iHeartFaces: From a Distance

This is my entry this week. Another image from the Prairie girls vintage session. I just love their happy faces in this one. It makes me forget about all the things I am behind on – editing photographs and writing blog posts. So for now, I will not think of those things (and my busy, busy job and commute). I will remember this day and bask in the delight of children running.

Prairie Girls

Happy Tuesday!

May’s Favorite Pick

The photo challenge this week is the best face of May.

I am barely getting this one in, but it is my favorite from this month.

We were going for a period shot and went to an 1800’s farm to do it. Their mom provided the awesome dresses (one from her childhood and the other sewed by hand). My step-daughters were completely convincing in setting and scene. I didn’t even need the farm.

iheartfaces entry

This is why I love photography.

My entry did not make the top 100. Sorry everyone, I thought it was people’s choice for all, but it’s only the selected 100. A lot of great entries displayed if you’d like to vote for them!

I Love Your Face!

Easter 2011 was a big success. Wonderful Church service in the Church my husband and I were married in. A hundred and fifty balloon launch after service. A delicious lunch catching up with family, watching cousins play. Hearing laughter, piano, and squeals. Watching the kids bang balloons, hunt Easter eggs, and blow out birthday cake candles (my oldest step-daughter is seven today).

I did my best to get some good pictures. But honestly? I haven’t figured out the trick of capturing running children, whose eyes are constantly down, searching for the golden egg. You know the one with chocolate money. These kids are so lucky! I didn’t find money eggs at their age. I found hard-boiled eggs crunchy from too many drops. And let’s not mention the ones we didn’t find….. until later when they were ripe, ripe, ripe! P-yew!

Truth is, my bum ankle isn’t spry enough to give me a very good support of going up and down in a rush. I am…uh…wobbly, to say the least.

Truly, the very best part of our Easter celebration? This face.

Happy making salad. Happy having a camera pointed at him. Happy to put up with my likes and dislikes, my fears and frustrations. Happy to take on a teenage daughter when his are still so little and years away from teenage(y) things like a long-haired boyfriend in a rock band.

Happy to hold our “littlest dog” in his lap and take her to the festivities when I know he still misses his big baby Cooper. Happy to be encouraging when I am sad about the little girls missing Church due to weekend visitations of divorced parents.

He always has a hand extended. A smile to brighten. A heart open to forgiveness and understanding. A demeanor of peace and innumerable patience (especially with communication gaps me).

I loved so many things about Easter this year. But, most especially, these two photos.

My favorites.

My dear husband….I love your face!

Speaking of faces – My iheartfaces photo challenge entry is in the page link above, or go here – Snow bound.

Love Smiles

Apparently, the linky last night on iHeartfaces had a technical issues as well, else it opened just for me, and my entry today. Either way, I am able to enter my photo.

Annnnnd??? My WordPress is working. Yeah!

Eskimo Kisses

This photo was taken on a ferry-boat when we visited Houston Thanksgiving.

I love the tenderness and care Jason always shows his children. It was one of the first things I noticed about him. It really sealed the deal for me. I am a sucker for a sensitive, caring man who loves his children. His love is always so obvious and I am glad to have captured a smidge of it. This is absolutely one of my favorite photographs.