Dear Trick or Treater

I have a confession to make. When shopping for Halloween candy to give out this year, I had you in mind. You wouldn’t receive the “bad” candy; tootsie rolls, pixie sticks, or smarties. That just wasn’t good enough. Not for you. Not for my trick or treater. Nope, for you, I would splurge on (gasp!) chocolate. Because? It’s Halloween. It’s a treat. You deserve it! You deserve it for all the times the wee will be scared out of you on this Hallowed frightfest night. And what could I get you that would be most deserving of your adorable costume? Your pumpkin bucket? Your painted green witch face? Your big smile and open mouth? A treat, I myself would love to receive. A treat that is chocolaty, and peanut buttery, so smooth in all it’s yummy goodness it should be renamed chocolate heaven.

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

Scrumptious, most delicious treat of all Halloween time.

This is the good stuff.

This is what you deserve my little sweet faced friend. I bought bags with you in mind. With your well-being. With your coming home shrieking in pleasure, “Reese’s! Reese’s! I got a Reese’s from the house that gives out the good candy. Yeah!”

I felt like the Grinch who saved Halloween and grew a heart to stop handing out orange and black peanut butter chews for something with substance. Good candy. Chocolate candy. I am nothing but over generous.

Then, it happened.

I had one little bite. Just one Reese cup package. Just a little snack. Just a desert after dinner. It was my biggest mistake and a pitiful spiral of self-control defeat worthy of any horror flick.

One opened the sacred bag. One lead to another. I was taking “one” to eat after lunch, then “one” mid-breakfast, and then “one” as an after work snack; after stress treat, after dinner, before bed. And……and….and….and…..

I’m sorry.

I hang my head in shame. The Reese’s are gone. I am not allowed to buy anymore. There is no more “good” candy allowed in this house. Only the stuff I won’t touch. Maybe you should just skip our house?

I apologize dear trick or treater. It’s all my fault. Enjoy your dots….


Next year. NEXT year, we will have the “good” stuff……..I (um) promise.

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Blog no Evil

Says the three wise monkeys.

Mizaru and Sydney.

Okay, they really say, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” The embodiment of a proverbial principle to live by. A fourth monkey, not depicted, but sometimes seen crossing his arms, “do no evil”.

The main meaning of these is not, “no monkey business”. But rather, be of good mind, good spirit, and action. Speak with good intentions. Since we are in the blogworld, I could go as far as saying, “blog no evil”, and pen that phrase. Heh. I’ll let you find the monkey.

“My task—which I am trying to achieve—is by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel. It is, before all, to make you see.”

-Joseph Conrad

My writing is not to tear someone down, or call someone out. My writing is to help others see and feel good things. Maybe within yourself, or maybe within your life. That said, I am not a life coach, nor do I have any professional experience. No studies in psychology. I just love people. I love our differences, and how we can pull together to rally for someone who needs encouragement, or prayer. How we can celebrate those differences; in terms of life style, culture, or country.

My purpose is to always find the blessing and to speak from the heart. I may not always say the right things, or live the right way, but I do try. Many, many years I lived in a dark place. It was the closest to evil I have ever been, and until you’ve seen it, felt it, and lived it – it’s hard to understand the good. The true good of spirit and life. I feel like I have glimpsed the dark side, and that enables me to see the light in a different way.

But I fail.

We all fail.

Hopefully, you have someone to brush you off when you do. When I get down, or discouraged, it’s really nice to know you are there. I appreciate you all so much.

Whatever place you are in right now, I hope you find that bit of peace to know there is good in the world, despite all the evil. Someone loves you, every part of you, good and bad.

My pledge is to blog no evil, and write of only positive, honest life. Life being lived with the best of intentions, and life being learned, for how else are we supposed to grow. Life in the past and in the present. Even in the worst of times, I can usually see the good.

Will I succeed? Maybe not, but it’s something to live by blog by.

If all else fails, I’ll just stick my finger in the monkey’s mouth, like Bridget did in the back. That’ll show em’! Haha

How do you handle adversity?

Interesting question right? Some people lash out hatefully & meanly. Saying horrible things about others. Some people hide in a hole and say or do nothing at all. Some people passively strike back & you don’t even know you were hit. Some people vent on their own (semi?) public blog. We all have ways of dealing with adversities when they come our way. Some are good, some are bad. Hopefully we think twice before attacking someones character or saying something we might regret. The important thing to remember is we all have our ways & only YOU know what is right & wrong in your heart & soul. May God guide your spirit so you always respond in LOVE.

There was a little thing called adversity that struck my family. Some of the story is blogged on My Dear Daughter page if you haven’t seen it. Our family dealt with the death of not one child but two. Divorce also struck our family(and that’s another story). And it is just as terrible but it IS a choice. You CHOOSE to love & work through it. Or you CHOOSE not(or your abusive spouse CHOOSES not to change and you CHOOSE not to stay). You CHOOSE to no longer be part of that life. And again that is how YOU deal with it in your own personal way. Death however is not a choice. When it happens to an infant baby there is nothing to compare that to. There is no grading curve. So what do we choose to do with it? Well we could be angry! The whys & the unfair & the how dare! We could end up the victim & turn our bitterness on others. Or we could dream & do what we were called to do.

My sister the mother of those two precious babies was tested greatly. If you think the test was only through the grief you would be wrong. The first WAS the utter loss. The complete total breaking down of losing a loved one that you carried inside for 9mos. And held for a short seven days in your arms. The second test was the birth of another boy that was chronically ill as well(after you were told the first baby’s illness was NOT genetic). So to have ANOTHER baby and it be ill as well. It was heart breaking. We all know how hard it is to see our children sick. IMAGINE living in a hospital 90% of the time. Leaving the rest of the family at home. Missing your healthy little boy & girl who needed you too. How do you choose? When the baby did come home it was not peaceful. The constant de-sanitizing so he wouldn’t catch a bug. The acting as nurse because SHE was the only one who knew all the tubes & medicines & times he needed them. Feeding him through a tube, draining his shunt, suctioning his trachea, setting your alarm four times a night for his food & medicine. But the love was there too, lovingly touching his cheek, signing I love you & him signing back. His smiles. The way he wiggled when she walked in the room & touched him. And STILL losing him after working so hard for four & half years to keep him as healthy as she possibly could. No cure, no miracles just a lot of hard work & the terrible , terrible loss (again). How unfair!

And what came out of that adversity? Anger? Depression? No. A dream. A dream to be a nurse. A calling from the stairwell of the hospital where her baby son lay hooked up to machines to keep him alive. A calling to be a nurse. Not to be just any nurse. But the BEST nurse. My sister had no idea how she was going to do that but it was at that moment that it was implanted in her soul. The dream did not die when Cody did. It only grew in stature & hope. The last battle was actually making it through nursing school. PASSING & FINALLY fifteen years later. FIFTEEN! She completed the task God set her to do. My sister earned her RN license July 2, 2009 at 46 years of age.

Don’t ask me how she did it. I don’t even think she knows. But when she gave her speech at the pinning ceremony for her nursing class, I remember what she told them. “Don’t just be any nurse be the BEST nurse you can be. If that comatose patient has lost their blanket cover them up again. If that baby in the crib can’t tell you to shut the blinds when the sun is bright on their little face. Shut them anyway. Be compassionate & caring of the patients whether they know it or not.” It was an amazing moment to see the last 15yrs come full circle to this achievement. To really witness the shaping & changing God did in her life to get her to this place. A soul deep accomplishment.

How did she face adversity? Head on & conquered no matter how long it took. With hope & love & a spirit of good. A passion inside her that turned something so horrific, something that would have broken so many people & caused them to lash out, to something soooo soooo very good & honorable.

What did you do with your adversity?

Our country became Independent. My sister became a children’s hospital nurse.

Happy Independence Day!

And to my sister. I love you. I am so proud of you. One day I will write your ENTIRE story. One day people will know a lot of who I am is because I had you to look up to.