What Love is…

When I started this post – What Love is. I planned to write about what love means to me. How special certain people truly are. How it’s not always the outpouring of words, but the small everyday things we take for granted.

When he brings home a box of chocolate. Just because…
© 2015 Angelia's Photography

And it means there is sweetness beyond any kind you can buy. It represents a gesture of thought. Of being on his mind. Being on his heart. He thinks just to see you smile.

When he programs the new remote with your favorite channels.

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I have the hardest time finding channels on our 400+ channel Uverse program. I end up watching the GUIDE for an hour. And for him, to always think of me, to set up my shows in a way I can access quickly. To record my favorite shows (without my asking), and to program in my channels (and knowing what they are). It may not seem like much, but the meaning isn’t lost on me. Little things done in a big way.

When a cute Valentine plant sits on the counter after he takes a trip to the store. For me? Oh that? Yeah. It’s just a little thing.
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Just a little thing, but full of beauty. And not the beauty of flowers, but the beauty that love creates. One that will continue to grow.

When a person will help you launch burning lanterns into the sky in the dark of night. All for the love of your photo project when he could be in the recliner watching TV. Well, that is something special indeed. In fact, we almost lit the whole place up with the fiery glow of lanterns. Eek! Click on the gallery to read the story.

Love is simple.
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We make it complex. We put conditions on it. We decide when to give it and when to take it away.

But in the end, regardless of gifts, of deeds, of misunderstandings, of the good, and even the bad – love is complete acceptance. Complete and total acceptance of a person no matter what they do or say. No matter when or where. No matter how or why.

And then, I realized. Love is so much more than that. It encompasses family and generations. It is a kaleidoscope of moments so pure and precious they take your breath away.

I saw it so clearly this week as I did my photo shoots, for my projects, and for my family.

These wonderful people in my life that go above and beyond for my joy. How incredible is that?
© 2015 Angelia's Photography
To go above and beyond even at the risk of embarrassing photos.

And real love? Well, it’s family, fun, and beautiful girls (big and small).

It’s fuzzy mustaches and a heart that says hug me.

It’s very special eight-year old.

And a very mysterious debonair almost eleven-year-old.

And it’s a precious baby that is growing too fast. And a hundred times harder for Grammy to photograph.

And sometimes Grammy has to put her in a windowsill with heart gels to paste and smear on the window. So I can love every fingerprint…every smile…and every second of joy on her face as she discovers this “new” thing.
© 2015 Angelia's Photography
I know the moment is fleeting. I have watched too many little girls grow up. And I hang on to this with all my heart.
© 2015 Angelia's Photography
It hurts how much I love them all. This tenderness fills my soul. A tremendous blessing bestowed by having love this sweet and unconditional.

My family.

My life.

My acceptance to be who I am.

And who is that? Well….

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

Part of this family for sure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The 5 Ways I Put My Dogs To Shame

  • 1) I made them the most ridiculous signs to wear.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

  • 2) I set them in front of my best camera to share their stains with the world.
  • © Angelia's Phtography 2014

  • 3) When they didn’t look properly chastised for the photo. I reminded them of their indiscretions by pointing and shaking my finger.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

  • 4) I used special lighting, props, and wardrobe to add drama and flair to their event.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

    © Angelia's Photographym 2014

  • 5) I am posting them on my blog, my Facebook Photography page, and entering my favorite into a special contest at work.
  • © Angelia's Photography 2014

    And that is how you do it. Five easy ways to humiliate your pets.

    Are they properly mortified? I’ll let you be the judge.

    My dear pets…I am not afraid to put you on the spot in front of the world wide web.

    Besides, I think you look pretty darn cute ashamed.

    © Angelia's Photography 2014

    Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up?

    I think it is time we out these imposters.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    Santa #1 – Beard is too bright. Scared look in his eye. If that beard comes off, I have no idea where he will run to, but it looks like he is checking for quick exits.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    Santa #2 – Real beard, soft hold, and a merriness to his red costume. He looks pretty comfortable. I don’t think he is going anywhere.

    Not only can this Santa stand up, but he can hold babies, blow bubbles, tell stories, do magic tricks and laugh with all his might in a… Ho! Ho! Ho!

    He brings presents in his big red bag. He has a special bubble that he holds in his hand and he can see alllllll the children in the world. Remember that kids, he is watching.

    Let’s recap once more.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography
    Ousted by a three-month old and he knows it.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    A gift of sweet peace cuddled in the arms of Mr. Claus himself.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    Even cute baby can’t resist being captivated by Santa’s charm and stories.

    © 2013 Angelia's Photography

    True Santa takes his leave (who I happen to know as Uncle David – shhhhhhh!). But everyone knows he is the real one. And to the good Church Santa….truly sorry about your beard. I think Averey still has a few strands in her baby claw. Oops.

    One week until Christmas! I have been frantic to prepare, and yet, I am still so behind. At least it is mostly on wrapping at this point. I pray you are all wrapping yours up to and this post finds you well and ready for the Big Day!

    Last call, because she is so cute no matter which Santa she sees. And because, my blog friend Rommel does this, and I love it. Visit him here as he is recapping the best of his featured blogs this year (maybe I made the list!).

    © 2013 Angelia's Photograpy
    Averey and Grampie

    You know if a Santa isn’t holding Cute Baby a grandparent is.

    Signs of an Art Deco Child

    When children find a full roll of butcher block paper…

    When they wake up about two hours before you do…

    When the art cabinet is in the kitchen…

    When you find pieces of tape, paper, and markers…

    When you find works of art displayed on their bedroom door…

    Well then…

    You just might have an art deco child…or two.

    And maybe, it’s not the definition for “art deco” in your home. But it is certainly the definition and style of ours.

    The girls erected this sign for their door.
    © Angelia's Photography 2013

    Impressive isn’t it? See the girls decided their bedroom door needed a sign. The first sign said Bri’s Room. And since Molly and Bridget share a room? Well….Molly was not so happy about that.

    So, she made her own sign which, of course, included her sister. Because she is sweet correct like that.

    Now you might see a sign for the bedroom door, or you might see a work of art, or maybe you see a few stories or two.

    Whatever you might see….

    © Angelia's Photography 2013

    You have to give them an A for vocabulary and points for the extra notations. Those embellishes just make it so much more…

    © Angelia's Photography 2013

    I’m sure there will be more signs before the butcher block paper meets its end.

    Until then, we will continue to look in wonder at a child’s art deco display.

    Silly girls.

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