Wind in the Wings

I saw you today.

© Angelia's Photography

You soared over the treetops. Your sharp eyes locked mine as I watched the feathers on your breast ruffle in the wind.

You arced slowly above turning gracefully as you passed.

© Angelia's Photography

Entrancing me with your pose, you dipped, and paused for my gaze.

I knew you knew me. I knew you, too. Today, of all days, I wanted a sign. More than anything, I pleaded, let your spirit be known.

As it always is….in nature….in life….in everything wild and free.

And there you were, just as I hoped.

More majestic, and beautiful than I could ever imagine. But so perfect…so utterly perfect.

© Angelia's Photography

The wind called.

Greater heights beckoned.

You had to go.

© Angelia's Photography

Higher and higher to the heavens you must return.

I soaked in every moment with you. I watched. I followed. I wished for the wind to bring you back. Just once more by Dad, I have my camera ready now.

By then, you were just a speck in the sky.

I know, your spirit is like the wind in your wings. It takes you where you need to be.

© Angelia's Photography

You can no more deny your calling than I could stop the forces that call you.

But your beauty, your protection, and your message. It was not lost on me. And my soul yearned to fly with you.

I knew I would see you today.

If I just opened my eyes……and looked up.

Happy Birthday Dad. May your journey always continue.

I see you.

Gary L. Sims Dec 4, 1946-Dec 7, 2009