to see it but can’t. Mooommmm, it hurts. What hurts? I can’t see a thing!

Cutting? I don’t think so.

But I did learn something. Teenage crushes snuffed on Facebook cause great ANGST.

Poor guy.

It was pretty sneaky to facebook message the parent listed on her page. But, I didn’t fall for it. And he is soooo busted. Please, move on to your next victim crush. Sydney is just fine.

I don’t just Facebook with her. I live with her.

I know I sound old, but my how times have changed….

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