Shy Baby Chubba Cheeks

Two summers ago, these two little girls came unexpectedly into my life. Unexpected because I did NOT want to date anyone who had children. Not because of the children, I love kids. It’s the other parent I have problems with and that messy situation is a little too much, so I thought. There’s plenty of single childless men in the sea, right?

But…….the man upstairs had other plans (and isn’t that JUST what I get for thinking that?).

I am glad he knows better than I, because what I would have missed……. here they come two big-eyed dark headed shy little girls into my heart. I met Molly before Bridget and talked about it in her birthday post here.

I met Bridget a few days after her 2nd birthday, July 4th. It was in the garage. Jason had pulled the Commander in and was getting them out of the car. She was clinging to her daddy like a little monkey. Her head on his big shoulder, her arms tight around him. All I could see were those chubba cheeks with pigtails.

Bridget on the right, at almost two years old.

She didn’t smile. She didn’t laugh, just ducked her head not looking at me. But oh! She was precious. She was a BABY. I couldn’t believe how little she was. I, like any normal person, wanted to squeeze her to death, and pinch her little cheeks. But she would have none of me. That’s okay. One thing I am, is VERY patient.

We trekked to a ridge in Fort Worth to set up chairs to watch fireworks, since Dad had three chairs, a blanket, and a cooler to tote. Guess who got her hands on chubba cheeks? Squeee!

Up we went and got settled. She wasn’t so afraid of me after that. She sat in the chair next to me and stuffed her little chubba cheeks with peanuts. Fascinating how many they could hold.

We had a good time and she even let me carry her down the hill back to the car. But let me tell you something. Steep hill + flip-flops + child in arms + plus four-year old child in hand = FALL.

Yep, I fell. She cried, and really didn’t want much to do with me after that. Can you blame her?

She stayed Daddy’s girl for a long, long time….

Until I was safe…..and she was sure I was safe, ha!

I think it was October 2009 when our breakthrough occurred. She let me carry her after the State Fair, and she would NOT go to Daddy, or let him hold her. Only me. I had arrived in shy baby’s world.

Today, life with her is amazing. She is the kindest, sweetest baby girl. She gives the best hugs, the best cheesy grins, and she will pat and rub to her heart’s content as she lays her head down in comfort next to mine.

Shy baby chubba chubba cheeks, how I adore you. Your smile lights my world and your heart sings the sweetest song to mine.

Happy, Happy Fourth Birthday! My how you have grown into a BEAUTIFUL little girl.

Feel Good Friday

I saw this meme a few weeks ago over at Erika’s place and I just fell in love with it. Happy I can do, and I promised, I would take part one day soon.

Now…… *drumroll please*……’s time.

I’m a little torn between writing about what really, really makes me happy or the five things that make me happiest this week. Well, since I can throw the really, really happy thing into my five things – I am going with that, and yes, I am ONLY listing FIVE things. HA.

  • The freeway. I know. What the heck? Well, for the last two years I have driven a beautiful three lane street with lots of traffic lights. It was like driving Miss Daisy suburban style. Zoom. Zoom. Stop. Zoom. Zoom. Road rage on your bumper. Stop. In two years, I hit all green lights (6 miles) once. That was pretty cool, but now I drive the freeway to work. It’s all go, all the time (on accident-free days). I go against the traffic and it’s not very often an accident clogs up the road. I LOVE IT. I just get to drive and it helps me think and prepare for my day. Then, at the end of the day, it helps me to wind down. Something about not stopping and starting and just letting the freeway roll away all the stresses. It is my meditation.
  • I cleaned Jason’s house. Not just dust, but I mean I cleaned out drawers and stuff. Feeling at home much? Do you know what was so wonderful about cleaning and making space? I was nesting. I was finally preparing my home. That meant a lot to me, to reach that place of peace and love, where I know I belong. Finally!
  • TV this week. I rarely watch “live” TV. But I found myself folding laundry at my new soon-to-be home watching America’s Got Talent and Last Comic Standing on Tuesday night. I had NO idea I could laugh that loud. Thank goodness Jason was in class and Sydney was in Mississippi, or they would have thought me MAD. HA HA HA HA HA! (oops, that was kinda loud)
  • Cooking chicken in the rice steamer. Oh joy! It’s truly the little things with me. I SWEAR, I am terrible at cooking. I’m a-skeerd. Especially, of cooking chicken, and not getting it cooked all the way, and then getting sick. PLUS, I had never used the rice cooker before. Had no idea how to use it. Gee, I know it’s not rocket science. Cooking is just not my thing. But I did it. I googled a recipe and made nice garlic seasoned chicken breasts steamed in some water and olive oil. It was incredibly delicious and you know what? I’m proud of myself. Yay.
  • My last FAVORITE happy moment of the week and includes my happiest moment/place of all time. THE BEACH. Any beach will do and we just happened by Galveston on Sunday. Now, Galveston is not my favorite, but it will do in a pinch. I could sit and watch the ocean, hear the waves, feel the sun on my skin, with toes dug in the sand EVERY day. In my former life, I was a mermaid. I just know it. It’s home. It fills me up. This visit was more special than just a regular trip, since it was the little girls first time to wade into the ocean and revel in all it’s beauty play in the surf. I think it’s safe to say, they might have been mermaids too.

Please enjoy my happy day with my mom, Jason, and the girls, as we re-visit our Sunday – on the beach.

Thank you YouTube – Car Dancing Part Two

I hope you can view this. I can view it but am not sure how public it is. I originally made it private when the song continually got blanked out but now they have added the song tag. I linked my blog to youtube so hopefully that will work.

This is the full length version of our car dancing video clip featured on The Levity Project. The International video is listed in the below post or click here to watch it on YouTube.

If this shows as a private video – Please click


It will open a new window.

Disclaimers This video was filmed safely in the parking lot of UTA. No subjects were at risk. No traffic violations (that we know of). No danger of any kind unless you count when Sydney was driving. HA HA. Although we did in fact car dance ALL DAY at stop lights, shopping mall parking lots, and highways in honor of International car dancing day. Our actually filming was a reenactment.

If all else fails go to Youtube-angeliasims and become a subscriber. It should show up there. IF NOT, search angeliasims, then click on the blue highlight of my name. It should take you to a channel that plays it. Hey, I don’t know how it all works. Trust me it’s there. It’s worth it! At 3:46 in the video time when you see a little three year old doing the ROBOT. Oh yeah! ROFL!

I truly believe this will bring us great joy and laughter for YEARS to come. And who knows? Maybe we can do a video every year just to check our skills.

Farm in the City

Most of my time on the computer, lately, has evolved around photo and video projects. Let’s just say nicely, that I severely LACK in this technology. I am trying to learn it, hence, mucho involvement of trial and error. In the end I’m frustrated and STILL lack what I wanted to get done. But I will NOT give up.

One project has been to embed a slide show on my blog post. So far, Picasa takes you to their website. Whrrl would not show up. I’m sure there is some HTML code I am lacking to make it magically appear. Hopefully, at the end of this post something will appear. Even if you end up at Picasa.

Does anyone remember their first horse ride? I remember mine was around age 11-12. My brother’s best friend had horses. He had a twin sister and I went over to ride horses with her. She saddled him up and gave me a few pointers – keep in mind we are tweens here – instructor she wasn’t. Well, it was a couple of walk steps on the horse nice and easy, then the horse started to trot. It bounced me from here to kingdom come. I was desperately holding on for dear life – terrified. No pulling of the reins or hollering in a screeching HO BOY seemed to work.

Needless to say my riding career ended. Thankyouverymuch.

I had a more peaceful experience on a trail ride several years ago. No trotting and I got to see lots of beautiful countryside scenery. Still a little scary for me on a horse though.

Jason’s girls, my future step-angels, got to ride their FIRST horse this past weekend. A neighbor to them was having her 5th birthday. The place was a farm just down the road from their house. What a jewel of a site in the middle of our great metroplex, I was amazed. It was fresh, lively and fun. I had a BLAST with my camera.

I do hope the “slide show” appears in some form. Yes, I’m getting pretty good with my honking camera. I took a lot of pictures of the girls and of the birthday girl. The birthday girl is not on the slide show, but I did send them to the parents. They want to get copies to PRINT out. That makes me feel pretty good. What an honor.

Click on slide show from Picasa website towards the top left for best view. Sigh! No embed sorry! Enjoy the photos.

River Farm Fun